A quick way to get high-quality muscle

A quick way to get high-quality muscle


A diaphragm made of protein, glucose and creatine.

Protein helps reduce serotonin (with sedative impurities) produced by creatine when only calcium carbonate is added.

Supplement: 2-7 grams of creatine after training.

40-80 grams of glucose, 30-50 grams of protein.


Take the hormone precursor periodically. This is the only regular supplement available to natural bodybuilders. He is not a hormone (known as steroids, steroids, etc.). Common ones are: androsterone, Tribulus mixture, and zinc magnesium mixture (zma).

In the morning, take 100-200 mg of androsterone each after training. Many experts use Tribulus mixture instead of androsterone.

Magnum-type supplements available on the market can significantly increase plasma ketone and strength levels.


Protein and protein supplements are the two major elements of muscle growth. Replace them 5-6 times a day with 25-30 grams of protein each time.

Take whey protein and casein replacements at least 3 times a day.

Protein powder is better than chicken.


Fish is superior.

There are two reasons: first, it is easier to absorb and digest; second, it is rich in branched chain amino acids (very beneficial to muscle growth).

It is essential after training4.

Rest and rest is a strong way to rest.

95 milligrams of kava pepper extract per day helps improve sleep and lays the foundation for your next training session.