Wake up do not immediately get up, easy to brain stem death!(1)

  We say "One day the morn," a period of time after getting up, even a small action, can give the day with an impact。
In this regard, experts concluded the morning seven should bogey seven, did the right thing by life, doing wrong it is likely to lead to an accident, or even myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction……Experts summed up the last thing to do after getting up 7 things, these things are quietly inadvertently steal your life。  7 Things morning, 1 steal your life, avoid waking up after waking up immediately by the body to suppress the state into the excited state is a process。
If immediately got up and dressed and prone to dizziness, blurred vision and discomfort in the elderly is also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc.。  Methods: First, rub hands dry wash several times, followed by massage the temples, back of the head, neck, repeated 20 times; secondly, his hands half fist, light hammer back 10 times, then beat the outside of the big leg-sided; and finally two heels alternately Dengjiao heart, then rub your feet Dui palm, the soles of the feet are warm then up。
  2, wake up immediately after the bogey on the toilet and sleep, reduce the level of human metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, physiological functions are running slow。Shimoji then suddenly go to the toilet, bladder emptying quickly, easily induced hypotension, transient cause the brain blood flow, resulting in micturition syncope。
  In the cold winter, early morning is sudden heart attack, stroke "the devil time", easily induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases。
  Methods: even acute urinary Biede again, do not immediately got up and ran to the toilet, but to slowly get up, sit at the bedside a few minutes, then walked slowly toward the toilet。
  3, avoid eating immediately wake up in the morning a relatively small amount of saliva and gastric secretion, if | immediately eat, especially eating some indigestible foods (such as meat, etc.), easily lead to indigestion。
  Methods: early morning is best to drink a glass of water, over time refeeding。This glass of water, not only the loss of sleep can replenish moisture and increase the secretion of digestive juices, but also can promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular accidents。  4, can not afford to stay in bed after waking avoid long injury lay gas, but sleep late is not conducive to the human body yang declared fat, may lead to gas-poor, easy stagnation disease。Others alarm clock rang several times, only to hurry up and wash, which makes sympathetic overactivity, autonomic nervous disorder, people get irritable mood。
  Methods: Wake up a little to stay in bed for a while, then got up to start your day。
  5, immediately after waking bogey study your bed at Kingston University in the UK showed that bedding for each bed, there are at least 15 million mites。Because the room in a dry dust mites, said the environment is not easy to survive, and folded quilt will easily save the body's temperature and sweat, dust mites and therefore to create the conditions for survival。  In addition, the discharge in a night of sleep in a large number of exhaust gas, wherein carbon dioxide-containing 149 kinds of chemicals such as sweat substance evaporated from about 150 species of these substances will be adsorbed on the quilt。
  Immediately after getting up beds, leading to accumulation of harmful substances and microorganisms breeding, not only change the nature of the quilt fiber, and again in the evening absorbed by the body, but also hazardous to health。  Methods: After getting up the quilt should be readily turned a face, and the doors and windows open, so the quilt let in the wind scattered scattered moisture, then folded or pave。  6, avoid getting pulled back the curtains do not get up, in order to quickly and completely wake up from a sleep state, it is best to draw the curtains and let the sun shining, to a clock signal。
  At this time, the body will stop secreting melatonin cause drowsiness, increase the level of serotonin in the brain。Open bedroom light rainy days, the same effect can be achieved。  7, strenuous exercise in the morning after waking avoid strenuous exercise, can stimulate the sympathetic nervous over-excitement; at the same time disrupt the autonomic nervous rhythm, people all day anxiety, but also the elderly myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular prone to accident and emergency。So when morning exercise, may wish to do a do "exercise regimen"。
  Method: 1, and relax the body lying down, cross fingers, palms placed up head, toes and alternating straight hook, while the left and right swivel。
  2, then double rub palms root sequentially from top to bottom and both sides of the chest; then, with the palm massage clockwise ring 50 Cullen various points。
  3, finally, with both hands half fist pat outer lower limbs, lower limb skin feel warm to the outside。