Grasp your sleep time and let you have beautiful skin_1

Control your sleep time for beautiful skin

Sleep time maintenance, double the effect!

  1. Fast metabolism. Fast metabolism. Accelerate skin repair. The human body has its own metabolic schedule. When it is 11-2 o’clock at night, it is the period when skin cells are repairing and accelerating metabolism, and it is also the best time to prevent aging.

Apply nourishing anti-aging cream to the skin before going to bed, so that the ingredients “accelerated metabolism” effect will help you.

You can see the good race in the morning.

  2. Immunity becomes stronger When you fall asleep, your skin’s immunity greatly increases. In “deep slow wave sleep”, your body’s immunity is 10 times that of when you are awake.

As we age, the body’s immune system functions gradually decrease.

This is why it seems that the older the skin, the more susceptible it is to allergies!

It is not enough to improve the “deep sleep” scrub care products. It is also related to your lifestyle and mental state.

The so-called “people who have no trouble sleeping well” is also true. If you can’t sleep well and cause sensitivity, you should relax and start with your daily life.

  3, strong absorption, clean environment, high skin temperature, quicker absorption and night maintenance, why pay more attention than in the morning?

This is because the sleeping environment is clean, without the interference of daytime dust and ultraviolet rays, coupled with the increase in skin temperature of the skin itself, the expansion of pores, and the opposite amount of oil output, which is a good time for nutrients to penetrate into cells.

I usually feel a little greasy cream, you can move to the last step before going to bed, you can see the difference tomorrow morning.

  4, good detoxification Chinese medicine claims: 11: 00-1 point is an important variable for detoxification. In fact, the whole night is the “detoxification stage” of the body, so rest and rest at night is very important.

9-11 o’clock is the lymphatic detoxification. If you don’t have anyone, you can do more lymphatic detoxification massage: 11: 00-1 o’clock is the most important “liver” detoxification. The whole body waste must be removed at this time.

In any case, be sure to fall asleep during this time.