11 Chinese fishermen in the Nansha been hijacked by force

2006 April 3 Qiong Qionghai No. 05098 fishing boat near Half Moon Shoal of Nansha hit by the storm, the ship ran aground rupture。 15 crew lives are at stake。 Qionghai Tanmen play a role in maritime border police station "110" Alarm, quickly rushed to the accident site to coordinate the rescue vessels, and successfully rescued 15 crew members on board the ship nearly 600,000 worth of items。 March 27, 1995, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on issues related to the Spratly Islands answering reporters' questions, said Philippine Navy demolished a few years ago the Chinese side left in the Nansha Islands and some of the survey indicators behavior is not conducive to solving the problem, but also detract from China's sovereignty over the Nansha Islands。
Mid-1995 March 23 Philippines destroy Half Moon Shoal, five parties reef, China set up on the reef Sin Bin logo。    March 1995 March 20 announced to the Philippine Department of Defense and the Mischief Reef near reefs troops, and established a number of logo on Half Moon Shoal and shelter instead of destroyed buildings and Chinese identity。
Philippine army destroyed the northern part of China Mischief Reef in 1995, five parties reef March 1, Chinese stone on the south of Half Moon Shoal。  。