Netflix’s Extinction is scheduled for January 18, written by the writer of Advent

Netflix’s “Extinction” is scheduled for January 18, written by the writer of “Advent”
Sauna Night News January 3, produced by American Netflix, written by “Advent” screenwriter Eric Heather, Michael Pena, Lizzy Capan starring science fiction movie “Extinction” releasedThe teaser and poster announced that the film will be released nationwide on January 18.It is reported that “Extinction” was once included in the “Best Script” list on the blacklist of well-known script websites.It also continues the narrative style of science fiction and humanistic heritage in “Advent”.The film tells the story of a family of four struggling to escape and explore the truth in a doomsday crisis.The protagonist Pete dreams day after day that unknown creatures invade the earth. When the dream is actually staged, a shocking secret surfaced . In the trailer, alien creatures of the unknown world invade and “predict” the future male character Pete through the dreamLead the family to carry out the final Jedi anti-kill.”The crisis outside has been a long-term plan.”” Informer “David’s words seem to imply that the war in front of us is not just the struggle and defense between the two species.Michael Pena, who once starred in “Ant-Man”, starred in the male lead Pete. In the film, he fights to protect his wife and daughter from the intruder.Liz Kapan, the heroine of “Fear of Darkness 2”, plays the mother of two children. Her true identity will be the key to the mystery.Isel Brossad, who had starred in “Happy Day”, also joined the film as the mysterious performer.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofread Wang Xin