His nature!Francis arrested for drunkenness and this is his career killer

Beijing March 20, according to US media reports, the former Rockets All-Star point guard Steve – Steve Francis was arrested last night local time in the city of Burbank, California, because of his drinking in public。 Burbank police station, said local time last night, they received a report of a local bar。
After police arrived on the scene, after a period of observation, they arrested the drunken former NBA All-Star Steve Francis, because he was drinking in public。
Police also said the reason they decided to arrest Francis, because they feel that Francis was drunk enough to cause the degree of danger to him and others。 Francis was then taken to the jail, and got a summons, then Francis was released today at 7:00 local time。 It is worth mentioning that earlier this month, Francis published a long article on the "Players Forum", and recalled his own life, he specifically mentioned drug trafficking in the streets when his drinking problem and childhood。
Francis admitted that alcoholism led to the rapid decline of his career。