Long live the sound, of unfamiliar language bowed, his face excitement, he said.

  ”Thank God the great!”
  Xie finished street language, rushed directly in front of white leaves, Boo bang in his face Qinliaoyikou.
  ”Thank you more!”
  After the pro-finished, Mo heart Yu Ye see that strange white face, and instantly recovered, face brush look to flush.
  Quickly, two steps backwards, said some confusion.
  ”You, you do not misunderstand, I’m so excited, thank you about.”
  White leaves lightly, “all right, before coming here, I was ready to take advantage of the.”
  Mo Yu heart:.
  Some people are happy when nonsense, has been standing there transfixed conference table Cao Xiu, but it is angry.
  ”Oh, you kinda fun is not it, Mo Yu heart, today I ask you a word, you can not keep me in the end!”
  Mo Yu heart complexion instantly becomes very cold high, cold voice, “Cao Xiu, your twenty percent of the shares have lost me, we are just now signed the contract, legally effective.”
  ”You do not have any position in the company, there is no equity, so you’re not a member of this company.”
  ”I now

, A pair of short Alondra also climbed on to her shoulders, was silent for a long while, a small dragon suddenly straightened its body, a pair of claws, ripping it really distressed him sink North Star Purple, Purple torn this round it is no as always eat like that, but pinched in the Talon, gently on the chest Ann Wei Zhen place.

Purple eye looked Wei Zhen slowly penetrate the security of heart, this small dragon satisfied nod, a pair of generally bright were rolling like glass eyeball rolled, small dragon again lying on the safety of Zhen Wei arm bent, as if his arm as a pillow on the general good, comfortable rub the two, this re-close your eyes.

While at the same time Purple heart of infiltration An Wei Zhen, originally hanging in the air, Ren Chengming purifying fire burning Zhou Zhou has suddenly opened his eyes, a magnificent purple flashed.His eyes wide open silent a long while, just in case the flames burning and slowly closed his eyes.

And all this, Wu Tao Shen North Star and completely unaware, the two of them are afraid to half a step away, a security guarding sleeping exhausted Zhen Wei, a restless fire was guarding purification Zhou Zhou.

Occasionally a moment, two people on a visual nod to the hatchback, and also to understand, but also helpless stagger.

You can start, our capital chain pressure is not small.”

  ”.Fang can not be underestimated, Fang was wily, secretly to obstruct our foreign projects make a lot of tricks.”
  Listen to both of them talk, eat is not fragrant rice Donna, look at books and Yu Yu Pei right and proper way, as if every day is so over the dinner table.
  Business meetings and boring compared to their next Xiao aunt’s sobs to be more beautiful.
  After dinner, Donna out of the house with Yu Ze, Xiao aunt red eyes all the way to the door: “watching the Spring Festival evening walk, what are you anxious to go back and do it?Xiao aunt to your room all packed up, just stay here tonight.”
  ”Yes ah, brother.”Yu Pei came from behind, said:” We did not take long to see the show together?Bo Dina also left the family room are so high, why do so soon?”
  ”No.”Yu Yu Ze of Pei felt invisible, he looked at Xiao aunt, softly said:” The next time we see you again.”
  After the farewell Xiao aunt, Yu Ze Donna came to the garden with a magnolia tree, just like him in welcome, magnolia tree in the wind gently swaying branches.
  Just wind it, so Ze Yu told himself, but his heart still can not help but look forward to raising a trace.


  Even grievances Baba and Cheng Dong muttering: “after you do something wrong for me, can you tell me Well, I do not give quietly painting.”
  Cheng winter to see her own face flushed runners run, but also take the clothes to rub his face directly, and quickly pulled his clothes back, take your fingers to rub small package cry tears, whispered coax said: “Do not cry distant.In fact, the time is now quite good, if I read it in high school with you, and I guess I did not even mind the college entrance examination, and now is a high school education, but also never quite Cen wave, no wave and hit a Cen frame, will not run into Indian Zheng, nor those of today.”
  ”Well how could!”XIA away grumbles Pakistan protest,” and I together, how will poor academic performance!”
  ”Ok.”Cheng Dong laughed, bent index finger hook a tilt to her lips,” I know you are the most powerful, Lin.”
  XIA wiped away the face buried in Chengdong Huai, muffled stuffiness to ask him: “Really!?”
  ”Really, ah, Lin.”Cheng Dong Lin called her, health and happiness are low and light, like playing with her like.
  ”This is not to say it was.”XIA away around his waist, shaking a bit,” I said in front of the phrase!”
  Cheng Dong

  ”Mr. Shan Li.”He reached out to touch his fingertips collarbone printed hickey:” When writing this whole story R18 Yeah, do it again from a young age all written.”

  Mu flower quilt hand Wrap him, tone with a doting smile.
  ”You nonsense again, I may now go downstairs to buy a wedding dress.”
  Mu Wen Liu had never thought of, little princes so fingers do not stick spring water nobility, will actually cook.
  - and also do very, very tasty.
  From sweet and sour pork ribs to squirrel mandarin fish, braised three wire from the caramelized apple, he could not not do the dishes.
  Others know how princes he did not know, can be traced back as the Ming court internship at the Royal paternity, but he witnessed spend a nice celebration of what day it is –
  Up in the morning there is the Royal Palm paternity paternity help dressing shoes, watches and cufflinks and tie even there are people dedicated to the occasion, and affairs in accordance with the selection.
  Noon to eat when newspapers have been ironed sent, all the food shelled, peeled, even his own hands peeling oranges do not.
  In contrast, Liu Mu smell nice day as the other extreme.
  He ate meat once a month, and this time put the fish back or because the markets there are fish killed after completing the customer had a fight ran, he took half the price picked up a leak back.
  on the way home,


  Xing twilight closed, changing his shoes, walked a few steps, deadpan hands carrying the cake into the trash.
  Bucket cake falls voice was dull, his mind out of the way she went out in the morning, and like when apart cake, a chest dramatic ups and downs, the pinching fingers slightly washed out drawing paper.
  Quite a while, he sat on the sofa, slightly closed his eyes, thinking back over and over again today, and her every word, her every expression, and she sent the picture.
  He took the picture on the front, focus on closer look, quite a while, kissed under the skirt, revealing only draw people.
  Author has to say: Xing evening: you let me eat another man’s birthday cake?
  Xin long micro-: shameful waste.Well.
  Xing twilight: You are not allowed to eat a
  Xin long micro-: Well, I do not eat a
  Xing evening: good
  Xin long micro: I eat two (*))
  Some of the great master of bacteria found another fast wearing dark rubbing open the text, but also to the collection, irrigation and nutrition, and ah I really love mud knock Meng Ha ha ha
  That part visual text is written in the text after gaming


  What are the reasons before allowing nine people one after another jump, even before the eight people jumping events are very close, which is more people wonder.
  And they did not commit suicide period of time been contacted in any way.
  Finally, the ninth jumped to people who have not contacted, and eight other individuals, it is impossible to know them all dead things.
  It really is too strange a thing.
  ”They are all over the field exploration suicide?Very sure?”Chen did not believe diving.
  Su Ching nodded: “Yes, the scene have seen, there is no trace of any homicide and the possibility that the suicide of their choice, which is something absolutely sure of.”
  ”How can this be.”Chen diving shook his head:” This is definitely a strange thing.”
  Su Qing helpless Tanshou: “I also think that certain things are strange, but all have been the scene of the investigation, and even a suicide windows awakened when his wife, his wife watched him ten jump off the floor.”
  Chen diving touched his chin: “These people are what capacity background?”
  ”Mirage are the days of a normal family now have their own house, three people work in the cause of the preparation unit, three people working in state-owned enterprises, two people working for foreign companies, there is a business of their own, have married , living and working are pretty good,

After eating also found Yao Ji ceremony has not come out, and got up and walked bedroom.Wheat waving toward the photographer to keep up.

  The results take Yao Ji ceremony in silence to help Lin Shengqing luggage, clothes positive band around and round into them.Forest Health busy ran, “I’ll also be clear, the brother Ji Ji always you break it.”
  Yao Ji ceremony nudge his head, “you can?I just do breakfast, I see you busy for a long time, you want to come in to help check, open the box to look, two Ferrero.”
  Lin students face was flushed, glanced toward behind, wheat and assistants buried their giggles, his small channel: “I have not started yet clear.”
  Yao Ji Lin-sheng embarrassed watching the ceremony a busy person, talk to a few pairs of shoes, Ji Yao ceremony watched, shaking his head, “I will give you clothes with a good, this shoe is inappropriate, you do not move, the more dynamic the more chaotic, I will also help you to find.”
  ”Oh.”So I’m gifted silly, crouched beside ceremony watched Yao Ji.
  Wheat they quietly surprised looks very original sense of distance record total, when to treat his lover, have such delicate side.
  Ji Li Yao ritual almost, Lin asked students: “Think of something with no.”
  Lin-sheng holds the gills for a moment, “nothing of it.”

Why do I Interest Group?]

  [Not the direct acquisition of Albatron, Albatron child’s summer studio acquired]
  [See, this is a small fairy say justice retribution, useless little fairy shot on exposed]
  [Tin Ying Yun is standing over there, my God, a bucket of gold is really too shameless it?]
  This [name of justice under the banner of bullying behavior, really disgusting]
  [] Do not insult justice
  [Fairies is no way, ton output capacity]
  [If that is not canceled six qualifications, Albatron there is sure to make a bucket of gold continue to make demon]
  [This is a desperate measure, ah, must first apply on punishment, or six men are sure to be sued up]
  Jurchen clever ah [sprites]
  [Interruption show now, revenue is zero, litigation, then basically all right]
  Now if a bucket of gold [court, even shame, is to clear the warm air prank]
  [Fairy cards hit the meat bitter, biting a bucket of gold if the hold, due to be public Masi]
  [Previous analysis it right, or fast fairies reactions
  [Unfortunately, Guoya Jie those who failed to understand the pains of small fairy]
  [I understand it is difficult to accept it?]
  [Obviously is their own luck stabbed basket, now take the consequences still face resentment fairies, Shame]
  [I’m just amazed at Liao Xiaoxiao was able to keep a straight face with parents swore that her daughter is really white raised]
  [To what red are doing

  So if the mainland companies ready to participate in the East of electronic procurement tenders must be carried out in accordance with the quality standards of our supplier gives, or is likely to cause unnecessary trouble!The last point is the natural price, is the principle of selecting the cheaper each enterprise in the procurement will follow the.After all, we want to minimize the cost of thing!”Li Xuan carefully explained one by one.

  Mainland has a huge advantage in Hong Kong does not have, is that it has a very complete industrial system categories.Such as the electronics industry can produce most of the domestic parts.The only worry is the quality of performance through customs, however, and can not be mass produced cheaply problem.
  The next few years.Hong Kong’s industrial north is an irreversible trend, and with the development of the SAR, the mainland many electronics companies have also south.Deep sea, DC, just plan out of the Po Industrial Zone, a few months time, there were already a number of large state-owned electronics factory in the decision to locate.Ministry of the four planes and deep-sea adjacent to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region intends to rely on the advantages of the Po Industrial Zone on an electronic playing in Industry.
  While Europe is blocking the domestic gradually relaxed, but after all, requires a process.Prior to 2084, imported from the Mainland many electronic components have to be declared to the Batumi committee approval.The deep-sea adjacent to Hong Kong SAR relying on the advantage, you can circumvent these restrictions, a lot of walking through gray channels – Private Electronic Components.
  Throughout the eighties, the SAR Government is all eye, close one eye.So that nobody knows for sure, in the Po Industrial Development Zone gradual transformation into China – after strong North electronic market, is still troubled by a major problem.
  Huaqiang North Market