Menstrual Pilates Exercises for Slim Beauty

Menstrual Pilates Exercises for Slim Beauty

During the physiological period, the secretion of progesterone is decreased, the mood is low, the feeling of stress is great, and sometimes dysmenorrhea and so on.

In fact, proper contraction of breathing exercises can not only improve the lowered mood, but also prevent the accumulation of tibia and legs at this stage.

  Keep your feet straight, and when you raise your hips to the highest point, stretch your body into a straight diagonal line for 10 seconds.

  Put your legs together, feel your hips tighten, lift your legs 15 degrees off the ground, and hold them down without bending.

  The waist is consciously tightened. When twisting, the hips and upper body are slowly driven from the waist. Do not turn below the waist.

  Keep your upper body stable and consciously tighten your waist. Try to open your legs as much as possible. Slowly put your legs down and feel the feeling of depression.