After 85 Cock Si Tang Jun, Ma two years of entering into the circle of friends

When you are still brush Ma’s circle of friends, Dongguan, a guy born in 1987, from scratch, spent two years successfully broke into the circle of friends Ma, even with Ma, Shi Yuzhu, Liu these big brothers played together with a partner company opened.Sounds terrible, right?Spend two to take a net worth of military hero named Don Shi Yuzhu three hours of this article, was born in Sichuan in 1987, playing small parents to work in Dongguan, he was the thousands of children left behind in one, from the age of 12, he would have a Taking the train to and from Sichuan Province and Dongguan, which virtually exercise his independence.Great business acumen, he is in college by doing Driving agent, what the agent phone cards to earn 40 million.University will end when he went into Dongguan, a lending company sales, he quickly figure out the doorway, just two or three months to earn 50 million, then went out to start his own consulting firm Credit.June 2012, when the rise of P2P network lending platform, Tang Jun, see the market potential, but also to go kill founded the group net loans.As you know, fast-growing Internet companies in order to expand awareness is very important.The end of 2012, quality rice network time celebrity auction held, Shi Yuzhu three hours to come up with out chatting.Was just a nobody Tang Jun, cruel spent 2.13 million yuan to shoot down.This is equivalent to two percent of his entire net worth.At that time, many people laughed at him on glue.It now appears that, under the Tang Jun, a wonderful chess.After met with Shi Yuzhu, Tangjun Shun Lee entered the circle of friends of Shi Yuzhu.After meeting with Shi Yuzhu Tang Jun, a good impression on this young man, referring to Tang Jun, a lot of people.Tang Junshan on occasion, been recognized by the business community after big brother, he is directly linked to the Internet out of Shi Yuzhu, Jason Jiang and other large commercial coffee head, to group net loans rally.With the improvement of group net credit profile, turnover of 3.1 billion two-year break, ranks among the country’s sixth.Ma and open joint stock company in mid-June this year, the group launched a housing loan-net baby project, investors invested a minimum of $ 1000, will be able to participate in crowdfunding, worth tens of millions yuan to buy villas.Cock wire caused a moment of hot pursuit and.Two months later, the project is directly entered the country with the highest prices Beijing, Beijing set up a group net loan-room baby Technology Co., Ltd..Do not look at the company’s shareholders do not know, a look surprised!High red ice sheet is one of the shareholders Director of the State Information Center, the vice president of Alibaba Group.Another shareholder Jiang Weiqiang was founder Jason Jiang of Focus Media’s father.In addition to corporate shareholders group net lending, Beijing gifted as rice Network Technology Co., Ltd. was among them, the investor is the company behind Ma, Liu and Shi Yuzhu, etc., covering a large number of big brother-level characters!How big the circle to mix business, it is important to mix circle.Last but not meat and wine fair-weather friends scattered field.Mixed circle first look at an object, to be brave to seize circle head, leader; followed depends on timing, not it pours, we should seize the opportunity to demonstrate courage, people appreciate you, promising you.Of course, their training is also very important to give yourself charging, or more than three miss each other, but also have the opportunity to catch.What is to mix circle?Two words: conversion!Do not mix circle to circle and mix, mix the circle is to integrate resources into business value.Not convert, you Baihun.To be mixed circle, but also maintains a circle.How to Maintain circle?Society must benefit tied!Tang Jun, such as the open joint stock company is a good way, we are all shareholders, benefit sharing, risk sharing.With shareholders, have to meet regularly to discuss the company’s affairs, will secure your circles.Those will only send messages to the festival, too low!Finally I would like to share an idea.Two years ago, a lot of people brush with Ma, Shi Yuzhu stories; two years later, they are still doing the same thing.And Ma, Shi Yuzhu these chiefs, with their still do not have a dime.But Tang Jun, Shi Yuzhu this two years ago, even into the main door are difficult to Dongguan little people, not only with the bigwigs mingled face cooked, but also to start a business together.Why?Talk, hard work Societe Generale!

After 8030 days after the husband and wife divorce

Today it, I carefully thought for a moment, we are now not husband and wife, though I am now take your house for a month, but I think that in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstanding month, we pledge better.Then, she gently picked up the piece of paper in front of me shook.You see, if no comments, then sign a word, let a person a.It does not go a day, divorce, for us, is the most sensible choice, anyway, did not drag a child.I say the word divorce after the third day, we went to the streets this thing to do.She is my college classmate, we talk about love for three years, and after three years together.Just have a question, after a divorce, until she has not found a new home, we also maintained together.Themselves think about all that funny, love, we especially pure, although more than to hug each other in hand, but sharing such things, are they dared not tried.But now divorced, a trip back in time for fashion.One Bedroom house, two no longer live with the couple of men and women, in particular twist.The first night, I took a bedding shop on the sofa.The first night, sleep really comfortable!No one in the ear nagging night, really beautiful!But, if our family is Busha like the sofa, wood sofa let this when I wake up in the morning, neck blinded.To the door of the bathroom, he heard the sound of the water which has crashed.This bitch, I do not know what time to develop bad habits, and take a bath before going to sleep at night, but also to take a bath after getting up in the morning.Forget it, anyway, I have also been used.I went smoothly sliding door.I just set off the toilet easy to prepare, did not think she actually burst out barking up.Early in the morning, you will not be hell, ah, what is called?I am scared of urine can choke back.I have not seen you do in the shower?You are not a man ah?There are men in the shower when a woman came in to relieve themselves of it?She opened a shower curtain, a hand towel wrapped body, a finger on my nose began to rebuke.What is your name called ah?Let’s not also separated between the shower curtain yet?I can see what you ah?Not the first time you take a shower when I came in to relieve themselves, as so exaggerated it?Besides, it is your body that I have seen for three years, close your eyes and know what it was like, I deserve it peeping?You her speechless with rage.Wrapped in towels and ran out of the bathroom, he heard the door bang bang bedroom.shrew!You this bad temper, who would dare to look after you!Solution hand finished, I went to the bedroom, I go to work today to wear clothes still hanging in the cupboard it.This dead woman, went so far as to lock the bedroom door.I knocked on the door a long time, which finally retorted, I wear clothes!Well, anyway, divorce, and let her make it.Half an hour later she was out, but added dressed Vermilion Fubai.Unfortunately, when she went out temporary stared at me severely, destroyed her image.Because this half-hour, I go to work for the first time late.After work, I casually strolled to kill time on the street, though boring, but the face is better than to see her.So stay until nine o’clock, I ate a bowl of noodles in the corner, go home.I enter the house, her mother was actually sitting in the living room.He saw me come in, even still with a smile on his face.I hesitate to sit down in front of her, days!She even gave me a cup of tea.She gourd sell what medicine?I think of one word: idiom.Today it, I carefully thought for a moment, we are now not husband and wife, though I am now take your house for a month, but I think that in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstanding month, we pledge better.Then, she gently picked up the piece of paper in front of me shook.You see, if no comments, then sign a word, let a person a.I picked up the paper and looked at.The first: when one party to use the bathroom, the other party shall not use any excuse to enter; second, a party may not be in contact with each other under any pretext body; I counted, size yet there are many twenty-six.No opinion, then please sign.She not even have a pen ready.I wanted to punch her angry, but did not need to think about.Anyway, at most one month, Ren Ren also passed.I looked at her coldly, picked up the pen to play under my name.By the way, as you sign the return, during our life together, I continue to give you cook.With this treaty, that day may really be bound.Just started a few days, feeling what have been tied.And I continue swinging find a place to eat out.Well, that cook for me to eat, I would have Thanksgiving?US You Go!I do not eat your rice a month to see if I will not starve to death!Well, then say so, but each time swinging, smell someone’s home meals incense, and my heart is still very envious.One week at peace.One day I door, she was just ready to go out.Out?I casually asked a voice filled with fact, I do not like her to go out so late also spray perfume.Yes ah, Ah Ling said tonight introduce a friend to me know.You look at the clothes I bought today, also good?She stood before the mirror and looked at myself carefully.

After 28 years of love letters to decipher

He was admitted to hospital, suffering from lung cancer.    Almost every day she would see him, talk with him, because not much time, so despite being smaller than the joy of flying debris, for him, others are years or even decades of concentrated.    He is studying archeology.He was so love the profession, a vision of life there are so many.He often told her in the interesting archaeological knowledge, such as in the Mawangdui silk manuscripts, engraved on Shek Kwu Qin Dynasty of engravings on drum.He said that those ancient text really nice, so he has been studying those ancient writing illegible, such as Oracle, Seal Xiaozhuan.    That day, he suddenly said: We play the game.You a poem or a word, and then I write it down with Seal.Look I was not totally mastered the wording.She simply laughed him out of question to see if he kept on holding a small wolf hair, abnormal seriously write one word in various poses on throwing rice paper, although she was a can not read, but still very cheerful and said: write nice!    After that, he often called her out of question.Every time I see his hand and pen cents slowly marching in the paper, she could not bear attention, that Ben left, turn right lines as if the person’s heart tightener.    Autumn has come, the road on both sides of the tree, white petals falling one after another with the wind, she walked sadly, as if through a street in down with Lei Yu.He is no longer of this world.She left him throwing her that 45 memo in a small wooden box in pear, buried in the deepest memory.    Later, she married, a girl, a flash 28 years later.Sometimes she would suddenly startled hair for a while.However, many things are wiped out over time.    That day, her daughter with her boyfriend to come home, I do not know how to turn up the pear wooden box.In law school graduate boy, who opened some yellow paper, they cried: true romance, a love letter written by Seal ah!She surprised a moment, rushed over to let the boy read to her.    You are still a child and as lovely!I wanted to tell you, I’m so fond of you, but I’m doing now, you say that these are more than irresponsible ah!Fortunately, these same pictures word you do not understand, so I was in front of your face you ‘say’ listening to the contents of the last piece of paper, a 28-year rain fell across time and space down.She is not even felt in the deepest love around!She even ignored his most profound piece of paper to write oath!Because of love and selfless, he chose silence, not something that just started in a hurry to Mourn the Death, she quietly enjoyed decades of life.    Tears in their eyes, she saw that he was gently told her that year, what is cultural: because his own deeply and calmly buried, so precious.

African refugee camps girl’s smile

Hug with a smile never goes out of hope.    Since July this year, parts of eastern Africa, suffered nearly 60 years, the most severe drought, millions of people whose lives have been affected, registering an increasing number of refugees registered in some places impending famine.Scarce rainfall, soaring food prices, local including Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, etc., are facing severe food shortages, the United Nations has put these places as crisis and emergency state level.    When browsing the news online, see some pictures.Many people are ragged sleeves, pale and thin, some of the younger children, but also because of lack of nutrition, is simply a skinny, hungry to seem too weak to cry is gone, people looked very worried.    There is a picture, suddenly attracted my attention: a group of Ethiopian refugees, territorial waters in the queue, everyone hand carry a big plastic pots are depressed look.Team, there was about fifteen or sixteen girls, wearing an old floral dress, purple head scarf, she has been dilapidated, but the face of the reporter’s camera, she straightened, one hand on the water, on the one hand and tap the scarf, his face wearing a very bright smile, trying to show the beauty of their own.    This sweet smile, such as bubbling springs, instant touched me.Perhaps this smile does not change anything, but can not solve the urgent needs of the refugees, however, she represents at least a hope, a longing, people feel a kind of uplifting.Expect more people to lend a helping hand, so that the disaster quickly in the past.    Anyway, I want to applaud the camps girl’s smile, it was yearning for a better life, it will never go out of hope.

African Lion becomes Benxiong

REVIEW Cameroon’s performance is really difficult worthy of “African Lion” reputation, not so much a lion might as well say they are Benxiong more appropriate, is not it?Match, attack, attack not go up; they keep restrain; slow, sloppy, no stunning performance at the previous World Cup appearances Cameroon; Cameroon team did not expect to actually be more than a score of zero loss to the Japanese team.In accordance with normal strength, let alone when Japan beat Cameroon.But then again: the ball is round.Anything can happen on the track.Cameroon team that is African football powerhouse, the “African lion” reputation.The team has also been made into the final eight brilliant record in the World Cup, the strength not to be underestimated!Moreover, the current team there such a superstar Samuel Eto’o.I did not expect is such a superstar team hold the line as no surprise as in the wake of the Japanese game, baggy, casual, completely outside the state, there is no African team and spirituality inherent ***.Eto’o’s performance as sleepwalking, not the audience kicks decent shot, you wonder now that Eto’o had still sharp attack, uninhibited super shooter yet?    Cameroon’s performance is really difficult worthy of “African Lion” reputation, not so much a lion might as well say they are Benxiong more appropriate, is not it?Match, attack, attack not go up; they keep restrain; slow, sloppy, no stunning performance at the previous World Cup appearance in Cameroon; the only bright spot is the eighty-fifth minute of the game towards the end of the inter, Cameroon team was suddenly “wake up the sleeping lion”, organized several decent attack, the door to the Japanese team has created a significant threat, so that people vaguely see a glimmer of the year “African lion” style.Unfortunately, Cameroon wake up too late!    It stands to reason, African teams, including Cameroon because of the personality of the player, not the kind of European teams like Italy as part of slow type team.African teams in general into the state quickly, but with the Japanese team in the game Cameroon have been slow to find the state, the team plunged into the doldrums, this strange phenomenon is really puzzling!    Speaking of the Japanese team, the team over the years has been adhering to the route of technical football, with exquisite technology to make up for its short stature, lack of confrontational weakness.Cameroon World War, the Japanese team’s technical performance advantage is obvious, especially flanker very active, and finally by a wonderful break the door with Cameroon, got his wish to get a valuable three points.    Has appeared in the three Asian teams, in addition to Australia *** points lost to Germany, Japan and South Korea have made a good start.Then we must look “mysterious teacher,” the Korean team performed.North Korea threatened to key players Chong Tese before seizing the World Cup, its high-profile staggering.Whether this is North Korea’s arrogant worth mentioning, worth mentioning is deliberately encouraging for themselves, or should we expect North Korea to be able to really play a “dark horse” role with real action, at least two have to dedicate a good game for the fans it![Editor: leaf]

“African Diary” excerpt

1.To continue marching to the highlands, far to see Africa’s second highest peak, Mount Kenya.Immediate landscape has become a magnificent prairie.Soon, we arrived at the Austrian-Pei Jieta protected areas.Check the door and around the grid, determined to make unimpeded wildlife, poachers can be shut out, this time, I really felt I was living in Africa.Accompanied by friends warned me not to leave the car, because it is the kingdom lion.A look back, there are coyotes family came in a hurry, soon, on the invisible.Beautiful African grassland panoramic view.2.He turned a corner and found appeared in front of a gray elephant, then the second head, third head, the fourth head!Slowly we rolled into the middle of elephants, a total of 20 bull elephants group.It is noon, they stood shade of a tree, the branches habitually roll over and see if there is something not eat.Can see that these elephants look after each other in each other, is a very close family.I can not believe she was sitting in a convertible car, living among wild elephants!Elephants gently slapping his ears, nose probe, like a periscope, as gas is ejected from time to time.However, they recognize David (local guide) car, understand his scent and his gentle voice calling for our presence, he said there is no pressure elephants.Two years ago, poachers have killed an elephant mother, because the elephants are matriarchal society, then, the family of another one female elephant at a very young age, to take responsibility as lead, which is looking to lead the Elephants food, water, away from danger, etc., prematurely picking up these responsibilities, she looks a bit depressed.At first I feel that there is an elephant feeling a bit exaggerated, but as I observe the more elephants, the more you know, the more aware of the elephants there are many places and we humans like the length of life, adolescence, family life and feelings.David is my interpretation of these, I saw a few elephants are not far from the exchange.Elephant’s life, this topic was a bit heavy, too many elephants died in the gun poachers, but elephants still so trusting, into their acceptance of human life.3.By rubbing two sticks, Sang Balu people with a traditional bonfire lit a fire by rubbing sticks way.The head of the vast sky, ears ringing African soldiers singing, people suddenly had the feeling through time and space.At this time, a soldier’s cell phone rang in his pocket, this brought me back to modern life.Leave, I felt a little tired.This week’s course, in such an afternoon, ending in a warm firelight.Slightly sad, if we for such a ceremony, Sang Balu lifestyle of indigenous peoples are not protected, then they might suffer a similar fate and elephants could disappear forever on earth.4.We then visited the station on the ground to protect the organization Save the Elephants.He kicked the door is a bad elephant pickups, like monuments like poking out.This fully shows that, if the dislike elephants, what would be the consequences.Pickup whole are crushed, crumpled finally, is two male elephants kicking.Fives.Came to the orphanage for baby elephants, the loss of his family to their hearts caused tremendous trauma.Therefore, nurses must accompany them to sleep together.When nurses from behind a blanket feeding baby elephant, elephant imitate mom breast-feeding, as the womb for the baby elephant shade of feeling.Elephant can not get care from a nurse there, and the other elephant orphanage can quickly accept them, protect them, as we see the same wild elephants.The youngest of the little guy, not my knees high.She wore head gently at me as if I used this method and exchange, but also in how to try their strength.When I gave her bottle feeding, the baby elephant drank while.

Africa’s richest man, either he came every president

In several places the most difficult global manufacturing environment, he built refineries, flour mills, salt works; he is recognized as the most self-reliance, hard-working spirit of black entrepreneurs; the past 15 years, his net worth rapid expansion from $ 3.3 billion to $ 22 billion, a staggering he is the richest man in Africa, Nigeria Dan Gete chairman Aliko Dangote (known as Dan Gete under).September 2013, a number of African regional and international banks announced support for Dan Gete invest $ 9 billion to build oil refining, petrochemical and fertilizer plant project to help Nigeria reduce dependence on oil imports.This huge project let Dan Gete once again become the focus of world attention, and some even said that he would be out from the sub-Saharan region of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.October 21, Dan Gete Group spokesman confirmed that Dan Gete will serve as co-chairs of the 2014 Davos World Economic Forum.Born family business, started in mid-1957 cement business, Dan Gete born in Kano, Nigeria a wealthy Muslim family.For centuries, the city is the commercial center of Nigeria.Dan Gete mother’s ancestors had been West Africa’s richest businessman, grandfather and father are excellent businessman.Dan Gete childhood monasteries, has a unique sensitivity to business.He has felt the impact of his grandfather indelible: all my business sense and inspiration are inherited from my grandfather there, he put all the commercial magic is taught to me.Without him, I would not have today’s achievements.Elementary school, Dan Gete find other children like sweets, just a lot of wholesale candy, and then make money selling batches.After graduating from mid-1977 university, he returned to Nigeria start their own business.Early days, Dan Gete been generous help family members.One in the cement industry, some standing uncle would have been prepared to give him a sum of cash, but when Dan Gete came to the door, his uncle but changed his mind and gave him a license to import.At that time, the import licenses hard to find a license, without a certain social status and connections are unable to get a hand.Dan Gete sell the license, in the case have not come into contact with a little cement, the first to earn money in this industry.In addition, his beloved grandfather gave him a lot of support funds, the money laid the foundation for the future of road billionaire Dan Gete.In addition to the inherent advantages of funds, Dan Gete also a good time to catch up.He comes in the 1970s, when Nigeria urgently want burgeoning oil revenues into infrastructure aspects, the construction of a large number of a variety of residential, college campuses when entrepreneurship.These projects demand for cement can imagine, this brought a lot of benefits to Dan Gete, commercial law for him to grasp more and more handy.In 1980, Dan Gete grandfather’s money to pay off the second, his cement and commodity business with great success, the company began to expand.Did not last long, as the fall in world oil prices, the Nigerian economy has also been hit hard, the Africa’s largest and most dynamic markets peril.Dan Gete changed its business strategy, and actively enter the sugar industry and flour industries.These new businesses bring commercial space to display their talent fully Dan Gete.After a few years, he set up in several industries several companies, go hand in hand, at every step, bigger and bigger, eventually evolved into today’s well-known Dan Gete Group.Today, he is still the leading cement magnate.No matter who comes into power, he can always be close to the center of power was felt Dan Gete success is to focus on talent, luck, opportunity and hard work results.Dan Gete themselves felt, in addition to these factors, the network of resources is a successful businessman must have the quality, in particular the need to improve relations with the government.He attached great importance to establish personal relationships with politicians.In the early 1970s, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo or transport minister, Dan Gete on the adoption of the business relationship with his familiar, and later generous funding support Obasanjo to run for president.After Obasanjo came to power, Dan Gete involved in a rapid privatization program introduced by the Government, to be his personal wealth during the rapid expansion.Dan Gete think: If you want to do business, now it is necessary to establish good relations and government.Otherwise, how do you make government hear you complain about it?From the 1980s to the 1990s, political unrest in Nigeria, a military coup there 3 times, but these have not affected the business Dan Gete.30 years, he has carefully cultivated relationships with presidents, regardless of who is in power, Dan Gete can be close to the center of power, let the government for their own use.Of course, this practice in the country also caused considerable resentment, but with the influence of Dan Gete Today, the situation has been reversed: those national leaders need to support Dan Gete, rather than vice versa.President Jonathan had said in a speech: I think the contribution of those people criticize Dan Gete this country, not even Dan Gete to 5%.In the eyes of many ordinary people of Nigeria, it is a low-key big man Dan Gete.Many of the rich and extravagant extravagant, excessive money different, Dan Gete has maintained a simple style, modest rigorous style of life.His office is spacious and simple: On one wall hung a huge map of Africa, inserted above flags represent the ever-expanding business territory; another wall hung a huge picture of Obama Hana cement plant, this located in the heart of Nigeria’s cement business empire is beginning Dan Gete.In addition, no ornate.15 years ago, Dan Gete succession of overseas properties for sale.In 2006, he was put into the resulting sell all the company’s operations.He believes that only industry group to give something of value creation was worth the money to buy.His private planes and ships basically used only for work and entertain guests, and he himself did not have time to play by boat.But Dan Gete attitude towards work but not simple.He once said: The most dangerous thing is at work only to be surrounded by people sycophant.An asset management company executives deeply understands: working together with Dan Gete is a great challenge.If there is no understanding of his business to the extent unavoidably, that he will soon be debunked.He can not sympathize with fool.

Afraid you a million years

On this day, late at night, Kang Jiajia Town eagle head meat dish restaurant was about to close up suddenly to a guest.This guest thirties, tall and thin, carrying a bulging leather dalian, there’s something jingling sounds like gold and silver things, the store owner and his wife Wuhui Jie Kang Rong got busy welcoming.    A few years ago, Kang Rong town with his wife came to the goshawk, the restaurant opened, business has been good, just to get nothing.Last month, were born healthy son, scarcely had.Today, all of a sudden there guests visit, the two of them was rather overjoyed.    Soon, Wuhui Jie guests end on a few exquisite cuisine, there is a big pot burns sorghum.Guests pick up chopsticks, said: so late will not be someone to put it on the door!    Wuhui Jie soon as promised, bolted the door.    Kangrong sitting next to, casually chatting: This is where the rich brother ah?    Guests did not answer, with a falcon-like sharp, eyeing furnishings in the restaurant, in the eyes kept wandering over slim waist body Wuhui Jie.    Kangrong and Wuhui Jie whole body thrown chill.At this time, the guests spoke up, saying: this town is good, I intend to settle down.    Kangrong Peizhexiaolian said: customs here, does have to do more than place.    Guests continued: Your good this restaurant, I am going to stay here a long time.    Wuhui Jie said quickly: store low and profits thin, can not afford your VIP guests such unmoved, he just said: you this nice shop owner, his wife is also good, but I want to take you on behalf of the.    Kangrong shivering Q: What do you mean?Did not let him go on, guests HUO Di stood up, with a pair of big hands raised red with rage, he grabbed Kangrong throat the next morning, the sun was shining, people to drive to town goshawk, very lively.Guests and Wuhui Jie together, came to the old flour mill.Kang Jiajia dishes sold dumplings, noodles, from here into the goods.    More than the old flour mill more than the boss was an old man, love love to laugh.He was playing the greeting with Wuhui Jie: how come you pick up today?Your husband does?He glanced guest, asked, the look is Wuhui Jie said indifferently: he is my husband.    Are you kidding?If he Kangrong, I was carrots!Yu boss said, laughing, he turned to a number of leisure passengers around, you say funny is not funny?This bitch child that he is Kangrong!Today troubled world really messed up, bitch child begin to recognize the chaos husband.A bunch of people laughing.    They laugh enough to be guests said coldly: I just Kangrong, you’d better believe me!His murderous body awed the crowd, sometimes silent scene.    Moments later, more than the boss forthright and honest nature conquered fear, he broke into, said: Again, if you Kangrong, I was carrots!Then he turned around and went into the house.    Guests staring back more than the boss, stressing each syllable: You’ll be sorry!    The next morning, it was found that more than the old flour mill opened its doors to the whole family thirteen, were killed in their sleep.I particularly blame the boss died: his mouth, stuck a very thick very long carrots, has been stabbed in the depths of his throat!    Since then, people in the town saw the visitor, bowing too far away from the greeting: Hong boss, hello, hello!    Kangrong really competent to say this, he used a few years time, the Kang Jiajia meat dish restaurant catering accommodation in the expansion has become one of the large inn, business is booming.    At this time, Wuhui Jie gave birth to a son.Kangrong elated, specially hired a nanny neat, help with baby.    The third day of the full moon drink at noon, the nurse holding the baby in the yard the sun, suddenly, she urgency, want the latrine, Wuhui Jie positive way, the nurse put the baby to her, ran their own latrine.After a moment the nurse came and found lying in the house Wuhui Jie lunch break, had disappeared doll, quickly asked: boss, baby it?    Wuhui Jie stood up and sat, surprised and said: not you see it, how to ask me?    I just urgency to go to the latrine, you are not given yet?    Wuhui Jie anxious to say: I have been sleeping, I do not sleepwalking?    Nurse frightened, she quickly looked everywhere and Wuhui Jie.Shortly afterwards, he found the doll in the hospital in the wells, already drowned.    Kangrong hear this message, did not come up breath, fainting after the last day and a night, Kangrong before he came, burst into tears: I used to rob and kill too many, this is retribution ah!    Wuhui Jie sitting on the bed weeping, one side is healthy.Healthy, is that true Kangrong son, he had the kang angle to play, see Kangrong woke up, he walked over, wiping tears Kangrong his eyes, sensible to say: Dad, my brother is gone, do not worry, wait for you old, I support you, I filial to your!    Kangrong stopped crying, touched a healthy head, tears and smiles: Baby Zhenguai, to go play outside.The maid came in, took away health.    Wuhui Jie Kang Rong said: This child is so smart, you must kill him!    Wuhui Jie shocked: What did you say?    Kang Rong said: I will grow old, he was president of a large.One day, you’ll tell him the truth.At that time, he can not do revenge for his biological father?    Wuhui Jie thump knees, begging.For a long time, Kang Rong said: To protect your son’s life, there is only one way you know!    Wuhui Jie slowly got up, went to the back room, and a rope linked to the Wuhui Jie because it is too sad and cast tie the rafters, this rhetoric is very good, the town did not seem to suspect life.Since then, the health Kangrong always close at hand, taught him martial arts, to teach him afterwards, young age, let him familiar with the business of the inn.    From the age of sixteen healthy, he provoked the beam, replacing his father became the boss.    Kangrong reason why long ago a back seat, because of his physical condition worsened, raising the need Xinjing.Healthy very filial piety, specifically on the hillside of the town, was built in a single family house.Press the father’s request, there are thirty feet tall fences, and spent heavily to buy the leopard-like two vicious hound, home-care hospital in the yard.    Kangrong increasingly sensitive suspicious, except for the son, he does not believe anyone, so he serve a people who do not, have three meals a day healthy meal to go and he did eat.    And in the past few years, when the big guy healthy long into the age of twenty, Kangrong body completely collapsed, paralyzed in bed.On this day, healthy meal back to his father, thought his father might die soon, he could not help grief, cried while walking.    Just then, a man came over, it is outside the town of Bu staff.He saw healthy cry, hurried up to ask how it was.Kang Kang Rong said something, BU members outside surprise, said: Over the years, your father’s business for the prosperity of our town, a great tribute.Now, he was paralyzed, I have to look on behalf of the villagers to visit.    Healthy very difficult: you know my father’s ill temper, especially these years, more eccentric, he repeatedly told me, but not everyone.But he pleaded outside the health Jiabu Zhu Bu staff, or take him to the.    See his son brought people came in, Kang Rong rage, lying in the bedding, shouted: how do I explain to you the?Why be with strangers?    Not a stranger, I want to defend is healthy, angry father has been coughing again and again, out of breath, outside the BU staff busy quietly back out.    Kang Jianan Dayton good father, home, night has been deep, and was surprised to find BU members outside an elderly woman waiting in the living room.Healthy heart a little unhappy, and asked: late, what do you do?    Members pointed to the outside Bu old woman, asked: do you know her?She is your dead brother’s nanny.    Healthy elderly woman stared, angrily authentic: you are not careful, let my brother fell into the well and drowned, hung out afterwards to hide you from their homes on this my mother, or my father will kill you!    The old woman extraordinary remarks: Your brother is your mother personally throw the well, first I did not know why, only to find out later.    Healthy one other nonsense, was about to be furious, outside the BU staff speak: Yes.Your mother drown your brother, to keep you.If your brother alive, you phony father would kill you, but also your own father, your filial piety is also significant paralytic killed!Then, outside the BU staff will elaborate on the circumstances surrounding it again.    Healthy if thunderstruck, but he is still incredible, he said: But I still can not believe what you say is true!    So, you come out and see us.BU pulled up outside members outside healthy, three came to the hospital, I saw the yard outside, waiting in a long team, has been discharged from the hospital entrance all the way, one can see the end.    Members outside Bu said excitedly: I insisted on going to your ‘father”s residence today, just want to see how his body up.I heard that bastard paralyzed, to be finished, everyone is afraid.The town can move almost all out, one by one to tell the truth to you, until you believe so far.    A white-haired grandmother shouted: children, avenge your father and mother ah!    Another person shouting: there is ‘more than flour mill’ of thirteen, died that Cana!    So many years, for fear that bastard, so obviously white truth, no one dare to speak out, and everyone mind is blocking was dying to live ah!    People clamoring cried, cried a lot of people whining.    How deep love and hate there is more cut, healthy face livid up gradually, he said nothing, surrounded by men and women of the town, the monastery walls slope that big deep house strode.    While, opened the lock on health, kick the gates flung open, dismiss the two vicious dog, giant strides towards the hall, lit lights, loud shout, roar woke up sleeping Kangrong.    Bleary-eyed Kangrong was about anger, glancing room full of angry people, he froze.A long while, he did not say anything, and hangs his head.    Healthy coldly: how are you so stupid?They even fear you a thousand years, there are ten thousandth 2001!    Once people quit, healthy locked the gates, and told retainers surrounded the house, no one was allowed access.    The first day, could hear the house, the dog barking, Kangrong the curse; the next day, barking louder, Kang Rongji nothing in this; the third day, the dog is not called, people have no sound , as if the buildings empty house until the fifth day of dusk, the mad dog sounds and screams Kangrong suddenly sounded, mixed with biting sound, the sound of bitter reproach, the situation, it is miserable not bear to hear.    While, the screams stopped, the dog does not bark.Kang opened the gates, and slowly walked into the hall, looking at the bite being devoured two hungry crazy vicious dog Kangrong, long time silent

Afraid of thieves retainers

Large wen, Wang rich man Wangguantun village, is the village eight miles of well-off people, Piles of gold and silver, there are acres of land, courtyard, pavilions, nothing is there.  Comes just hurried retreat, court corruption, widespread poverty, have occurred robbery bandits, thieves suffering is rampant, the common people no peace, saying tree attracts the wind, to prevent thieves steal family home into the night, Wang Jia Ding rich man employed a few housekeeping nursing homes.  That day at midnight, the king rich man up to urinate, I heard the hospital has happened, put aside the curtain and found a dark, sneaking west wing touch, well, thieves into the yard, and treasure in that inside stood, and priceless antiques and paintings, they called out retainers: the culprits into the yard, and soon Catch thieves.Cries alerted the sleeping retainers, a bright hospital, a few armed retainers hurried ran to the yard thief, thieves look to be found, it is difficult to succeed, a sideways jump leap high walls, disappeared in the blink of an eye the night, along with a few retainers show off a few times, the thieves fled watched, helpless.  The next day, the king rich man checked again to see if the family lost something, but fortunately, nothing Modiu, I thought, but for himself caught early, big losses, the thieves entered the yard, so much movement several retainers are actually not found, the number of retainers called before, scolded: you are one such thing as waste.Then instructed the housekeeper, giving them the wages knot, let them get out.  Several retainers out of the house, Wang rich man such a big family business, home-care hospital is not how the line, Wang rich man thought to want to, chickens do not lay eggs much, much against the dragon does not rain, so the steward publicly posted notices, to recruit a care hospital retainers, martial arts must be the condition of the people, will take a bow archery, housekeeper bit confused do not understand, Wang told the housekeeper rich man, who can enter this House compound wall are Feiyanzoubi, fall silent beam master strokes of the retainers, will have to take a bow archery, because the arrow speed faster than people.  Butler hint, according to Wang told the rich man, posted recruitment notices, the notices posted, go to candidates who flocked to the king personally check the rich man, the face of numerous candidates gearing up, a mule is a horse get yo, live Ming opening gong, archery contest than the beginning, all the candidates brandish, playing it very Maili Qi, after several rounds of race, a young man named Ma six, this able-bodied people, martial arts since childhood, martial arts outstanding, riding Nock one hundred meters mandrel, crack shot, beat Kwan Fong, a rich man was chosen king, the palace became a servant of nursing homes.  Six horses to the palace more than a year, nor thieves entered the palace to steal, everything is calm, the king rich man stroked his beard pleased to praise Ma Six: Rogue hear your name, it is too scared to come, you is the protector of my family, I did you wrong.Six horses are the owner of a praise, happy little carried away, the air full of Chi arrogant, cocky, previously also stretching his arms out to kick the legs, pulling shoot archery bow, it is true play it play it, now eat eat and sleep, wake up, eat, and raised from the goose fat fat, pregnant every day this shy, Aggressive palace and out, doing nothing, the king rich man should know, Ma Six current situation, not to mention a jump leap onto the wall It is also climb the climb.  A time when Mid-Autumn night, the moon in the sky, autumn cool and pleasant, decorated palace, sweet melodious sound of the piano, the king gathered a rich man, after drinking the moon, are returned to their rooms to rest, drink a lot of horses Six wine, already snoring snore off to sleep.  Wang rich man still awake after lights out, I heard a noise in the yard, a clever move, lifted the curtain a look to the yard, a shadow wander around the string in the yard, well, came a thief, thief Maozhao Yao , against the wall to touch the root of the west wing, I thought, there is a small six horses in, thieves can not hide, while sky will fall under six Ma, Wang looked at the rich man does not blink thief row a move, So for a while, feel the thieves are here, just in the range of six small horse, how nothing in it?Six is not a horse to sleep did not find the thieves into the yard?Called to the housekeeper, so he went there to see Six horses, how to catch the thief does not draw his bow?Can not let the thief run.  Butler go quietly, and then, the thieves had entered the house, one quick motion brought out a box to run, that there are all gold and silver ah!Wang rich man but he did not Ma Six archery bow, a little anxious, a hurry to speak forgetful, began to shout: Butler, Ma Six also how not pull it?  Butler immediately answer: he had pulled.  Wang rich man cried impatiently: pull, how not shoot the thief ah?  Butler dumbfounding said: Sir, a small six scared hiding in the Gala Li, pulling up a pants.  Originally, this Ma Six is false, he called Ma Xiao Wu, timid since childhood, it is a small six horse’s twin brother, not archery is not martial arts, the real horse small six great talent, martial arts, morals the force, made Greenwood thieves, robbery, but never hurt people, specially Shafujipin, getting rid of Wang rich recruitment, dare offend Ma six, six horses just Gege Ma fifth substitute, for brother rich fool the king, let Gege Ma fifth food and drink glory for several years, but for the thieves into the field wangzhai theft, Ma Xiao Wu also not exposed stuffing.

Affliction nevus

Legend of the plight of the mole of history is this: According to legend, after death, they had a gate of hell on the way their lives, the way I saw the flowers in full bloom, but not leaves Bana.Yesheng Sheng spent two gone, with never read Xiangxi phase loss, end of the road there is a river called the forgotten Rivera, athletic, there is a river.A man named Meng Po woman waiting there, handed to each bowl after cure my pedestrians, who drink cure my people will forget all this life tie him down, no care into the six, or as a fairy, or a man, or as livestock.Also known cure my Love Potion, a drink and then forgotten past lives.Life, both good and bad, I, drifting gains and losses are forgotten with the cure my bowl was clean.Life care of people, people hate this life, the afterlife are seeing not know.    But there are so some people for whatever reason, do not want to cure my drink, Meng Po no option but to promise them.But these people who made a mark, the mark is the back of the neck sinking mole.Such people must jump forget Rivera, by flooding the torments Huo Zhi wait thousands of years to reincarnation will bring memories of past lives, past life with a sinking mole lovers looking after reincarnation.Treasure around the back of the neck have a mole that person, whether family, friends, because he (she) may be your past life lover, after waiting for years to find a past life who love unfulfilled, unfulfilled aspirations to complete past life, forever not to hurt him (her), because not everyone have the courage to jump into the forgotten Rivera, wait a thousand years of bitter suffering.. Holding the neck of his wife, Deng Yuan eyes looking for nearly five minutes, finally found a suspected mole plight of black spots.A hand rub, out!Heart suddenly aimless, confused.Did I not started and there is still a very poignant love story?I do not know where in a corner of my past lovers still silently waiting?Is there really a lovestruck woman willing to endure the torture of flooding Huo Zhi, suffered the bitter suffering of thousands of years, waiting for my past life that unfulfilled love?Thinking now, relieved heart, pride was palpable.So I have to watch wrapped around his wife’s neck and there is no mole behind.Ask the wife the whole story, still indifferent, painted mask goes pale face full of disdain: “Your mole axle neck with a color, not tell!”hate!I turned around and left!Wife whispering in the back: the heart of pretty flowers Flowers, Look at your bad luck virtues!!I disgraced, hung his head sitting on the bed angry.    Xu said: I will be a big crowd to visit my only soul mate, My fortune; not my life.that is it..