How to prevent uterine fibroids these everyday things to do

What are the daily method of prevention and treatment of uterine fibroids is a relatively common gynecologic, a lot of female friends may have been suffering from this disease。As for the disease just as we all know the usual prevention is more important。So daily life in the end how to do prevention and treatment of uterine fibroids following night network come to you talk about how to prevent child daily fibroids, these things do Ay!How to prevent uterine fibroids daily 1 recipe (1) according to a doctor's prescription, oral San uterine fibroids, 3 times a day, each 15 grams, and even served three months Efficacy。
(2) taking Vaccaria ,, 100 grams of raw oysters, Su, 30 g water, 1 daily or every other day, for a course 30。(3) If more can be under the guidance of a doctor, intramuscular injection of testosterone propionate 25 mg twice a week for treatment eight times。
2, daily attention to (1) prevent fatigue, menstrual particular attention to rest。(2) Eat more vegetables, fruits, Eat spicy food。
Daily how to prevent uterine fibroids (3) maintaining the vulva clean and dry underwear should be large, if excessive vaginal discharge, should pay attention to any washing the vulva。
(4) diagnosed with uterine fibroids, should be a month to the hospital: times, such as fibroids increase slowly or never increases, can six months later a second; such as increasing significantly, surgery should be considered to avoid serious bleeding compression or abdominal viscera。
(5) avoid pregnant again, after suffering from uterine fibroids in women do, uterine poor recovery, often causes prolonged bleeding or chronic genital inflammation。3,。