What are the reasons bowel bleeding how to prevent bowel bleeding

1, with a number of pepper, melon skin a small amount of。
The fried yellow pepper, melon skin with a total of powder, 1–2 grams per serving, 3 times a day。 2, take the herb 15 grams, 12 grams Rehmannia, Schisandra, ginger 3 grams。
Shuijianbi, 1 liter agent, 2 times service。
3, take early prostrata 6 g。 Drying into powder, rice soup delivery service。 4, ginseng, Panax 3 grams, g Yunnanbaiyao。 The first two research to fine taste, with Yunnan Baiyao with the service, 3 times a day。 5, skullcap carbon, 5 grams of Eclipta。
Joint research to fine, water delivery service。 Blood in the stool hazards 1.Intestinal cancer signal a lot of people are familiar with the symptoms of hemorrhoids blood in the stool, so long as blood in the stool symptoms assume that he is suffering from hemorrhoids。 But they do not know, blood in the stool may also be early signs of bowel cancer。 Clinically, 80% of early rectal cancer patients, have cases of misdiagnosed because of neglect and blood in the stool occurs, thus delaying treatment of rectal cancer。
2.Anemia long-term blood in the stool, it is easy to make the body lose large amounts of iron, causing iron deficiency anemia。 General symptoms of anemia caused by slow development, early may have no symptoms or mild symptoms; anemia severe symptoms, appears pale, malaise, fatigue, loss of appetite, palpitations, heart rate and shortness of breath after physical activity, edema, etc.。
What are the reasons stool bleeding 3.Sepsis, toxemia because blood in the stool anal fissure, hemorrhoids and other anorectal diseases caused, once the cause infection, cause perianal abscess, bacterial toxins, such as pus bolt can easily invade the human blood, sepsis, toxemia, etc.。 Long-term blood in the stool, may also cause anal pain, bowel disorders, to patients with life-long pain。
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