Wu Lei’s bench was wrong, but La Liga’s second grader data is embarrassing

Wu Lei’s bench was wrong, but La Liga’s “second grader” data is embarrassing
Wu Lei played 457 minutes this season, but did not score goals or assists.Figure / Vision China Beijing time early this morning, the 11th round of La Liga started the competition, the Spaniard just won the last round away from Bilbao 0-3, still struggling in the relegation zone.Wu Lei came off the bench and missed an excellent single-handed shot.The Spaniard playing away did not get much chance. Muniain became the “key man” who decided the result of the game. He scored two goals in the 4th and 17th minutes to help Bilbao 2-0.Leading the way.In the 79th minute, Muniain’s forward insertion caused Victor Gomez to throw an own goal, making the score final at 3-0.Wu Lei, who had a chance to play in the previous round, replaced Camposano in the 71st minute.In the 83rd minute, Wu Lei successfully scored a single-handed ball against offside, but the Chinese player’s shot was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper with a leg. The Spaniard missed the best opportunity to break the goal.Wu Lei, who played for 20 minutes, had 14 touches and a 50% pass success rate. He also lost an excellent opportunity, which made him get 5 after the game.85 points, ranked third from the bottom of the team.As a “second year student” in La Liga, Wu Lei was tested this season. Currently he has played 457 minutes in the league but has not scored goals or assists.This is an embarrassing stat for a forward player. Wu Lei admitted in his previous diary that he is indeed in a bad state. He even thought about the chance to play against Levante: what to do if he cannot play next., Whether to change teams in Europe or return to China?The Chinese striker will not give up in the end, but to redouble his efforts without any effort, because “I don’t want my overseas experience to be ridiculed.”