All the way across the buildings, a fallen flower

The words, the man, the moonlight of that year. Walking in the depths of my own writing, I only remember the writing in the net and the setting sun, forgetting who I was rocking the boat with and casting the net with in the years of this life.. Wen: The hedges are scattered and scattered with acacia, condensed into scarlet beans, sprinkled on the words of the paper, in an attempt to root the full-bodied yearning into the hedges while waiting for delusion.. I like every night like this. When I feel lonely, I will talk to my own words, spread a white paper and dig out the moss growing in the corner in melancholy.. Xu was hurt by a piece of mourning zither, and the sound of zither strings aroused his sorrow, and the beauty of life began to fall in the night wind..     The world of mortals in the buildings, after all, is a lonely flower. Smoke past, I do not know who has fallen to whose acacia, dream memories, I do not know who has fallen to whose waiting. Don’t ask for your parting, don’t ask for the geometry of the pain you once suffered.? Even my soul, like a pearl on the shelf, has accumulated thousands of years of dust. Even a clear tear moistened the ethereal yesterday. Perhaps it is difficult for the thin world of mortals to cut off the oath that was considered to be broken by blowing a bomb..     At the moment, how much I miss him. I am a weak woman even though I have the talent of heaven and earth to write the clear words of Liu Fang and the Chinese seal handed down from generation to generation.. Perhaps, the woman leaning on the building and looking at the moon in the depths of the old words is also looking back in tears, looking back at who used to write lyrics with wine and gamble away tea fragrance under the acacia tree in the past.?     The cold wind of reincarnation can’t blow away the memory of heavy sleep, but I am naturally too stupid. Even a sigh in the volume can make people feel crushed if accompanied by the music of deep and remote worries.. Whether the words at the fingertips give me beauty or pain, the love classical by moonlight is always a beautiful clear language and a dream of endless pursuit..     Perhaps, my love in the past lives was left in a dusty poem. If not, why is the loneliness of this world always associated with classical writing?? Is the sound of the sound of the purdah Yangguan? It was a timeless agreement? Is it fate, or is it a kind of ghost call from the bottom of my heart? Perhaps, only sad eyes can look at the beauty and pain of parting that the world meets so thinly. Perhaps, only the slender fingers with tears of blood can play the piano of singing..     Remember often see a word is; It’s good to have you there all the time! I want to write such words must understand the feeling; Because of you, a little less loneliness, a little more loneliness, a little more happiness, but a lot more warmth. The women on the Internet, Otawa, are lonely and have an affair with lofty ideals. They have built ivory towers of their own world in the small buildings they have built. Occasionally, people they like are invited to sit, raise their glasses and look at each other. The tea fragrance between lips and teeth is dense, and the eye waves are warm and smouldering.! Words may not be too many, but they will listen to a piece of music they like together, twirling around in peace and quiet..     Taking a beam of moonlight, I walk through the upper part of the night, believing that I can stick to my dream, only then can I touch the other side of my heart, only then can I have a faint scent and ink mark, only then can I have a lotus-like rest, only then can I have the gentleness of your whole city, only then can I have an intoxicated look at each other, and only then can I have the sadness and sadness of health.! In a hurry, the hearts of the youth and the prime minister are united, and the world of mortals and buildings meet and renew this life..     Always tired, always empty, always dust to dust, soil to soil. All the way across the buildings, a fallen flower.     Hedgerow and sparse QQ: 766314719. The collection of ” Mo Dao Fireworks Can’t Be Cut” was published and distributed. Please contact me if you need to buy the collection of ” Original”

A woman who loves reading is open-minded and dignified

A woman who loves reading is a beautiful scenery no matter where she goes. She may not look amazing, but she has an inner temperament: elegant speech is free from vulgarity, and beautiful manners do not need to be decorated. It is quiet and dignified and graceful. It is dignified in sitting state and free and easy in walking. It is a mixture of natural simplicity and implicitness. It is soft like water, charming like wind and flowery like flowers … Ah. Some women don’t look beautiful, but she walks among the women who are full of flowers and make – up. She stands out especially for her temperament, cultivation and scroll flavor.. Talking to her always makes people refreshed and tacky. Her association with her often leads to a lack of talent and bright sunshine.. Indeed, after reading enough good books, a woman will become very good, because the book gives her the bottom spirit, nurtures her feelings of truth, beauty and purity, and makes her gentle, refined, considerate and full of scroll flavor.. Women like books: buying books, reading books and writing books, books are their durable fashion and cosmetics. Ordinary clothes, plain clothes, walk among the women who are full of flowers and make – up, but they are particularly striking, temperament, accomplishment and scroll flavor that is overflowing all over.. Women who love reading are good at thinking, because reading can make people wise and magnanimous, have no desire but just, and have unselfish heart and wide heaven and earth.. Reading can make Xiu De’s nature, wisdom, vision and soul beautified.. In life, eating delicacies from mountains and seas is a kind of enjoyment, and reading some books with shock, hearing and hearing loss is a kind of enjoyment. The former can only be satisfied for a while, while the latter will benefit you for a lifetime.. Admittedly, in today’s materialistic world full of money and desires, few women have settled down to study, especially beautiful women who watch TV or go to shopping malls, beauty salons, play poker, play mahjong and chat in their spare time.. Although beauty is a’ ticket’, those beautiful women are too dependent on God’s gift. God loves them but spoils them. Rich and powerful men always think they are omnipotent God..     Beautiful women can always easily get everything they want from men: money, love, a house and a carefree and free life.. Men don’t care whether they love reading, whether they have knowledge, taste and taste. Men care whether they are pleasing to the eye and have enough beautiful capital to allow them to the legendary swordsman and talk about life in public.. Basically, it is men who connive at women and create enough reasons for beautiful women to stay away from books.. Books make women intelligent and mature, and make women understand that it is important to wrap their appearance, but more important is to moisten their hearts. If a woman does not read, she will become ignorant and vulgar without knowledge and will be abandoned by the times.. Even if the face looks like a fairy and wears luxurious and fashionable clothes, those masks smeared with material will be shallow after all and will not last long.. On the contrary, as long as she likes reading and is full of scroll temperament, even if she wears simple clothes, she will still look so elegant and graceful. For her, clothes are only ornaments and decorations, which will only make her more beautiful and more attractive..     A woman who loves reading has a lamp in her heart that can keep the peaceful harbor of her heart and always regards books as her spiritual companion.. Without gold and silver, she is very confident. She dares to face the sky with her heart clear and bright, and lives in a busy city, but she can keep away from the red dust and the hustle and bustle.. She loves to hear all the sounds that belong to nature: wind, rain, chicken calls, cricket calls. When I heard them, it was the most peaceful time to endure loneliness, no peace of struggle and no freedom of greed.. A woman who loves reading regards reading as the greatest happiness of her life. She immersed herself in the story of writing weaving, paddling the waves with her eyes to find the distant spiritual shore. She doesn’t have time to nag and gossip, or to fiddle with right and wrong. When other women are talking about fashion and Zhang Jiali’s short life, she is intoxicated in the world of books, washing herself, enriching herself, sad herself and happy herself.. In the large reading room, women who love reading sit and read alone, the whole world is their own, without noise, strife, hypocrisy, fatigue and pleasure.. Women who love reading are swimming in the sea of books, and they are devoted and obsessed with these great men as much as they admire high fashion and makeup and beauty.. They often get life’s fulfillment and peace in casual moments and find the value and true meaning of life.. A woman who loves reading has a dream in her heart. Even if she is as ordinary as a leaf, she can still create a paradise for the beauty and life of the leaf.. Lead yourself to a place with flowers, birds, trees, blue sky, white clouds, stars and bright moon. The dream that will never be lost is a poem, a picture, a daydream, a mood, a little comfort and some hope in their life.. A woman who loves reading likes to write something. Diary is a confession of her true heart and is the most willing lesson of the day.. The diary is filled with her mood and is a small attic where her heart rests. All the sweet, sour, bitter, joys and sorrows can be reasonably and reasonably expressed here, and finally she will be calm and calm.. When she had a feeling and understanding, she wrote it at will, posted it, published it occasionally, got a share of joy and smiled contentedly alone..     Reading – loving women look at the world and feel that the sky is blue and the earth is rich and beautiful. They write beauty in their hearts with intelligent hearts, broad and simple love, and considerate cultivation. She read life into poetry, prose and fiction. Reading life as honesty, friendliness, self – esteem, integrity, love and beauty enriches one’s own spiritual world, and allows loftiness and dignity to lead women’s eyes. To the world, she does not put on airs or flatter herself, but always exudes a bookish and lofty flavor.. Women who love reading all know that life has wind and rain, and books are umbrellas that can keep out the wind and rain. Life has dangerous beaches and reefs, and books are bright lighthouses. When life is full of mountains and rivers, there are many hidden flowers in the book. Life will lose good friends and lovers, but books will always be faithful.     A woman who loves reading is a beautiful scenery no matter where she goes.. She may not look amazing, but she has an inner temperament: elegant speech is transcendent and free from vulgarity, beautiful manners do not need to be decorated, it is quiet and dignified, moving and elegant; It was dignified sitting and free and easy walking. It is a natural mix of simplicity and implicitness, soft like water, charming like wind and flowery like flowers … Ah, for books, different women will have different tastes, different tastes will have different choices, and different choices will have different effects, thus deducing a scenery line of women and books..     Some women read books in order to acquire knowledge and increase their talents. They pay more attention to books with strong ideological content, philosophy and depth.. Books improve their life and enrich their lives. Such a woman is itself a book, an interesting and good book. Some women read books to please their body and mind and cultivate their sentiment. They like to read poems from Tang and Song Dynasties and beautiful prose from ancient times to modern times, both at home and abroad. They cultivate their morality and cultivate their character in leisurely leisure, thus casting a quiet life.. Such a woman is like a poem, fresh and plain. There are also women who study only as entertainment and entertainment, or just as arty. They are keen on sentimental stories and lacy news about movie stars and celebrities.. They are more practical and a little tacky, but they can read some books and understand some things. Books can affect people’s hearts, and people’s hearts and temperament are interlinked..If a person wants to dress up as cute, beautiful or attractive, he or she should read books.     Reading is the foundation of a woman’s body. Women who like to read books may not have high academic qualifications, but they must have cultural accomplishment. Most educated women are sensible, calm and considerate.. Those who often read books can be distinguished from the crowd at a glance.. Especially in human life will also appear calm and decent. It has been described that people who often read books do not speak at random, and their words must be based on facts. Each conclusion will be drawn through reasonable deduction, rather than following the same line and saying nothing.. People who often read books will think about things and know how to come up with a solution. Their intelligence quotient is relatively high. They can sort out the chaotic and chaotic world, grasp the root and the key, and then propose solutions to the problem. Science refuses to be blind. Every step they take is considered. These are all the things that people who do not read at ordinary times lack. The woman who loves reading is beautiful, and the woman who loves reading is beautiful and unique. She is not a flower, not a wine. She is just a cup of light green tea with faint fragrance. Even if she doesn’t apply powder, she looks healthy and energetic, personable, natural and unrestrained, graceful and graceful, and beautiful.. Only by reading with an open-minded heart can we appreciate the subtleties of the book and absorb the nourishment from it. A good book, accompany life. As the ancients said, if you read 300 Tang poems, you will sing them if you can’t write them.. The book has its own golden house, learning from the merits of others, and you will become a fine product. Learning from other people’s shortcomings, you will become a waste, promising and talented person.     Women read more with the years and also want to write their own books. A woman writes the sweet and sour taste of life on paper and then turns it into type, and others are reading her book.. The books written by women are delicate and gentle in brush strokes, flexible and agile in thinking, and between the lines, they are integrated into the unique spiritual temperament and spiritual experience of women.. Their interpretation of the life process, their struggle for survival and their pursuit of life value show a sense of responsibility to participate in society.. Nowadays, women write books that not only women love to read, but also men love to read. The woman who reads books spends most of her time reading. Reading is a vital element and a way of life for her.. Compared with some beautiful women outside and inside, she is a wise man who knows how to keep life beautiful inside.. Books make women intelligent, tough and mature. It is important to make women understand that the appearance of packing is more important than the nourishment of the soul.. Live with books and never sigh. Roman Roland is urging women to read more books, read some good books, knowledge is the only beauty product, and books are women’s fashion. Books will keep women beautiful forever. The woman who loves reading is beautiful, and the woman who loves reading is beautiful and unique. She is not a flower, not a wine, she is just a cup of light green tea with faint fragrance. Even if you don’t apply the powder, you will look energetic, personable, natural and unrestrained, and graceful..

A cool life

I spent every lonely night smoking cigarettes and drinking tea, swimming in the vast sea of mortals, listening to music and tapping the keyboard with my fingers to write one mood after another.. Walking through the long river of life, step by step, walking towards maturity and the end of life. The impression of years not only engraved on my face, but also deeply settled in my heart. The edges and corners of my life have sharpened my delicate and soft heart..     The flowers bloom and fall in the four seasons are exhausting, and the wind, flowers and snow in life make people haggard. At this time, I will have a cool heart to enjoy the joy and sweetness of life in the face of all the world.. A cool life is beauty! Cool charm is mellow!     People tend to be eager for quick success and quick success in the noisy and impetuous situation. If they have a cool feeling, they will be able to overcome arrogance and grandiose mood, find a quiet and quiet place, enjoy peace and peace, keep their hearts free from worldly worries and desires, maintain their natural nature, sublimate their personality, purify their emotions and moisten their hearts..     Indifferently, I advocate a simple life, tolerance and non-exaction to others in life, and gain peace of mind. Being kind, straightforward, and magnanimous and simple will give you time and mood to evaluate the three tastes of life and enjoy the joy of life.. Cool I will steal my spare time to care for the sunshine with my cool state of mind in the busy day, showing a straightforward and honest sunshine smile, making my life full of vigor and vitality..     In this materialistic society, people are unwilling to be content with plain striving and enterprising. No matter whether you are fighting in the workplace or fighting in the business world, few people stop to take a look at the beautiful scenery around you. I think you should also learn to enjoy a peaceful beauty when you are in power on the stage of life. Even if I am indifferent, I am not successful and have no career at all.. However, I will often read some books and write some essays under the lamp after my half-life of pioneering and struggling, and quietly nourish the heart to repair the increasingly coarse soul, cultivate calm mood and healthy mind, so as to achieve a state worthy of conscience of heaven and earth, enrich my life and enrich my life..     Indifferent I, lightly come, lightly go, lightly get along with. Give a person peace, give a person a faint desire, live simply and have a taste. Life is too short to pursue. Everyone will be bumpy and full of thorns on the way to life, with their own shortcomings and deficiencies.. To foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, we must increase the value of our life and blossom the most beautiful of our lives.. Live a new world. Cherish your life and everything you have. Would rather live simply and live simply, just like a spring rain, a clear song, moisten things silently and take a long time..     Cool is like an idyll, deep and remote, pure and elegant. Cool is a landscape painting, wash away the carved ornaments of lead and leave it fresh and natural. Cool is like a deep feeling song, melodious and melodious, singing softly and softly; Cool is a warm wind that blows away the snow and brings infinite spring scenery. Time is like water, time is fleeting, time is fading away how many memories I have, but I have never changed my pursuit of cool life.. Only with a cool attitude towards life can society move from apathy to peace and well – being. With a cool mind, we can move from melancholy to singing. With this coolness, even if the dust falls to the ground in a fiasco, even if you look up and open your eyes to see a piece of wild land, you will feel regretless as long as you struggle hard.!     With this equanimity, on the long road of life, you will feel that even silent search, even if there are twists and turns and repetitions, is also a kind of exercise and simulation. It is this equanimity that reflects the sanctity and loftiness of your life and makes you feel that heaven and earth are vast and broad – minded. It is this equanimity that makes you feel the beauty of the world and the colorful life.. If you have equanimity, you will have a indifferent and beautiful life!     Life is long, but in the long river of years it is only a drop in the ocean. Life is a process. The long river of time will lead us to one post after another. Looking back at the moment, we may find many wrong passages, so we have tasted the sweetness and bitterness of life.. All success and failure sometimes lie between one thought, so sometimes we will be extremely happy and disconsolate.. In fact, we are just a grain of dust contained in the world, sitting and watching the clouds gather together and enjoying the blandness quietly. No matter where you are, you will only appreciate the truth of life with your heart and swim in the river of years, no matter how you feel, it will pass like a cloud..     I think the same is true of online love. No one does not want love to be like the sea. But I prefer cool love. Only by turning love into a trickle can it produce a lasting lasting appeal. A cool life, no matter how the world changes, will always entrust its countless worries to a gentle and tolerant heart. Even if the years go on and off, it will eventually be able to hold its hand and live and die.. Years like the passing of Sichuan, do not give up day and night. There is no need to look back too much. Life is short, but the road and shadow are long. Walking on the road, the scenery is infinite. A happy life is a persistent adherence to that dull life! The cool life is more beautiful and the cool lasting appeal is more mellow!

There is a word called ” inability to cope”

I can’t dominate secular words. I’m just an ordinary woman.   I can’t stand it. What can I do about it.   I listened to all your misfortunes, and my heart was in tears.   That is the pain of acupuncture, pain can’t words.   I said I gave you the life you wanted, but it was too late to realize.   Suddenly I was too tired to bear, just like this injury fell on me.   Just, I hope, you will be a good boy.   A child who lets people cherish and loathe to hurt.   In this way, even if we are alone, I will feel at ease.     The song city in the dream sang the song of triumph, luxuriant and noisy.   Reality of the hotel, secretly deep, lonely and lonely miss left, helpless to leave.   Some people say that I am a proud woman, arrogant and indifferent to everyone.   There is a word called ” inability to cope”.   I can’t stand beside you like a puppet.   I can’t help but look at your world.   I can’t express myself in words if I can’t do it.   I can’t fit into your life beyond my ability.   Different paths lead to the same goal, but it is better to become strangers.   In this way, you don’t have to worry, I don’t have to be sad.   Who said that if the only person you know is yourself, then there will be no injury.   No one was hurt, where was it.   I was so weak that time was quiet.   Who is guarding an empty city for whom.     There is no time for desperate efforts to paint the land in the empty city as a prison..   There is no courage to look back.   I wait quietly alone, but not in blossom.   It turned out that it was not us who couldn’t go back, but us.   remember to forget you.   I have no intention of intentionally. Hurt you.   remember to forget you.   Please forgive my selfishness and willfulness.   I just need to be kind and say sorry.

Finally wait until ” you” — ” three villages to cook

Finally wait until ” You” – ” You” – ” Three Rural Areas” Cooking Date: 2017 – 07 – 16 Source: First Author of Lingnan Normal University: Second Author of Zhan Yaying: Luo Li Finally Wait for ” You” – ” Three Rural Areas” Cooking. With the ringing of the alarm bell at 6: 20 am, I opened my sleepy eyes, and the first ray of sunshine in the morning caught my eye, which was especially dazzling. I immediately refreshed myself and then set out with my team-mates to buy vegetables at the vegetable market.. Along the way, we felt the clear morning light, the bird song of joy heart, the gentle breeze, and the mood was very happy.. Soon, we bought the vegetables and returned to the practice base. We have to say that our friends who cook today are very powerful – we started cooking lunch at about 10 o’clock, and during the whole process we were united, talking and laughing, and very happy. We had already prepared lunch for 41 members of the practice group before 11: 30, and the smell of the food pervaded the campus.. My friends who have been busy all morning instinctively smell incense. Looking at the small partners one by one with a satisfied expression on their faces, I was moved to be extremely happy and had already forgotten the fatigue inside! Fingers are too wide and time is too thin. But it doesn’t matter. I was expecting the afternoon. Because I enjoy the process of making a delicious meal for my friends. Although I will be very tired, the important thing is that everyone is full and happy.! In charge of the team’s appetite today, we soon got busy for everyone’s dinner. The first time I cut onions and peppers, I had some hard work this afternoon – my hands were red and swollen with heat, like a pair of salted pig hands, burning, and there was another friend like me, haha, we were in distress situation one afternoon.. The plot of this day is drawing to a close. Today is July 16, 2017, the sixth day of our ” Tongxin” social practice team’s summer visit to the countryside. We are all happy and full.! What interesting things will happen tomorrow, let’s look forward to it!

Grandpa and his shoulder pole

Grandpa and his shoulder pole, Shandong Zibo, have just returned to their hometown and I can’t help thinking of grandpa and his shoulder pole again when I see the portrait of grandpa..     Grandparents and grandmothers coexisted with ten children and raised nine of them into adults. What a difficult thing it was in those war-torn times! Folks all call grandpa and grandma’ yang linggong’,’ he’ and’ she laolaojun’ when they joke. Grandpa certainly does not have the ability of’ Yang Linggong’. He is of short stature and plain appearance. He is a common farmer, and he is carrying the burden of a family’s life on his own carrying pole..     In my memory, grandpa’s carrying pole is long and heavy. I was about five or six years old when I first saw grandpa’s carrying pole. That day, we just moved to a new home and moved to a very spacious compound, a new home that parents had just built after years of painstaking efforts.. Relatives all came to congratulate them, and the family was busy and lively.. In the afternoon, grandpa also came. He picked a load of buttonwood roots. At first I thought grandpa would send us firewood and hurriedly carried the roots into the firewood heap.. Grandpa grabbed my hand, stroked my head and said gently. Boy, these roots are to be planted. We will bury them in the ground. After a while, they will germinate and grow big trees in a few years. You can play under the trees. Do you like it? I like it, I said quickly. Grandpa patted me on the back and said with mirth, ” Go and look for shovel and lutetium. Let’s plant them now.”. ‘ I jumped to find shovel and lutetium, and grandpa started digging holes. I was happy to put roots in the tree holes, and relatives came to persuade grandpa to rest in the house, but grandpa insisted on not, saying that he was not tired. Grandpa planted a load of roots, drank only a few saliva, sat for a while, said he would feed the cattle to the production team, and went back with the burden..     Grandpa has fed the production team cattle for decades with rich experience. The cattle he fed are fat and strong.. Every time I went to see him, I saw him constantly busy, sometimes carrying water and forage with a pole, sometimes drinking water to cows, or using hay cutter to forage and feed forage. I never seemed to know how tired I was..     In his later years, his grandfather was still a man who could not afford to be idle.. Four uncles contracted the orchard, and grandpa over seventy voluntarily went to the mountain to see the garden. In the autumn harvest season, he personally picked peaches and pears to sell in villages, and he gave them to eat without stint when he encountered old, weak and sick people..     Grandpa did not like alcohol and tobacco all his life, and his life was rather simple. There are no conditions for pulling up a child. But then the nine children have all mixed up in the same way, including workers, farmers, soldiers, officials and merchants.. There is no shortage of good smoke and good wine at home, but grandpa never enjoys it, which is difficult for ordinary people to understand.     Grandfather is old and full of children and grandchildren. He should have ” enjoyed a comfortable life” and no longer have to work, but he still has ” old habits” that are difficult to change and secretly finds work to do.. Finally, something unfortunate happened. One day, he secretly picked a load of dry dung and went to the mountain. He accidentally slipped under the earth weir and hurt his leg.. Since then, his health has deteriorated. A few years later, I left us forever.     When I was sitting at home and was about to finish writing this essay, I looked out of the window and saw the buttonwood trees planted by my grandfather, tall and straight, full of thick shade, my sons and nephews chasing and playing under the tree … Ah, in the glittering and translucent tears, I seemed to see my grandfather and his carrying pole again..    [ Shangdiangang Badu Central School, Boshan District, Zibo, Shandong ( 316 Wenjiang Road ) ]Postal Code: 255203 Mailbox Shangdiangang @ 126. Communications company telephone[ 13864492886 ]

Forgive .

On the third day, you still did not say a word silently, prepared breakfast, and then left the house with your bag on your back.. Outside the door, your back is drifting away. I can’t see clearly. Tears have filled my eyes.. In fact, I have forgiven you . that night, I dragged my exhausted body and opened the room. What I saw was your flustered eyes, looking at the door left unlocked. I understood what you did, looking at the door left unlocked, my work schedule in your notebook, and the computer just opened. At that time, I really wanted to hear you tell the truth, even if 90 % of the truth lies, but you didn’t, you told the false lies pale, you protested to me silently with your righteous eyes and clenched fists, protesting my thorough analysis of you.. But you don’t know, I don’t know a clown’s performance on the stage. The clown’s performance is clumsy and unconvincing. Before that, I have told you countless times to be honest and moral at the very least.. A man is not a saint. He is a man of high moral character if he has ever had the courage to bear it..   Whenever I am proud of your achievements; Whenever I applaud your independence; Whenever I have mercy on you, I don’t know whether you have such amazing behavior under such a glorious aura, is I too demanding your perfection at ordinary times, or have never really entered your inner world?   I want to hear your statement, your distress, your reason, but you don’t. Three days, three days you didn’t say a word, three days, I didn’t cook you a delicious meal. Not that I don’t want to cook, as long as I think of the scene that night, my heart will tingle. Don’t you know how many times you have to circle such a lie for this clumsy lie whenever you use it to justify your mistakes?.   For three days, I struggled with your behavior. I expect you to confess to me and talk to me voluntarily.. But I have seen you cook the food silently these three days and comfort us with steaming food. I think I have already compromised with you. What I compromise is not to prove that I have really forgiven you, but that you have already repented yourself with your actions.. You said, at the moment, what reason do I have not to forgive you?!   Tonight, I will sit in front of the computer screen with you and play your favorite song to participate in the Half City Smoke and Sand Bill. I hope you will join me and truly blend into the soul of Half City Smoke and Sand … Some love is like breaking the kite’s end, some hate is like a circle of injustice, but some love is like a lie of self-deception that will pay a lot of blood and loyalty just to fulfill a long-cherished wish. Some love will go back to the window of suffering, and some hatred will become a bridge between the moon and evening. Some hatred will turn into a sword in silence, but only to complete a long-cherished wish of desolation.

Father loves family and gives me warm strength

On Father’s Day, a warm holiday, there are emotional ripples in my heart. It is said that fathers love mountains, and my father is as simple as the walls of his hometown with the flavor of primitive simplicity, yet strong enough..     Every time I think of my father, his tiny camel’s back, tanned and bony by the sun, appears in my mind.. Mother has always said that father does not eat fat. Father has not been fat all the time. I know why: Father is the only man in our family of five, mother is fat for nothing, and three daughters are also fat for nothing.. My family is in the countryside and will have more physical work. I see other boys can go down and drive tractors when they are in their teens, while my family’s third daughter can only cook and pull out grass.. Even so, when summer comes, my father always loves us, saying that it is too hot not to go to the ground, and he can live in the ground. So many summers I read under an electric fan and slept when I was sleepy, while my father tanned day by day in the sun and his eyes became deeper and deeper..     I have been living in a relatively poor family, but growing up surrounded by love. This has had a great impact in my later life. My father taught me that love is a powerful force that can take you through darkness and overcome poverty.. Although the father is a thin plate, it contains a kind of tenacious and persistent force. I heard that when the father was young, there were many children in the family and he took part in heavy physical labor too early, resulting in a slight camel on his back.. But in my memory, my father never complained about it, and probably the kind father thought that it was the responsibility of a eldest son.     During the production team, our three children were small and our mother wanted to stay at home to look after us. The family only earned a job and lived a miserable life. Father’s eyebrows were always gathered together. When our three children chattered about him, he would yell, ” It’s noisy and annoying.”. The three of us will keep silent. now I think my father still loved us at that time, but the heavy burden of life will also upset him. but my father, under such heavy pressure, never touched a finger of our three sisters from childhood. now I think about it, I still miss those hard but warm years..     After the reform and opening up, the village was divided, but the family’s three daughters and daughters could not help. However, my father did not say anything because of this. In order not to be left behind by other people’s family, my father started to get up early every day and greedy for dark ground. My father was not very physically strong, and his work was not as good as those of the younger ones. He got up at three or four o’clock in the morning every day and didn’t go home until he could not see it at night.. My father raised us with diligence in the early days and late nights.     Father is a man of few words. He has never said to us that he loves you, but he has incorporated his love for his children into his life. This love is now rooted in my veins.. I still remember the hard years in junior high school, when my father got up early to cook breakfast for me every day, when my father filled my aluminum lunch box of that year with cabbage fried steamed buns without a canteen. I kept that lunch box, but I was still sad for a long time when I could not find it after moving..     The most interesting thing is that my father got up early one morning in the second year of last year to prepare a meal for me for fear of being late in the morning and called me to get up. When I got up to finish the meal, he packed my bike, schoolbag and lunch box for me.. I looked at the dark outside and the moon’s light had not faded. I believed in my father’s love despite my doubts and set off on the car.. The light is very dark and my driving skills are not good. In addition, the country road is in disrepair and the potholes, large and small, are paved with roads, but my heart is warm. Father’s love is the street lamp on which I go forward..     I just walked along the road happily, but the car was getting harder and harder to ride, so I had to get off the bus and feel a little wrong when my feet fell to the ground: how soft. Take a closer look at the ground, and before you know it, you rode your car into the ground.. At that time also did not think much, pushed the car back and headed for the school.     When I came to school, the door was closed. My heart was surprised: Father must have read the wrong time. Only after waiting patiently for a long time did the janitor get up and open the door. On that day, I was the first person to get to school in the whole school. I was thinking of going back to tell my father that he had called me for an hour.     When I came home from school in the evening, I saw my father waiting at the village gate at a distance. I was embarrassed to say, ” Girl, I read my watch this morning and it was an hour earlier.”. After listening to my father’s humble attitude, my complaints have gone with the wind. I put my arm around my father’s neck and talked about the adventure that morning. Father and daughter both laughed!     Now that things have passed for more than ten years, I still remember clearly that some love and some emotions will not grow old with the sun and the moon..     When I finally walked out of the muddy village and carried my bags away, I thought that the place would not be missed because it was poor and shabby.. But I was wrong. When I was sitting in the air-conditioning room, I missed the adobe house in my hometown. Summer is natural and cool. The most important thing is that there are parents and relatives there..     When I returned home with gifts, my father always asked me to stay at home for a few days and what I liked to eat. I know that no matter how I grow up, it will always be a permanent concern in his mind.     Now life in the family has improved. Mother will argue with her father about trivial matters. Most of the time, father is silent, only complaining to us when we return home. Every time I want to talk about mother, mother always says that our sisters are eccentric and always toward father.. In fact, I know this is a sweet complaint from the old couple.     After the family circumstances improved, my father was as frugal as ever and still smoked the ten yuan a kilo of dry tobacco. My mother persuaded me many times and we did everything we could. My father said that I should not deprive myself of this hobby.. Looking at the aging father’s thinning hair, I suddenly remembered the ancient saying’ parents are not traveling far away’. my heart felt sour. father, please take care of yourself.     Father’s Day, send greetings to you: Father, happy holidays!

Elder sister, you are quick to come back

[ Guide ]: I copied a song written to his mother by a drug-related singer in prison with a smile to join the lyrics ( part ) of the mother’s regulations. Here, I silently prayed for your peace: ” On that day, I left home and didn’t have time to tell her how scared I was, worried that she was frightened and didn’t know how to face her.”.   On May Day, my sister finally came back from far away Jilin and was able to see her again. I felt relieved..     Since she joined the direct selling industry, she has been away from home all the year round and has been running around.. When I came back this time, I saw her helping mom make dumplings in the kitchen. After the dumplings were cooked and served, the family sat together and ate them. It was really delicious..     This time back, she said she would not go away and develop in Benxi and do supermarket management business.. On a hot day in July, after renting a salesroom at Tangjialu, she installed a computer with the website of their supermarket management company online.     On the 11th, when I came home again, my mother told me a news that shocked me: my sister was missing!     Disappeared? Not doing business in supermarket management, why suddenly disappeared?     One night, half a month before the 11th festival, sister called her mother and said she had just returned from a trip to Xiuyan and bought her a piece of Xiuyu. The next day, she wanted to go home and bring it to her mother and asked her if she liked it or not..     However, on the morning of the next day, a sudden phone call broke the peaceful life of our family since then – the elder sister called her mother in a panic tone, saying, ” Mom, I can’t go back.”! I have to go now, someone is looking for me for something … ”, Mom said before she could ask where she was going, thinking she was going to go somewhere again and do her business,” Then don’t come back unless you come back. It’s just outside the sun today. Your father and I are going out to bask in the sun. ”. Elder sister said, ” then you can go out for a walk. don’t stay in the house all the time. it’s good to go out and exercise.”. ‘ in this way, until now, I have never seen the shadow of elder sister again.     The day before yesterday when I came home, my mother said that after many inquiries from my father, I finally got the preliminary news from my sister.. Originally, sister was involved in an economic case during the national day security and was being detained in a detention center on the outskirts of the city, ready to be investigated.     Elder brother twisted a broken leg injured by working for a private enterprise in the mine, and went there with dad, watching their building and the glass in the prison number room across the rigid wall courtyard and hundreds of meters, shouting loudly. elder sister finally found both of them and pounced on the window where they could be seen from a distance.. Elder sister’s clothes are covered with an orange prison uniform, separated by the glass of the detention center, separated by the distance from which normal communication is impossible, and they both gesticulate and eagerly communicate the general meaning.     Just when she was busy renting a house to install a computer in July, she called me and said let me see her and let me install a computer for her.. However, I have not been able to understand the computer of the new system for many years under the pretext of being busy at work, having many things at home, many things of my own, and I have been pushed off without going.. Only on that day, we were all at mom’s house. when she left, I asked what bus to take to get to her. she told me that I said yes, I can go when I am free.     However, when I am free, she is no longer there. There are already people going to the house and she is in the’ buko’!     My heart hurts. On the day when I lost any news of her, I made a poem that can tear my heart apart. The title of the poem is to participate in the bill that you tear open my living soul. The whole poem reads as follows: ” You must be good / don’t let / your loved ones worry about you. You must contact / keep your family / walk in the world / you are not alone / act / conform to / the traditional legal system and morality / how much I look forward to / meet / don’t let the memory / freeze on it only for your parents / old heart.”? / The whole earth is stagnant / No one answered that you are ripping my heart / you are ripping open / my living soul” elder sister, I promised to visit you there because it is a dwelling place where you will finally settle down in your own hometown after so many years of hard work.! But you didn’t wait for me to see you. The only regret I have now is that I didn’t see you in time and didn’t find and help you correct your mistakes in time.. And there are many things, not one person pointed out, another person can listen to. It’s like the bubble on your foot, it came out on its own.     The business you are engaged in always gives people a feeling of uncertainty and uncertainty, which also affects my determination to visit you. And now the price is that I haven’t seen you again for nearly half a year. Elder sister, you make my eyes and heart feel like you and want to cry secretly from time to time..     Elder sister, mom said you didn’t discuss anything with her, including your resignation, including your direct selling, including your divorce, including what you are doing now, and you didn’t discuss anything with the rest of our family.. Elder sister, your idea is so’ positive’, you have now lost a person’s basic freedom, elder sister, what you have done, because it may not be in conformity with the country’s economic policy and legal order, how can you not harm yourself??     Elder sister, you always don’t believe what mom said is right. she said, how can a woman be able to earn money again? After your divorce, you have not even owned a house under your name until now. moreover, you are with a man who has no divorce and also has a family. how can you not let mom and our family worry about you, and how can you not add to their parents’ aging white hair??     Elder sister, younger brother, I only hope that your business will come to an early conclusion, even if it is a small business, we will overcome it together with our simple and industrious hands and honesty as the heart of a magnanimous person.. Elder sister, you are quick to come back, elder sister, as long as you are good, be a law-abiding person, we will forgive you for everything!     Finally, I transcribed a song written to his mother by a drug-related singer in prison with a smile to participate in the lyrics of the mother’s regulations. Here, I silently prayed for your peace: ” On the day I left home, I didn’t have time to tell her how scared I was, worried that she was frightened and didn’t know how to face her.”. Don’t know me, how so silly, always let her very worried! ”[ Responsible Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

Buy sweet potatoes

From the early 1960s to the end of the 1970s, food became the biggest thing in our lives. At that time, every family was short of food, and the city people had to go to the black market to buy some sweet potato and other food before the end of the month. It was not remembered whether it was the end of the 1960s or some day in the early 1970s, but mother was carrying a basket and holding me in one hand, turning around in the city where we lived as if to go.. I followed my mother for a long and long walk. I didn’t know where my mother was taking me, but I felt vaguely that the more I walked, the less lively I was. The more I walked, the less busy I was in the city and the less I felt in the street. There seemed to be few pedestrians and cars on the road.. My mother took me on, and then went up to a bridge under which was a wide river. I don’t remember what color the river was.. This bridge is very long, very long. My mother and I walked for a long time before we reached the other end of the bridge.. ( When I grew up, I realized that this bridge is the Weihe River Bridge, with a total length of 2. 5 km. ) ) This end of the bridge is what people used to call the ” black market” in those days, that is, the free market for buying and selling sweet potatoes and other kinds of food..   In the black market, mother bought a basket of sweet potatoes and a whole bag of sweet potatoes.. After buying sweet potatoes, my mother took me back, remembering that my mother was carrying a basket full of sweet potatoes in one hand and sweet potatoes with bags in the other, and I couldn’t help anything behind my mother.. When I walked back from the bridge, my mother seemed very tired and tired. Every time I walked a certain distance, my mother would rest. Before I could walk back to the other end of the bridge, I was a little unable to walk. My mother stood on the bridge and started waving to stop the passing cars, stopping several cars in a row. At last, a military vehicle stopped beside me and my mother. A PLA uncle helped my mother put sweet potatoes in the car and let me and my mother sit in the front cab. My mother and I boarded the PLA car and returned to the city..   When I grew up, that is, when I was in high school, I had a holiday one day. I also rode my bike to find this memory of my childhood.. At that time, I rode my bike from the residential compound where our family lived when I was a child. I rode for about half an hour before I rode from the south bank of the bridge to the north bank of the bridge, that is, the free food market in those days, although there was no sign of ” black market”, I didn’t know that the place where my mother took me to buy sweet potatoes was at least seven or eight miles away from the family area where we lived in the city when I was a child.. At that time, the reason why they wanted to go there to buy sweet potatoes was that in the’ cut capitalist tail’ era, it was illegal and criminal to buy and sell food openly. There was no free market for food in the city, and farmers were even more afraid to sell food in the city. In order to exchange some pocket money, farmers squeezed a little food from their teeth, nervously and secretly came to this’ safe’ place to buy and sell food..   In the’ supply system’ era, our family was often unable to buy food, and the bread bags and rice jars in our family bottomed out. In order not to let our brothers and sisters starve, our mother had to go to the’ black market’ to buy some sweet potatoes and other things to subsidize the shortage of rice noodles every month and help us through the time when we were short of food and clothing.. Maybe someone will say, where did your father go? Yeah, where did dad go? Where did dad go? When I grew up, my mother and I mentioned this matter, and my mother told me that at that time, there were ” criticism marches” everywhere, old cadres were caught ” wearing high hats” and ” parades” everywhere, and some were killed alive by the red guards and rebels. dad was involved in the revolution before liberation, and some historical problems were involved and sent to ” may 7th” cadre schools dozens of kilometers away from our home by the relevant departments to participate in labor reform..   Years have passed quickly, but every time I think of this experience of childhood and the hardships my mother has paid for her children’s full meals, I still see it clearly and it is so touching that it is a mother’s selfless love..