on a face of indifference, “Who says I’m going to marry old Ruan the??”

  Face to say, but my mind was backing out, it seems Ruan old son dead end road.
  This old woman looked so protective that fools the way, you can know,北京夜网 even if she married into the old Ruan, she is also not good to go down, not to mention the places that the workers, of the University of fools who come to deceive.
  Tang Wenbin mocking smile, did not expose the true face of high Wyatt, much to choose between the two of them, who do not say who.
  He climbed kang, big eyes wide staring at the roof leakage, the people are Wood, which country he was to be enough, old Ruan road does not work, he was looking for new ways of.
  Is it not high Wyatt has his idea.
  They again fell into trouble inside, Cheng Yuan Qing see this side of the scene, opened his mouth, but the words to swallow back, what could he say it!

Chapter 18
  Anyway, I say after, they will not listen.
  Thought of this, Cheng Yuan Qing looked aside a small group of children who, in a low voice asked, “Tong Tong, you ma深圳桑拿网y be farther away from the two men!”
  Tong Tong Hsu bedding probe from the inside out a sub-head, eyes Wuliu rolled, followed nodded.
  Cheng Yuan Qingxin comfort smile, “Tong Tong the cleverest!”
  Xu Tong Tong shy smile, she quickly got up, “Cheng brother, the old secretary told me to pick out the seeds in the afternoon, I passed!”This dude easy to pick seed, but also less work points, but fortunately Xu Tong Tong eat less, she is also enough to earn work points.
  Cheng Yuan Qing put away just programmed bamboo basket on the ground, “I tell you one!”
  After high Wyatt looked at both of them to leave, sneer, “I see how long you could stay!”
  In the evening, the family was supposed to be bustling dinner, who become like dark afternoon, when a rain comes, you know spring rain but expensive, such as oil, the production team has been苏州夜网 off work from the villagers, but also old secretary to be called back, not for anything else, just