other things, despite the Young, straining out all the stops, he only rely on their own hands the knife, if you’ve seen Jianzong people, you understand, when their weapons, after practice to the extreme, you will not want to learn anything, and for the next really, this knife, he i苏州龙凤网s, after more than fighting began, the entire high-profile, Pei Ming is not true, only that the non-Mito.”

  The venue, still battle.
  Twelfth trick, Pei Hengdao true swept out, one of the long blade psychic waves emitted Wentian time to dodge, five spell played immediately, the periphery of the shroud support unearthed system, but may be almost failed to block.
  Twenty-trick, Wentian took the lead away from home, only to kill Ling sword in the air, the surrounding of the thousands of ying, turned out, count them out of the line, go straight to Pei Ming true that he did not dodge, take it no Mito week waving in the body, that sword will all hit back.
  The first San Shizhao.
  Wentian who is already sweating, he could feel even lined clothes against his body feels friction, already half a numb arm, even just stop killing sword grip, feel hard, but he could not stop thinking , rapid brain running, thinking about what their trick, he is almost a walking robot chance, the problem is, so many things, he is always learning endless, and some just started, this time out, not only laughable, even slightly blocking Pei Ming pace really can not do.
 苏州夜网 He clearly had enough tricks, you can actually still could not withstand.
  Than fighting, after all, not a real war, Pei Ming really did not pressing harder and harder, gave Wentian a little breathing space, he could see the other side to adjust or less, and then the knife again.
  The knife and no fancy place, a touch of red and a blunt instrument, and shot, people have to be an invisible man, only see the knife, the knife one person, straight away, and then from the top down, like a remote control You can split knife to the world.
  No stopping