Five foods to keep you healthy through the winter

Five foods to keep you healthy through the winter

Everyone knows that eating lamb is good for keeping warm, but what else should you eat in winter?

The latest article in the American Health Magazine published “5 Best Foods in Winter”.


Oatmeal: Prevent winter depression.

Relatively speaking, when receiving sunlight in winter, human serotonin levels rise, which can easily lead to winter depression.

A MIT study found that whole grain foods such as oatmeal can help maintain serotonin levels in the body and prevent depression.

In addition, coarse rice and fruits also help improve mood.


Walnut: Prevents dry and cracked skin.

Winter is prone to dry skin, itchy ulcers or cracks.

Foods such as walnuts that consume omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent skin dryness from the inside out. This fatty acid can keep skin healthy.

In addition, salmon, flax seeds, olive oil and tuna are also good for skin health.


Garlic: prevent colds.

Winter is a season of frequent colds. A 12-week study in the United Kingdom involving 164 healthy adult participants found that there were 24 and 64 cases of colds in alternative participants taking garlic supplements and placebo, respectively.
The reason is that allicin in garlic can stimulate the growth of white blood cells and enhance the body’s anti-inflammatory ability.

Foods such as carrots, yogurt, and oysters also have a certain cold prevention effect.


Zucchini: prevent getting fat.

In cold weather, people are prone to overeating.

A study by the University of Bathdir found that adding more fiber helps prevent the body from gaining weight.

Dietary fiber supplements such as zucchini have a relatively high content, a slow digestion rate, and a period of fullness, so you can prevent overeating in the winter.

Zucchini also contains carotene, which is good for fighting cancer and heart disease.

In addition, vegetables, whole grains, and beans can also help lose weight.


Chicken soup: helps relieve nasal congestion.

Clogged nose and poor breathing are the most common upsets in winter.

Hot drinks such as chicken soup can make breathing easier and help alleviate discomfort during a cold.

A study by the University of Nebraska found that drinking chicken soup can relieve nose and throat breathing.

Adding vegetables to the chicken stock helps absorb more fiber.

Other foods that make breathing easier include fish soup and hot tea.