Gelatin jujube brown sugar water "blood Sambo" is not a treasure, this is the new Sambo (1)

  Almost every Chinese woman, from the onset of puberty to continue to be friends and relatives told the elders "to": after the official holiday to be blood, giving birth to the blood, usually cold hands and feet, his face white, will be told of their loved ones "to be blood."。However, obstetricians do not think so。For China's most respected folk gelatin jujube brown sugar water which "blood Sambo," the doctor pointed out that nutrition, liver, duck and red meat is the real "blood Sambo"。  In fact, iron supplements, vitamins, folic acid and protein。
Per 100 grams of liver iron 22mg, containing only much larger than the dry dates, and liver of vitamin B12, folic acid and protein content is not low, the optimal choice is blood。
As far as people are worried about the residual liver toxins, Ye Yanbin said, as long as not pigs, their livers are no security problems, even if there are traces remain, nor harm the human body。Duck and every 100 grams containing 30 milligrams of iron, per day for adult women usually to 20mg of iron requirement, is already sufficient。
Ye Yanbin noted that both the liver and duck choose between the two, the child time to eat twelve (50 grams) a week, twice twenty-two adults (100 grams) per month, plus the usual diet, can prevent anemia。  Liver, duck and red meat are all animal food, including heme iron, and the factors that affect the absorption of small, so the effect is far superior over vegetables and fruits belong to plant food。However, from the perspective of a balanced diet, liver, duck and red meat and fruits and vegetables should be eaten with。
The dairy and eggs was low iron content, but rich in protein, is also a good choice on the table。  Men and infant anemia Mo ignored for women, menstruation period, pregnancy and menopause into three important stages。Ye Yanbin suggested that menstruation menarche girls can eat liver soup and blood foods, pay attention to the richness of the food, not eat white meat。
As for the women's pregnancy, the fetal and postnatal development needs blood loss so that it will need more blood than women in other age groups, therefore, in addition to the iron-rich foods, vitamin and other supplements it is also a good select。As for menopausal women, although ways to reduce blood loss, but due to menopause syndrome affecting appetite, it should be noted that a balanced diet。
  Baby is a high risk of anemia, iron out from the mother will be exhausted in the 4-6 months, so it should be promptly added, to avoid anemia。
After 4 months of age, according to individual circumstances child development, appropriate, add egg yolk as a food supplement, after six months, you can eat liver mud iron, iron supplements or eat special baby。In fact, men also anemia, but often ignore the dangers of anemia。
Ye Yanbin suggest that men should add more protein, such as eating dairy products, soy products and fish。