Everyday household items also have a shelf life

Everyday household items also have a shelf life

Core tip: We all know that food has a shelf life, and once it expires, it can no longer be consumed.

But you know what?

Our daily household products also have a shelf life, and they need to be updated regularly to ensure hygiene.

  There is no doubt that everything has its shelf life.

Once the shelf life has passed, things can no longer be used.

Do you know the expiration date of some common household items?

Below, the editor of Aimei comes to tell you how often some daily household items are replaced to be healthy!

  1. Toothbrush investment: A three-month study indicates that the total working time of each toothbrush should not exceed 6 hours. Calculating the toothbrush twice a day for two minutes each time, the toothbrush is about 3 months.

It is best to replace it in time within 3 months, otherwise it will be full of bacteria.

  2, wipes include: tens of thousands of bacteria on the kitchen wipes in 2 weeks, must be replaced every one or two weeks.

After each use, it should be thoroughly washed with hot water, dried in the sun, and disinfected in a microwave every other day.

  3. Pillow placement: If the pillow is used for 1-2 years, it will not only weaken the support of the head and the initialization, but also the oil on the hair and scalp will penetrate into the pillow, breed bacteria, and easily cause allergies and respiratorydisease.

  4, mattress placement: 5-10 years Even if a good mattress can be used for 9-10 years, but the mattress of the best quality will continue to wear after continuous wear and tear, and the support will decline, affecting sleep quality.

In addition, there will be a lot of stains on the mattress that cannot be cleaned, so we share the same bed with bacteria.

It is advisable to change the mattress every 5 years, especially for people with poor sleep.

  5. The filter water dispenser is: 6 years household filter water dispenser is based on the principle of filtration and infiltration to remove microorganisms such as tap water.

However, after long-term use, the filtering function of the filter will be reduced, and the cleaning effect cannot be maintained.

  6, air-conditioning filter layout: 6 weeks of air-conditioning replacement and filter maintenance are closely related.

It is best to clean the filters every 6 weeks during peak periods when air conditioning is used, especially in vertical weather.

  7. Razor blades are suitable: 4-6 weeks of research show that the razor blades carry more bacteria than toilet seats.

After each use, remove the blade and use a brush to remove the residue adsorbed on it. After using it for two or three times, put the blade into the alcohol and soak it, then wipe it with cotton for use.

  8, towel size: 3 months towel is a fiber fabric, the use of a long time, bacteria inside the deep fiber gap is difficult to remove, washing, drying, high temperature cooking and other methods can only control the amount of bacteria in a short time, and can not be removed permanentlybacterial.

Towels that have been used for a long time are dirty and hard, which will become a new source of pollution, which seriously affects skin health and comfort.

Therefore, it is best to change a new towel in about three months, do not wait for the damage before changing.

  9. Chopsticks placement: After using a pair of chopsticks for half a year, many bacteria and detergents will remain in the small counter above. In this case, the chance of causing disease is greatly increased.

Doctors recommend replacing the chopsticks at least every six months, in addition to disinfecting the chopsticks.

  10, toilet brush placement: half a year toilet brush is the largest source of pollution in the bathroom.

After each use, rinse with clean water in a timely manner, then hang it up, drain the water, or spray some disinfectant (such as 84 disinfectant) on it, and finally put it in a ventilated and dry place.

Because the bristles are more likely to hide dirt and dirt after removal, in general, after about half a year of use, it should be “retired”.