Ten Tips to Care for Summer Life and Healthy Eating


Ten Tips to Care for Summer Life and Healthy Eating

In the hot summer, the whole country has entered a hot and rainy season. In addition to going to the beach and the mountains to take a summer break, or going to Uniqlo to buy cool clothes, many people still like to smash a bunch of skewers at night, burn a roast, and order some small and raw oysters.It is best to be spoiled, and then paired with ice beer and large watermelons. It is a step-by-step summer heat. It is really like a flower.

銆€銆€However, it is not enough to eat late at night, itching; eating more and staying up late, chrysanthemum itching.

Irritating foods often put a huge burden on the stomach and cause complications such as diarrhea.

The burning pain of chrysanthemums during diarrhea will make you more eager to experience the enthusiasm of summer.

If you are afraid of pain and do not dare to wipe clean, the residual stool will cause itching and infection, and it will hurt.

Some people with “鐥? can’t avoid the occurrence of bloodshed.

As the saying goes, staying up all night, the chrysanthemum is broken.

銆€銆€Then the question comes: How to enjoy the delicious and refreshing in the hot summer days, and effectively avoid the health damage caused by such lifestyle?

It is most important to stay up all night, and pay attention to protecting health while eating and drinking.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness after the day and night, and protect the private parts from harm.

The following is a summary of ten lifestyle and hygiene tips to help everyone avoid the health effects of summer diet stimulation: 1.

Eyes wide 鈥?choose a healthy and reliable day and night location: a store with a catering hygiene permit, with as little or no roadside stalls as there are no health guarantees.


Clever match 鈥?reasonable mix, eat more light and digestible foods, such as soy products, fresh vegetables, melons, etc., eat less greasy food.

You can drink some yogurt after eating spicy food.


Avoid mixing and mixing 鈥?avoid uneven heat and cold, barbecue and small ice and ice beer is good, but it is easy to damage the gastric mucosa.

Try to choose a normal temperature beverage for matching.


Regular cleaning 鈥?In summer, the weather is hot, and the uneven heat and cold of the diet is very irritating to the anorectal. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your intimate parts frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria and prevent the onset of acne.


Choose a professional 鈥?use professional wet toilet paper to clean and protect sensitive parts after using the toilet. Especially for those who have 鈥滅棓鈥? hard cleaning often causes pain or bleeding, and the wet toilet paper is matched by special materials and moisture., gently wipe can effectively eliminate 99.

9% of bacteria, and the elimination of fungicides, mild and non-irritating, is a must-have personal cleaning product for summer.


Take your legs out 鈥?exercise properly and enhance your body.


Equipment Qi 鈥?Before the summer outing, try to carry professional medicines and cleaning products such as antidiarrheal medicine, heatstroke prevention medicine, throat tablets, wet toilet paper, etc., in case of any eventuality.


Take care of your heart 鈥?try to reduce or avoid staying up late, eating roadside stalls, less exercise, more greasy and other unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits.


Good mentality 鈥?the weather is hot and bloody, and you should keep your mentality good and avoid the impatience and anger.


More consultation 鈥?If there is an urgent health problem after eating, please consult a professional physician and expert immediately.

銆€銆€Based on the above ten tips, I hope that everyone can eat properly in the summer, maintain good hygiene and living habits, and live a healthy summer.