Blood in the stool how to treat small recipe to get rid of blood in the stool

How to treat blood in the stool blood in the stool is a very common phenomenon, the occasional blood in the stool may just have been some minor problems, I could recover the body, but if often blood in the stool, you have to raise the alarm the。
So in the end how to treat blood in the stool, then do the following night network come to you to talk about how to treat blood in the stool, a small recipe to help you to help you get rid of the blood in the stool!Blood in the stool how to treat us, how blood in the stool, then it should be treated promptly。
Because the blood in the stool caused mostly because oh。In case of blood in the stool, especially lower gastrointestinal bleeding, should be based on history, clinical manifestations and bleeding characteristics, carefully analyze the possible reasons for its occurrence of bleeding。
At the same time should take immediate and effective measures to stop bleeding, to the purpose as soon as possible to stop the bleeding, so as to create conditions for further to find the cause of bleeding。
Blood in the stool should follow the principle of treatment。1.General treatment measures beneath hemorrhagic shock should rest in bed, supine to the pillow, give oxygen。Close observation of consciousness, pulse and respiration, blood pressure and other vital signs, and blood in the stool should be observed that the amount and color of the recording urine。
2.Add volume blood in the stool how to treat patients with blood in the stool if the emergence of multi-row and anemia and blood in patients with shock from happening, you should replenish blood volume, to correct shock case。
3.Hemostatic drugs (1) 6%?8% norepinephrine (noradrenaline) was repeated again ice-salt or enema enema (not appropriate to use in winter), in addition to play a hemostatic effect, also play a role in cleaning the intestinal tract, so as to make colonoscopy ready。(2) or thrombin or baiyao perilous white powder was dissolved in physiological saline enema herbs, may also play a role in the hemostatic。