Butterfly Kiss

Cher and butterflies taste Juanzi go mountain hiking, Juanzi proposal, simply live in the mountains at night, enjoy the day as a bed for the account of.Cher is pleased to favor.They picked a clean, airy cave, and went.Was startled a few butterflies, slowly fly out.  They are afraid of wild animals come in the evening, have a heap of fire in the cave, and then was spread out sleeping, lying down.Soon, the two of them fell into a deep sleep in the past.I do not know how long, stumbled, Cher seemed to hear a strange noise, she thought it was the middle of the night Juanzi plus the fire, ignored.  Cher know Juanzi bold but cautious, sleeping rich field experience, to have her with me, stronger than a man, he safely rolled over and went on with her dream of spring and autumn.  Cher really had a strange dream.First she smelled the faint subtle fragrance for a while, and then saw a man with a white came to her side.Cher Although not see his face, but strongly felt, white people are in a very gentle eyes looking at her, like a television show like Prince Charming looking princess.Cher heart began softening up, she slowly looked up, closed his eyes slightly.Cher thought what would happen next, nothing can happen.She only felt a drop of something drops on the face, icy cold.She opened her eyes and saw her Prince Charming had turned and walked outside the cave monastery.At this time, only to find Cher, the Prince Charming of clothes, it seems that a bright red.  You do not go.Cher got up and chased out.She tracked the hole, in addition to dark, nothing.At this time, I felt Cher, just simply a dream to do.Cher and some may wonder if it was just a dream, how it feels so real?Cher subconsciously touched his face, actually some wet, still feeling kind of cold.She looked puzzled outside the cave, with a belly full of doubt to go back.  At this time, Juanzi just that Cher also awakened by the sound of shouting, followed chased out.She saw a look of utter prostration like Cher, some worried and asked: What did you chase ah, scary.Nothing, just had a dream.Cher said as he squatted on the fire side.  Mom, ah, there is a snake.Cher positive absently into the fire and wood, Juanzi exclaimed, pointing behind Cher.Cher are most afraid of a snake, Juanzi not finished, she had teeth like marbles like jumped up, he threw himself Juanzi arms.Touches Juanzi calmer, her body Cher to the previous station, quickly picked up a firewood from the ground and snapped it hit the snake.The snake can eat so Yigun, but did not move it.  Juanzi came closer scrutiny, feel a smile: shocked, it turned out to be dead snake.Dead snake?Cher went over to calm down.Suddenly, Cher heart of a dynamic, ask Juanzi: You are not added up over firewood?  And wood?Tired during the day with something, how can effort and wood.Had you just yelling, I do now asleep.Juanzi say.  Listen Juanzi say, look at Cher’s nerves tightened.She remembered Nazhen strange sound just heard, murmured: Did I just not a dream, it was all true?Juanzi puzzling looked Cher said: you in the end how the?This is not a cold bar.  When Cher everything exactly to tell Juanzi hear, Juanzi such as listening to a fairy tale, some do not believe say: Are you saying that this snake is that white people killed, he saved us?I do not believe that there will be such a thing, you must have spring fever, and will dream man.Juanzi said go, his heart also wonder.When into the cave, she had read carefully, the cave is very clean, this is how to do dead snake?  Two people I sentence you when it comes to dawn, did not say what they were.Cher Juanzi ask, is there to see white people look like.Cher thought, shook his head and said: it was so dark, he was carrying a fire, in addition to that body in white, the other I can only feel it.Finally, make fun of Juanzi Cher said: Maybe your past life was a princess, the white man really is your Prince Charming.Cher wanted to own confused last night almost gave the kiss, red face could not help it.  Way down the mountain, Cher outside the cave accidentally picked up something, if the enlightenment she smiled quietly put up the East Tibet.  Back in town, Cher suddenly ill.Cher’s disease is very strange, is so weak, just want to sleep all day.At first she thought it was a cold, may lose a few days, but that effect is not liquid, but it seems more and more serious illness.  Cher is to see a doctor colleague Kong Liang Cher.Because these days Juanzi to go abroad to perform, before leaving her to take care of the things entrusted to Cher Kong Liang.See the use of drugs are used, Cher’s disease or no improvement, Kong Liang suddenly remembered something and asked Cher: bold as to ask, you recently have not been to any particular place, or encountered any something special?Cher mouth moved, very difficult to come across the strange things that night in the cave spoke again.However, she concealed some details.  After listening to the words of Cher, Cher told Kong Liang suddenly realized like, no wonder she did not see a desperate disease effect, because she was simply not what disease.Kong Liang said, according to an ancient books, there is a butterfly in the mountains called butterfly red butterfly tears, can be changed into human form, encounters favorite woman will cry.The man dipped his tears, Cher will be like this now, sleepy all day.Should we do within forty-nine days treatment, people will become red tears butterfly.  Cher Although not a doctor, can be also a nurse, she also felt a little bit weird disease.Besides the usual Kong Liang love to see some of the mess of books, might really have this record on which this ancient books.As the saying goes, styled, Cher can not help but believe there is a bit of a word from the Kong Liang.  Kong Liang told Cher, remember to book: Butterfly kisses solution butterfly tears.That is to say, to cure her, you have to go then to the cave.Isochronous red butterfly tears appear, Cher was also a kiss him and tell him that he has been beloved man.In this way, red tears butterfly body will recover Cher tears.  Cher thought for a moment, think no matter Kong Liang is true or false, may wish to try.But now is not Juanzi, who accompanied her to it?Kong Liang volunteered to stand out.  Along the way, Cher leaning Kong Liang, go for a while, rest a while, encountered bad mountain road, Kong Liang carrying a walking Cher.Kong Liang fell on his shoulders, looked at his oozing sweat on his forehead, Cher heart suddenly had kind of a strange feeling.Remember when Kong Liang hard in pursuit of her look, feel addition of a little guilt.  To the cave, Kong Liang students from a fire, got the message went off, and fell down to sleep in the past, will be playing for a snore.Suddenly, a touch of fragrant rains, Cher eyelids sank, and drift off to sleep in the past.  I do not know how long, sleep Cher felt a drop something off in the face, icy cold, she woke up.Cher confused with slightly opened his eyes, the last dream scene once again in front, in front of her, standing by the white people that become a butterfly.  Cher Although not see the white man’s face, she felt, white people looking at her with soulful eyes.Cher slowly stood up, her arms and gently close to the white man, eyes closed kissed up.When the four blend together the lips, eyes Cher quietly out of the two lines of tears.She fell in the white man’s shoulder, murmured: Please do not come wrapped around me, and I do not want to turn into a butterfly, I already have a beloved man, you go.  White people listened to the words of Cher, the body seems to shock a bit, and then he quietly turned and walked outside the cave monastery.  Wait, you do not want to know who I love you?Cher red white man in the back said,.White people shook his shoulder gently, he stood in the hole.  I love the people, is that you Kong Liang.Cher red white man said as he ran past.I really?White people suddenly turned really is the Kong Liang.He opened his arms and embraced ran Cher.Cher Kong Liang beat his chest, and spoiled like to say: dare to me drugged, causing me had so many days sick, you either look askew at the back of my miserable like, I ignore you.  When did you begin to know what I do?Kong Liang shrugged nose, sheepishly asked.  Cher from the arms to work out a prescription, said: When I picked up this prescription from the mouth of the cave, I already know.I did not say it, and you want to see in the end Juanzi in playing tricks.I did not think you would be so naive, so the legend actually compile a year-old children do not believe in.I did not expose you, it is to punish you, back up the mountain it feel good taste.  Is a bit painful, but Kong Liang Here, Yibalaguo Cher, again put her back in the back, he said: I would like to try the taste of your back down the mountain.At this time, the sky is already bright, Kong Liang carrying Cher, walked hum folk song: sister yo that looks like Jun, Jin Dongfang yo sister carrying a sudden, a red butterfly coming from nowhere, Cher actually stopped at the head.Cher face a happy smile, flushed, as the head of the bird red butterfly.

Butterfly is honest story

Butterfly received the decree, with retainers, went to the county office to say that Mao Mao County, ah, is now Yinzhou previous YinXian.  The Mao County has always been an important trading port, but the former magistrate is a big moth, every day life of debauchery, much work, put politics into confusion, confused times of hardship people.  Butterfly after taking office, the first thing is to rectify the county government, to identify a few corrupt former magistrate, major disregard for human life.The dismissal of personnel associated dismissed the investigation and handling of the investigation and handling, promoted a couple of honest law-abiding officials, eliminate unhealthy trends, righting Ya wind.  The new magistrate’s good reputation reputation soon spread all over the county, people take it as a topic of drinking and laughing Chayu.  Here some rich and powerful landowners had originally thought that the newly appointed magistrate young, new broom sweeps clean, burnt no problem, can not become what climate.But now, to see him so serious and well-County, the county Mao flourishing, on one of those in power to send people to send a large number of gold and silver brocade silk forging, I think so little relationship with local administrative officials stained, even out Mao County, vessel operators are also eager to curry favor with the magistrate beams, like in here for some special trade authority.  Once the beam is working with the clerk magistrate negotiate to build a bridge over the river west of Takahashi things, to facilitate cross-strait residents and merchants to conduct trade, exchange and development of the local economy.However, due to extravagant former magistrate, Ya libraries have been empty.Liang magistrate had to shake his head hard, trying to.At this time, someone outside herald, he said there is a self-proclaimed surnamed Wang members outside carrying a large box gift box come to Meet.Liang magistrate listening, by open smile, said adviser: this bridges to carry on!And commanded the messenger invited him to Wang Yuanwai study.  Liang magistrate shook him a commoner, into the study, I saw a body yung swollen, wearing extraordinary people are anxiously wait there.He saw Liang magistrate came, had a bow waist, hello, a wave, two servants to find open that box, full of gold piled up in there.sparkling.Wang Yuanwai whispered: This is my business and several ship your gift to show my homage, you see fear and nervous Liang Wang Yuanwai magistrate refused to face.  Butterfly without saying anything I saw, sitting on a chair pondering for a long time, and finally hand on the table snapped a shot, which look to Wang Yuanwai be scared in a cold sweat, academics can beam magistrate said: Well, I received!.Wang Yuanwai overjoyed, thinking: Everyone says this surname Liang honest, I do much better than this.  The next day, Wang Yuanwai was about to ship out, Liang came magistrate.He gathered some people say, please go to Wang Yuanwai.The Butterfly and get what tricks?Wang Yuanwai muse.  Just listen to Butterfly said: folks, the Wang Yuanwai yesterday gave me a box of gold, said he wanted to donate to local people building a bridge to facilitate cross-strait trade.I thank you on behalf of the people here Wang Yuanwai!This time Wang Yuanwai silly, but in front of so many people, had to bite the bullet and fight on, and more local people are grateful.The move also makes some of the local rich man can not stretch their hands gifts of Butterfly.  Liang magistrate started the construction of a bridge.Is planning the occasion, the adviser said the Butterfly: classic, the bridge does not take so much gold, half enough, as.Such people neither know, do a good thing, fame and fortune, why not?  Butterfly staring adviser, right and proper Lise said: no one knows how?Not there you know, I know, Heaven knows, to know you?Since adviser no longer afraid to say anything.After six months of effort, the bridge finally completed.  Butterfly see the bridge towering stand upright, they named Takahashi, also ignited a backgammon or meaning.This is today’s Takahashi.  After the bridge was built, merchants around the area more and more exchanges Takahashi.In order to promote the local economy, but also please Butterfly traders around to warn Takahashi.  Four-day fair will, in endless streams, unprecedented, income taxes light Mao booth accounted for four percent of the county government library inventory.They say the beam magistrate is guarding Jinshan not be envious, really commendable.  Butterfly’s death, Takahashi to commemorate Butterfly, buried him in the Takahashi, Takahashi also changed Butterfly temple festivals, and the annual session scheduled in August Butterfly seventh birthday.  This custom from generation to generation, has followed until now, the temple form a more prosperity, if you do not believe?Seventh lunar month every year, invite you to take a look Takahashi.

Butterfly into my fence

Butterfly broke my fence next to my home I used to have a fence around alone on the balcony looking at the ocean patch of flowers feel the bursts of fragrance was always sorry I often have a fence around my home next lonely sitting on a stone bench wander always think bold and now confused when frivolous young teenager always let the haze of tears day flowers are depressed across like me to fight back in a desolate early summer memories butterflies fence jump into my dancing charming wings to fly nearly flew away before I fly after fly is seen in some panic and I was still attracted me to enjoy hide and seek hesitations and fantasy.Next to my home with a ring fence a butterfly flying flowers here as there was Yimiyangguang fence around a butterfly broke my heart so I hope to live next to my home

Butterfly fly, but the sea

Twenty-one, this is the age gap between me and the mother.Life is like a knife, knife age a man, tempered mother in years and life, look old, ugly, most notably his mother was a dumb.  When I was in elementary school, most parents would be afraid to open.I’m learning very well, it has been a victory banner hide their low self-esteem, but I was afraid to open parents, afraid of his mother sitting in the student’s parents, unobtrusive and aging, fear of the students pointed at my back and cynical to say she is my mother dumb, in my vanity young at heart, I do not want others to know that she is my mother.  Six years of junior high school for three years I never let her parents gave me too, after high school, the city’s children do not know my family more, my own mother has been no mention of his family, the only thing I pride or my grades, even the most girls are not good at physics and chemistry I have learned with great interest, the smartest boy in the class can pull down the length.I was very quiet, just learning the most tired lying in the window watching the distant tree.I know students call me secretly Everest is the highest mountain in the world, because I study my indifference.  In fact, outside of school, I miss his mother, time to go home to see his mother fetching water from far places, constantly changing the way shoulder to shoot back, I’ll meet her and took it, mother bent followed me all the way back.Mother and daughter both silent, I can say but do not want to say, want to say but can not say the mother, only looked at me with eyes of concern.But most of the time, I still hate his mother, Grace did not hate her as the mother of a beautiful classmate, she can not hate as greetings to his daughter like any other mother, unaware of their daughter hated her mind, she did not have to hate I have a good family.  The college entrance examination, my mother talked to me once, and that was the only time my mother came to school to see.That day my father accompanied his mother standing under a tree, two people are uneasy standing there waiting for me, I told my father, that they did not find me things do not come to school.  I went downstairs and saw them look in the eyes, I asked my father how you came to say hello father a long time did not go home, your mother want you.I look at the side of the mother, she was smiling at me, only the name of my father and I can understand sign language.Mother pointed to his hand, but his hands together on his side of the brain, then pointed to me, I understand the meaning of the mother, she said she wanted to be me.Father stood sorry to say, we know you do not want us to come to school to find you, your mother a few days ago was dreaming about you out of things, is not practical for several days, have to pull me see you, see to you anything good we can rest assured.  That day I ask parents to eat dumplings, mother restaurants many people know, her gesture will lead to other people’s curiosity, it has been quietly sitting there, listening to his father talk to me, a smile on his face from time to time to see if I look at father.I put the clip in the mother’s dumplings dish, happily watching their mothers eat in the mouth, feeling suddenly burst into tears.This is my mother and most intimate action, over the years, I always despise his mother, has been shrouded in dark own vanity and repressed inferiority complex, he has been reluctant to acknowledge his mother, afraid to tell people I have a dumb mother.The poor dumb woman just not practical because of his night a few dreams, he must run around to see his daughter.I suddenly feel that their vanity is so ridiculous that their behavior is so absurd, no mother in the original language of the world, some other mother and deep love.  Later, I went to college, come home, always happy to see his mother smile, she kept giving me sign language, was anxious wished I was able to speak.I also spoke sign language while playing.School, my mother always told in the back of the car, and stood there, pointed to himself, then hands together and stacked in the side of the brain, and finally pointed to me, I know that the mother will always wanted to say I.In the side of the window, I was tearful far waved to her, until no longer see the mother figure.  Junior year, I often headache, mother knew sent a big, soft pillow chrysanthemum.From dry to the pillow face towel sewing chrysanthemums, mothers are single-handedly crafted out of the pillow for some time, a lot of really good headache.Senior graduate soon, I found a boyfriend, I do not care about a family love my boy, I told him I had a dumb mother, boyfriend know you fool smiled and said, I will like you go honor her.Later, my mother knew boyfriends, hold carefully let my father called to ask how I like others, I have no bully.I smiled and let my father tell my mother were bullied him, he was really good for me.  Later, the mother sent two pairs of shoes of her own making, a pair of small floral cloth shoes, my mother never knew sizes shoes, a pair of black shoes to her boyfriend.The mother said in the letter two people live, would like to walk the same sense, two people helped each other to go further.Boyfriend saw laughing and said our mother really cute, there is talk than we taste it.  Floral pair of shoes I have treasured not willing to wear, I know that stitch, the mother of all love silent on the seam.Mother said that I was a butterfly, flew farther and farther, now fly to another city thousands of miles away.Only I know how to fly regardless of butterflies, butterflies are flying, but the sea, the mother is the silent sea, how I fly in her heart.

Butterfly flower

Every day, millet have to go to the slopes.There full of butterfly flower.Shy and quiet millet in love with it like herself gentle flowers.Here, just feel free millet happy.  For several weekends, students will come to this constitution sketch.Straight nose, clear and bold face, beige casual jacket clean and clear.Millet has never seen his eyes, because he always loved sketching head down.Millet think it must be a deep bright eyes, he watched the man was a golden sun plated layer profile, millet and my heart full of sweet.At this time, the Constitution also found millet born just been watching her, so she nodded toward.They have known.  Students know that the Constitution is the Academy of Art graduate.His paintings are fresh and natural, pure and filled with warm.But his character sketch is always the same woman, mused, smile, side of.It was his first girlfriend, college students, graduate students went to France, the two also broke up.Also on this hillside, leaving their best memories.  Millet looked distressed constitutional born thin face, brush the tears to flow down.She said to him, I’d do you draw the heroine, I’ll make you happy.Constitution raw eyes lit up, this gentle and quiet girl made him feel so close.  Millet more than once begged students to their constitution painting, vague constitutional born first, then replied that the man accustomed to painting.Millet wanton tears, just sighed promised constitutional Health.However, no matter how life trying constitution, as long as the slopes in this piece, he drew a bad millet, brush in our hands, unable to write.  Millet cried, constitutional survivors in memory of former girlfriend, so you can not focus, or else how anywhere else he can be handy painting very good?Health Constitution only helpless and horrified to explain, but he can not explain such a strange phenomenon, saying that there is an invisible force caught his hand, who believe it?  Until that girl back, about constitutional raw tea.Millet refused to go along, but behind them.She catches the eye is the woman weeping into the arms of constitutional life, the Constitution also cry Health.Millet grief harder and harder, and turned to leave.Constitution immediately after birth found that chase, only heard a sound emergency brake, the Constitution born of the body is falling apart..  Millet never know, life is sad constitution because the girl has a terminal illness, dying.He also promised to marry the girl and millet as soon as possible, take good care of millet lifetime.On constitutional born overnight grave covered with flowers butterflies, flowers and butterflies on a hillside suddenly withered into a wasteland.  In ancient Greek mythology, the Zeus fell in love with Ira Kos princess Io, Hera was known.To avoid persecution Io Hera, Zeus changed her into a white bull, then, Io whine cry all day.Zeus worried about her crying blind, the future recovery of people behind the fly in the ointment, it ordered the earth to grow for the cattle in terms of nice and delicious butterfly flower, as long as Io tired of crying, looking down to see her grimace butterfly flower, he could not help live laugh, beautiful butterfly flower will bring unlimited comfort Io.  Since then, butterfly flower became a symbol of comfort, it can soothe lost lover’s heart.

Butterfly fall Wisteria

Wisteria hanging in the high cloud wooden flower vine like soaking up the sun, feel the share beautiful sunny mood is always beautiful butterflies dancing around you this is the language of flowers on thick wisteria bay leaves, addicted to love…  Flowers wrapped look, drape hanging my secret heart, butterflies swaying willing to stay on your share of crooked cane weigh heavy thoughts, your wonderful never ending drama, starring in the network to you and me quietly watching the screen before you look at when people leave on the web, I see myself, alone and solitary thoughts, you can feel it…  You are wisteria, you wind swaying in the wind in their minds met in the virtual network wisteria full of strings, as you see the drop Sunrise night flashing on the screen you figure my mood is particularly excited to stay in butterflies put your heart on Wisteria plug in the wings of a butterfly just want to have their own world of illusion can no longer willing to quietly enjoy their noisy dancing happy but I still never forget I will never leave you words of love in his dreams I believe there will always be love.  If it can be like the wind and rain once and alienation and intimacy do not ask you do not say that the secret joy that will warm your heart you dry in such stories leave me in such sad thoughts may be moved will become memories make me very easy to daydream wish yourself into a beautiful butterfly dancing around you, count on you for you are a wisteria addicted to love Do not forget to quietly love, then I have been less than give.  You’re Zi Teng flowers butterflies dance around your wisteria happens I will also see to your.Addicted to you.You also need to thank you miss.Give me dancing attachment you are in my heart forever heart is still beautiful wisteria soldiers

Butterfly Dream

Tonight open information related to those you see most of your affection seems to have really daydream dress flying season that is not really the age of youth at a flower open to let in the face of a butterfly’s dream intoxicated strings broke, break it three one thousand corners, the spouses fall flowers submerged, buried once the wind ripple butterfly if pity, who fell on the fingertips jealously guarding a butterfly, look Huakaihuaxie years of age a man, butterfly dream fly, too hastily across the rain did not stop glass mouth a name does not know will not call winter break silence no words fly a butterfly garden at the appropriate temperature it is neither love nor Shall give it the quietest night of confession

Butterfly Dream vaguely

Who opened hazy slender fingers, the wind sent through the intimacy of a green shadow, light bathed the mountains back, just waiting for the pink shore Stir the water drawn from Swallow brushed, soft ride in face bridges to the brink of flowers, Cui Wei who has a green smile, so light, trembling left lying in the grass dreams, thrown around the corner the night of the spring wire like a fishing boat across the river flows splashing the ebb and flow of the picturesque scenery can be somewhat similar to the total bud glittering in the distance a vast wilderness, the possibility of time to obtain a return spring bearing receiver with a love of dreams just as my fate in silence if it followed through to me a little time, give me a pair of wings I can fly to the snow-capped mountains of courage and eyes, are Meng Yu Xin sent to the southern ancient getting the ferry, a few paper umbrellas, a Bing Xin Hua has been marching twilight years gone only that the millennium moss still has not been Magnificence washed out early sprouting of spring rain Border Town township humming Wyse songs, wandering footsteps returned often unwarranted passing the bridge of the year to visit that year lost butterfly dream

Butterfly Dream a thousand mountains, ice crystal lotus

A bamboo flute blowing shells buckle Zither away mountains and water, thousands of miles wide of clouds moonlight glass, rub off Yuk Han Xiang butterfly dream Yiyi your smile, it is just a pure and noble lotus Dimei quiet, they bleed open this time of clear shadow then winter, there is a surplus with white snow drift, fall into your gentle palm twilight darkens, only your facial features graceful flowery watery wait quietly at your fingertips to bridge the night of the story, in your incense Looking back in suddenly thrust away, the dream becomes very soft very light and you Munson warble, like a white flower window of a parked, sing drunk plum branches of the language to know before you fly edge of the deep edge of the shallow life but is a flourishing flashy pyrotechnics even miss the moment between Lloret de Mar will also fragrant glance that swept over a thousand mountains, after all, in the twilight snow so you dance, youth-depth season Tasui diamonds in the rough that startled the time of the achievements of a thin pen Qin cold ice crystal lotus legend follow your exquisite and elegant finish I saw you fall from the sky, spin the floating silently, batik is also a world of pure and crystal clear, if available, please promise I endorse the depths of the Red sincere wishes extension under your care of a Allure Eyebrow buckle your smile away the purple Ning Ning Fang Chen Since then, rain and snow started falling, Years went by you, is still top of the iceberg of the lotus flower Su Yue Ying empty, a dream, the Millennium

Butterfly change of heart

He and she is a childhood sweetheart, primary schools, secondary schools, universities spent in the same school after graduation, two people come together to create a coastal city dream.They were the two companies found a job, start up with passion and hard work.  However, she suddenly sick, weak body up quickly.Slowly, she began to swoon.  Diseases come as a surprise, because two people just to work, have no savings, and both sides support two families who have exhausted all university.  Her more serious illness.Can borrow borrowed, her illness finally results – congenital heart disease.  The only cure for this disease is to change the heart, for the heart, the donor is not so difficult to find that the cost would need 300,000 yuan.Alive and eager to make her face astronomical dropped to the ice.  Ten days later, at his suggestion, she came home from the care of her mother, then to his mother suddenly disappeared, and she did not say goodbye, just leaving a fairy-tale letter: “That day, I had a dream, a fairy say, if I had only three years to become a butterfly, I will always fly around on your side.”Looking at the letter, her tears fell down, she did not believe him because of her illness can not be cured and escape.She called to his unit, his colleagues told her that he had resigned, and do not know where he was.She called to his home, his parents actually do not know where he went, she knew that he was deliberately avoided their own, want to leave her ah.  In the first 28 days after he walked out, she suddenly received an anonymous $ 300,000 donation.Because of this anonymous act, she was up media attention.  Soon, donor found.The operation was very successful.  But whenever I think about him, her heart still often hurts.  She knew it was another disease, take time to heal.She quickly let themselves be a suitor, she thought, the best way to bury a relationship is to enter another love.  A year later in the summer, she put on a wedding dress.After the wedding ceremony, she and groom surrounded by relatives and friends to the park video.In front of a flower bed, she happily nestled in the groom’s chest, his smile dazzling.Suddenly, a large black butterfly flew from her ear, her heart suddenly a little pain.  Some things not to say forget you can forget, she remembered him.He promised her to love her life, no matter what changes occur, he promised him to personally put on her wedding dress, regardless of wealth and poverty.But now.She was a little hate themselves, hate their heart should have missed a negative person, you should not miss hated man other than her husband.She began to start to concentrate on wife.  After a summer of three years, she and her husband led year-old daughter out of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, a man greeted her stiff Zhengzhu – he actually.  His white hair a lot, a lot of people are haggard, lost a lot, she was overwhelmed, he smiled, the first to speak: “This is your daughter right?So cute.”She just mechanically promised.That evening, heart crest and once past him, tears fall on the pillow.  Another three years passed, and one day, she was a news in the newspaper shocked.That probably means the news: Seven years ago, a young man working for a securities company local to the south, after two weeks of work, the young man used his position, misappropriation of customer value 30 million shares after the surrender sale.When surrender has been converted into cash payment was $ 300,000 left, young explanation is gambled away.Three years ago, after the young man ahead of his release, he started a small business owner.Three years later, the business is growing in the fire, he then stolen his $ 300,000 reimburse the securities companies that have been working.She saw the, stunned, she knew, he runs a company, she knew, the year that 30 million anonymous donation must be him.Man tears out of the eyes, her mind only one sentence: I’m sorry, can go to the end in this life is impossible, then the next life, I must you become just another butterfly.