re their own baby grandchild.

  ”To Mom worried.”
  ”It does not matter, it does not matter.”This time, Wu Guizhi had disappeared just like vexation, but rather became the first heaven and on earth kindly old woman, her eyes narrowed, smiling,” Zhao Di, you’ve worked hard this year, you may be much delayed chicken soup 深圳桑拿网eat, but what we old Kurtis first number of your hero!”
  Tangzhao Di flattered: “Mom you drink, you nourishing food, and I Naochun, and my heart happy.”She quickly Tuiju.
  Wu Guizhi very tough: “I told you to drink your drink!”
  ”Hey, good.”Her heart is like drinking sweet as honey, after Peizi Hao was born, her entire fam广州桑拿网ily, can finally upright, kind of live like a man, her former mother-although not too bad, you can see every time there is someone’s home when his son, eyes are not always the eyes, nose, not the nose, a fire in my belly, back ironic how many times two, year and a half, although she flies bitter, can also finally rain comes.
  All this has been blessed by all of Zihao!
  ”Yes, back when Naochun?”Wu Guizhi frowned asked, she ah, with the Golden Sun all things good, the only upset of the day let her see, is that his son resigned to work, if it is to Xiao-ping that dead girl, which as to do so?
  Speaking of which, Tangzhao Di also worried about her heart sighed, dared not exposed to the surface, but smiling: “say on these two days back then!”She and her mother dare say, her husband the past few months, did not go home to send money,南宁桑拿 but for the past little savings cushion, I am afraid to be played at home the empty city!
  This shattering of the day, I do not know can not go head!This is her heart, not worried!
  ”Naochun, you come back ah?”Clearly has not cold weather, village chess can place it, still continue to ‘open’ the, a lot of squatting Tate’s husband standing there, pointing country, like all chess is the same God, the real holding pawn, then unannounced, did not take a step, we have old long meditation, just as what the general

in worse!

  ”I know the.”She should be, and obviously these are childish face, but with the early determination of some adults.
  ”Then I go ahead and go to your grandmother busy.”Tangzhao Di see his son sleeping, resting his neck, extra care will Peizi Hao on the bed, withdraw them, we intend to go, before you go, nodded her head:” X广州桑拿网iao-ping, is your brother will later We rely on, know no?”
  ”.I know the.”She nodded obediently, without rebuttal, until after her mother’s figure disappeared, they also quietly lying in bed, looking at his brother, his brother was born until now, only less than seven months, not much hair, very soft, lying at that time good, cute dignitaries shift without opening the eyes, can be trouble up, but also people who want to cover your ears.
  She often stay at home, we must listen to many times is the baby brother of the teachings, for a long time, she also these words engraved in the heart.
  Did not hold back, Pei Xiaoping hand, his little finger into the Peizi Hao fist, this age child, loved grip something, he immediately react, clenched his sister’s finger, continue to sleep soundly when breathing, also blew a bubble.
  Brother is special, Pei Xiaoping in my heart and read it, he and she are not the same, is the band, is the root of the old Kurtis, a whole family of trust in the future.
  Front of the house and backyard very close, no one will, Tangzhao Di went back to the kitchen, her side wearing aprons, side and apologize to her mother: “Mom, just X杭州桑拿洗浴iaoping did not run it, is Zihao hungry, she wanted to give him soak in milk drink, no results Guzhe now coax well, do not worry, I just do not, you are a man hard to!”She immediately sat down, and began to continue to live, his face full of lazy blushing.
  Wu Guizhi ears are sharp, daughter heard this, my heart a little at ease, she had blown up an entire drawer of things, and now has been stacked on top of the second layer: “That’s good, I’m afraid to cry Zihao bad!”She just full of hanging, a

tion, be directed at her daughter, then immediately with a straight face, bluntly in the past to a bit.

  Big New Year’s, she and her mother both busy feet almost touching the ground, and it did not air traffic control her son, and she specifically Xiaoping repeatedly told, and this girl even had the attention span on this point effort, you Ku Cheng Zihao such a!
  Pei Xiaoping life and took over this beat, she can not dodge or mother on the gas, will certainly continue to get angry, she squeeze out a pleasing smile, directed at the mother explained: “Mother, brother crying, I saw, no wet diapers, coax stop, say he is hungry, the bubble next to his milk powder.”
  She pointed t广州桑拿网o the table, there stood a jar of milk, it is fashionable goods, after with his brother, father specially spent money better, find foreign friend bought, for the curd rice drink, I heard that milk powder inside, there’s something the kids will eat smart.
  ”Good, we Zihao cry cry.”Tangzhao Di how to coax his son was crying, saying this recognized her daughter, she is an adult, not down like a daughter to him not to take into account, quickly bubble point of milk, milk foam method she, husband or friend that taught almost , and then sitting on the bed, with a small spoon slowly fed up, Peizi Hao also did not cry at this, fist on his chest, shrink too tightly, his eyes still hanging tears, but may have been the rain, sunny.
  Pei Xiaoping had been standing next to it, obediently did not dare to, for fear of falling out brother, back of the hand behind his back, head down low, a move.
  Tangzhao Di did not hold back, then mantra: “Xiao-ping, you think about it, this big New Year’s, my grandmother and how busy you are, how the house stayed empty, you do sister, to take responsibility, but let him Zihao Kurtis old Miao Miao’s independence, whic苏州桑拿h must not be an accident!”She looked into his son’s eyes, turned into a mass youthful, particularly gentle, to give birth to the child, she can be regarded as a s

nde face was red, is a layer of sweat on his forehead, is full face impatiently screaming red house call.

  When the house is close to that place, there is another woman, to look younger, but do not laugh, wooden face, life and dignitaries Qiaochu points bitter look, she was sitting on top of a small bench, bent over, leaning over to next, facing a bigg杭州桑拿er than children basin, nod is colored vegetables, what carrot, cucumber, it has been washed, peeled just being taken centromere, she is the top of that Wu Guizhi’s daughter, Tangzhao Di, a mother cry, then some hurry up.
  ”I just said to her, to see her brother in the house!”Tangzhao Di him with an apron, she hastened to put things, put on an apron to touch the water, in a hurry to go into the house, while walking side also shouted,” Xiao-ping, which you mix girl!You see my brother called to see do not know!”
  Wu Guizhi saw this scene, rolled his eyes, in his heart bitter spat, which are not good daughter, a granddaughter born, not useful point!Actually even look after my brother got the idea do not know, in case they Zihao home crying bad throat, she did not look at her skin chops!However, since the wife went in, she did not re-blending, big New Year’s, get ready to put out these offerings, or may not offend the Lord God.
  ”Mom, here I am!”Pei Xiaoping less than six years old this year, I do not know when it was born missing something, or late malnutrition, particularly thin, but added it big head small body, she looks good, big eyes, lo苏州桑拿oked at the man when the water bark, pitiful appearance, the preoccupations of the moment she was standing by the foot of the table position, is facing the water table, saw her mother entered the room, a few words trembled.
  ”In this, what’s the use in this?Call you do not know that it should!”Tangzhao Di entered the room, the first thing, is to lie in bed, crying on the airOut of breath in the arms of his son, she was walking side edge gently shaking the child, particularly gentle ac

rained a group, they can replace disciple position of the moon were still in the nine first, unshakable.

  [Tenth qualified assessment of the world.]

Chapter 77 is a patriarchal (a)?(three)
  ?Winter province, has always been cold, sub-zero temperatures spiritual drift up and down movements, can be due to the geograp北京夜网hical location, coupled with the conditions of reasons, in this peaceful village boundary, has always been no installation of heating or Tukang, swearing , more than a game of winter wear the clothes, bedding and more cover, then crouched in the bed cat in winter, no longer is purely a jitter, self-heating, in short, so year after year.
  No matter how cold it may be, to the Spring Festival, this peripheral boundary, but also a completely different picture.
  In Heping Township, Spring Festival has always been the bloodiest event, whether it is running in the field work, but also fame or move away, this time to the festival, almost had to come back, what every household couplets, Fuk, kitchen to please Vesta, are We have been ready, even then poor people, all the way across, can smell the kitchen fire full.
  With the increasingl北京体验网y loud, dignitaries listened skull hurt little boy crying, screaming someone shouted: “Xiao-ping that dead girl, who go of it?”
  Kitchen are generally built in areas close to the yard, casually draped on top of a metal, used to block rain and snow, nod is dark land leveling, Tuzao setting up long ago, not that nod burning firewood, and a honeycomb, stood beside Tiecha swarthy, is used to cross the road into briquettes used, the fire has been lit, where the head is full of oil, stood next to a variety of meat dishes and adjust seasoning, what taro , tofu, pork, dried fish, everything, to go down, oil is yellow and the foam roll, tangy aroma and heat together, to a cook who sweat.
  At this point one hand and a big long chopsticks in one hand and a mesh colander, and it is this Pei home “number one” Wu Guizhi, she was wearing a ja杭州夜网论坛cket, Xu

disciple hall with his son.

  After so many years, really Ming Pei has been able to work independently in the comprehension of the Ming true monk, and his heart sad, you can also control: “You.Safe travels.”His father said heart stable, adequate repair, soaring is not difficult.
  ”In the future, the moon were handed to you.”Pei Naochun one by one confessed:” He book, but now you embrace the month were the head, and Shi Dimen to work together to continue to move forward with a number of doors.Her second child, you do not like the management of these doors affairs, it does not matter, you live happy enough.”He told a circle, and finally around the back to the front杭州桑拿洗浴 of Pei Ming true.
  ”Ming really, your broadsword also to attain territory, there are no Mito sits in you and I believe you can do for me and continue to guard the moon were, as a father, I have been proud for you.”Pei Naochun paused, held out his hand,” squat, let the parent, feel your head.”
  Pei Mi苏州夜网ng I did not say anything, quietly close, bend over, and then like a child always experienced as his father’s hand stroked the hair at the top, he said: “Ming really, there is this son of yours, my life, I have no regrets.”
  He looked up, over the years, is not the first time called the head: “Father, all the way to treasure.”
  ”it is good.”Pei Naochun will not look back, straight out, facing tenrai and on a person’s life, after all, is to learn to say goodbye, whether by life or by death from, the seventh Trick rolling down, Pei Naochun no fear , relatively calm, one sword, nothing more, ten thousand horizon sunset, golden crisp, as if only to see his shadow, he turned around and waved: “after the road, moon were the road, you have to rely on yourself.”And then disappeared in the clouds.
  Pei Ming really did not cry, he was holding a kn苏州桑拿网ife, the same as weekdays, he stood straight, his father, as your son, I feel very happy.
  Then, after Siwubainian, what book, Pei Ming really soaring on the public sector, they t

cretly give him special treatment, Li Dahai protect his brothers in Uncharted years, almost hurt his hand, the old fox spirit, from time to time to teach him Yu beast method.Even that Pei Ming really, not bad for him, to destroy this world, he was happy, satisfied just yet?Does not.

  As for demons, they go to the local bar, he believed that the head will be able to solve – Wentian amused, that he has quietly been brainwashed, moon were his home, is the head of their day , there are problems to find senior, senior sister apprentice, juniors rely on them to protect the future want to open, even this parrot is also a lot of looks cute.
  ”Fool, you fool.”Smart egg is finishing her plumage, were slowly skilled personal attacks.
  .Ah, he was wrong, that is not cute parrot, it is better to kill or forget to eat meat.
  For the comprehension of the people, the common goal is soaring, Rao Pei Naochun repeatedly pressing cultivation, accompanied by his son after 杭州夜网论坛four hundred years, but also to repair the Pegasus territory, could not suppress a.
  Farewell for monks, it is a simple matter.
  When mortals were selected into the comprehension sector, need to break the bonds, when soaring monks also need to give up nostalgia in the comprehension of the upper bound of the vast, unknown, self-cultivation sector common rules, that is a good farewell, until next soaring world when, and by chance you again, do not miss the find, saying that it must be ruthless, be able to accept everyone, longevity road, this is lonely, but mortal hurry decades, the monks can be with his family, companion live a hundred years, the Millennium have been sufficient.
  Rise above the cloud temple, is already rolling Trick, such as ink-like rich dark clouds linked together dignitaries see all around, almost the entire moon 北京风月网were the disciples, standing here, ready watched the palm leave the door.
  ”Ming really, I’m leaving.”Pei Naochun robes have the whole good, turn around and look to the direct descendant

of such a person, the finder of the door every night why the head of the tallest building in the heart of magic exchange zone’s curse How about you?But after all, is Qindie Qindie, elbows can not turn out, live frugally, good moral character, they.Then save time and money.

  ”Something sent to you?”Wentian eat a few poly panacea state has been restored, he squatted on the corner of the garden they reveal, looked up at the bright egg – this is the fire parrot gave himself the name, in that year, only to be darn after parrot cheated, he has been wondering, give this good-looking parrot, sooner or later, plucking him roasted meat, although I do not know the parrot meat it go杭州桑拿od, you can always talk to Jiehen!
  Hope Fox elderly can really spoil the parrot, how he can not touch the edge of the parrot, it has also been cheated several times – what the mountain after a Lingquan, after bathing liters realm, to it, only to find it was female students outside the door bathing place, but fortunately he ran away to hear the sound, or almost became the moon were first rogue; lotus ice years on what the mountain, he was covered with wounds, managed to get ice lotus hand, it was the smart one egg to eat, Ling Fox also praised him for his old man, saying clever egg favorite eating ice lotus, others are not diligent, afraid of hardship, do not go helped pick.All of these measures, the number of times he cheated, may have been written as a book.
  Also until recently, he saved enough contribution to the exchange poi苏州夜网nt fire parrot – yes, the parrot valuable, more expensive than the tiger magic month, is said to be hand-picked old fox spirit, mood changes can be encountered, he he has not come to change until that person into a career in medicine came out, and only then swap it out first thing is to ask him to send that demons – destruction of the world to do what?Demons, human enemies.
  He hates people more, there are people grateful for the contribution the Church of brothers, always se

re really playing well, you blade, far better than I, excel rather than blue.”He held out his hand, patted his son’s shoulder, the two height flush, want to feel like a child, like the head, not so easy.

  Pei Ming really listened to just laugh, even some silly: “No less than the head of it.”
  ”On the knife, we may not be able 杭州桑拿洗浴to teach you, at least in our moon were, your knife, said to be the first, no one can say the second.”Pei Naochun continued smooth hair touch, is praised.
  Pei Ming really was about to say, blinked, some doubts: “Master, what is.”He reached forward refers to, in the middle of the floor of the hall, stood a Yu He, he just saw a parrot flew over, this will be so lost in Yuhe here.
  Pei Naochun perception far better than his son, do not open, he knew there was something to put that kind of familiar and exceptionally strong force demons, as long as contact with demons alchemy people can perceive, this top , there is a weak but alive and conscious, if we force demons out of the reach of, I am afraid to eliminate.
  ”This ah.”Pei Naochun squat to pick up, he probably.It should be said can accurately know who sent this stuff to come广州桑拿, laughing, “I was going to sell something to find the head of Stargate.”Consciousness where the head is estimated that many years are not added, even so he picked up, do not wake up, reckon a few months, will dissipate.
  Pei Ming really helpless face: “head, you would not knock on the head the night of the bamboo bars.”This is 南宁夜网the word from the forum he go to school, look for Stargate friend and he said, every time the head of the night to buy something from this father back, to be with these doors and down ten days and eight months to live frugally, save money come back to say, then knock, the door were the people have to cry.
  ”Nonsense, you are such a person my father do?”Pei Naochun mustard has been putting things into space, deliberately asked Stern.
  .Pei Ming really choose to remain silent, if you are not the father

to point this spring to corn seed planted, the seedlings will be the future of some sturdy.

  Old secretary hung secretary’s name, actually it is downrig杭州桑拿洗浴ht old farmer, life and land deal, what when the species is very seasoned, everyone rushing home from work the man called back again, is the old secretary of attention.
  Inside the village people are very convincing old secretary, you know to go along with the old secretary, a quasi-right, but not the same youth educated youth point of the afternoon finally took a fake half-day, not enough time in the evening eating a warming meal, we must braved the rain to sow, each complaining.
  This is a spring rain in the evening, Zhou Xiuying did not let go, inside the village are old, and know that rain is the most fat, she had in the house to recover from the.
  I heard the rain outside, she went to the family plot, rounded up more than a few rope out of the soil, and a few rope Weng potatoes, the children like to eat at home, kind of go this po杭州夜网论坛int, several rain down, potato soaring, if long fast, but also on the table more than add to a dish Zhibuding time, corn gooey inside can also add a few potatoes, but also the ability of some hungry.
  Nguyen rain in the end is to get children at home, not a big home daughter, the family are busy at the time北京风月网, she could not at home 大眼瞪小眼, the ground can not help.
  Then go to the kitchen to help the living, the collapse just inside face of the sister cried to the kitchen to help light a fire, she self-sufficient children to Zhou Xiuying afternoon took out the keys to her, fetched a gourd of maize large sub-ballast, went sauerkraut cylinder inside a lot of fishing together sauerkraut, sauerkraut minced.
  Braised pork noon to bring back her father took a piece out of ten, if broken down, definitely not enough, she had a cut into minced meat, sauerkraut mixed with a fired up, looked behind the porter cabbage, home-grown cabbage, in this regard Zhou Xiuying did not make too much tube to eat.