L-carnitine polyphenols which is what the crowd

What is L-carnitine polyphenols?Many people say that L-carnitine weight loss is very effective, then you know what it is L-carnitine polyphenols?Following small to talk with you exactly what is it L-carnitine polyphenols。 What is L-carnitine L-carnitine polyphenols polyphenols containing L-carnitine and polyphenols two kinds of functional components。 L-carnitine to promote fat decomposition, the release of energy, preventing the accumulation of fat in the body, weight control, beautiful curve shape。
For sports-deficient types of obesity, can enhance the body bowel function, reduce rectal pressure。
The same time through regulation of glucose metabolism, inhibition of the body's absorption of carbohydrates to prevent sugar into fat。
Added products in particular polyphenols extracted from fresh green tea, L-carnitine and joint action to better achieve the purpose of weight loss, and relieve fatigue, to achieve healthy body sculpting。 Weight loss mechanism molecular biology studies confirm: fat burning only in the mitochondria, while fat break down fatty molecules difficult to penetrate the mitochondrial membrane, it can not be sustained burning of fat。
To get into the mitochondria fat successfully, there must be involved in coenzyme, that is carnitine, if you do not enter the mitochondria of fat, no matter how you exercise, how to diet, can not consume it。 The carnitine just act as porters fatty acids into the mitochondria。
L-carnitine to promote fat is converted into energy classes amino acid。 L-carnitine polyphenols are especially suitable for people with nothing to do aerobic exercise to lose weight。 Because the muscles of your body depends on the ability to convert fatty acids into energy。
L-carnitine is an amino acid classes implement this conversion。 So L-carnitine is an ideal without dieting, no anorexia, no fatigue, no diarrhea, weight loss products。 To achieve the desired degree of burning fat, the body requires an ideal balance of carnitine content, but the body's own synthesis of carnitine and intake from food is far short of needs。 Therefore, carnitine must be supplemented from the outside。