Exercise on the bed, cultivate beauty

Exercise on the bed, cultivate beauty

A, the best for lying and sleeping is because the bedroom has soft beds, so it is most suitable for lying and lying.

(And the floor can also be carpeted to allow the body to make soft contact with the floor.

) Note: The mattress should not be too soft, otherwise the spine will be easily damaged.

  B, get up to warm up to get up in the morning to get better, might as well get up and warm up!

First take a deep breath, stretch your arms high with your hands up, and then use your legs to straighten your legs and press your toes to step on the muscles of your legs.

When washing your face, use a towel to stretch your body.

Double-handed towels make left and right swivel movements; towels hook the soles of the feet and do leg contraction exercises.

  C, you can use auxiliary tools. In the private bedroom, you can use some auxiliary massagers and other things to help your exercise.

Massage the meat of the thighs, the curve of the back, and some of the exercises that you are embarrassed to do in the public.

  D, do not do too much intense exercise before going to bed. Women who are prone to fall asleep at night, drink warm milk and do some exercises to help you fall asleep.

However, don’t do too intense exercise before going to bed, otherwise the blood circulation will speed up and the whole person will be energetic.

Do a bit of contraction exercise to soften the taut muscles.