3 seconds layup achievements win!3 people 20+ belly by a small team which wins the soul of the team

  Beijing on March 15, the Heat had worked hard in overtime, in a 119-123 road loss to the king。   King (22-47) after a two-game losing streak。
Zach – Zach Randolph scored 22 points and nine rebounds, Dee Long – Fox 20 points, Bogdan – Bogdanovic 14 points。 Buddy off the bench – Hilde scored 24 points and six rebounds。
  Miami (36-33) failed comeback, was two-game losing streak, continued to hold the eastern part of the eighth。 Golan – Dragic scored 33 points, James – Johnson 18 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists, Taylor – Johnson 14 points and five rebounds, Bangmu – Adebayor 6 points and 16 rebounds。 Off the bench Wayne – Ellington 22 points, Dwyane – Wade continued absence。
  Target different teams。 The king has been eliminated, their goal is to draft, the worse the better record。
Heat eighth in the Eastern Conference, they have to fight to improve rankings。
  Offensive game quite surprising。
The first section of the Heat leading, but since then two have been dealt with, trailed by double digits。 Heat until the outbreak of the last few minutes, the rival closing in overtime。
  Heat start smoothly。 When the first section there are 2 minutes 17 seconds, Ellington hit third, they achieved double-digit advantage to 26-16。
The gap between the two sides once reached 11 points, but the Kings in hot pursuit。 Carter In this section there are seconds hit the third, the Heat also to after a ball, hit the buzzer Hilde, only to 24-31 behind the King。   Ku Fusi alley-oop layup, hit the third Temple, King scored seven straight points to start the second quarter, quickly equalized。 More than half of this section, the two sides battle 43-43, the Heat has since been shot, King 6-0, beyond the score。
This section Kings scored 35 points to 59-52 halftime。
  King III continue to expand the advantage。
This section last 2 minutes and 39 seconds, the Heat only vote in a ball, even after King scored six points advantage expanded to 91-76。
Heat this section there are only seconds-thirds vote in the Nick Oliver, still 79-91 at a disadvantage。   King was the fourth quarter to 95-79 lead with 16 points。
Dragic led his unit to counterattack, he did not even vote with a penalty scored three points in the fourth quarter more than half, then twice in the third succeeded, a man shot a wave of 11-0, the Heat will recover as the score 102-104。 Nick Oliver also after the third hit, the Heat exceeded, the two sides into the final stage。
  When more seconds in this section, Hilde-thirds vote, with only 109-110 behind King。
After the Heat clock violation, giving the opportunity to the king, but Randolph is not the hook。   Oliver Nick missed a ball, the Heat lead two minutes。 The king still 3 seconds, after a pause, Fox launched the last attack, he leaps in the air, to escape defenders shot。
Running the ball in the air, already lit the lamp on the rebound。 The ball is hit, the two sides into overtime to 111-111。   Although the outcome of no practical significance to them, but the king remains in a strong desire to win, suppression of opponents in overtime。
Game 1 minute 03 seconds when Bogdanovich hit the third, leading the king to 119-115。   Heat will narrow the gap to three points later, after a successful defense, a chance to tie, but Dragic shot。 After Hilde hit two free throws, four points advantage to keep the king。
  Critical moment, Dragic out of bounds violation, the Heat lost the last glimmer of hope。