rd to the extreme, rough look, only to find the rake face did not exercise good polish, rough, Made in, will see their rough lines, faintly mysterious what constitutes a pattern, he grew up he looks very handsome , looks picturesque, the more distinct the sword, the knife can be, people do not have to feel awkward, just stood quietly, a knife, a 都市体验网man, are like integration.

  ”Master, this knife and schoolmate is a match.”He book standing on edge of the stage, I could not help but sound transmission to Pei Naochun, he took a bit of emotion, little brother childhood love of the knife, from a short narrow knife, cutting knife, slightly longer sharp edge.As long 北京夜网as there is a treasure-house chef knife, he used, since the little brother sentiment knife meaning, those knives will no longer shall his mind, and that time, weekdays sensible little brother, can not help but become irritable , master unannounced, secretly went out several times, and finally the mixing device elders retreat together, went through a full six months of grown up, so it has become a two-edged sword unpretentious.
  Apart from what the book is the master and the elders, who heads one saw knife-baked, when he was worried, always felt this knife and little brother is not appropriate, in the comprehension, we all pay attention to a figure who trained a pleasure to see Nanshan, although they were not like the moon finder door, like, see the world know that smug, little brother can be such a handsome man, at least, they hav广州桑拿网e carved a knife What you Long Phoenix, then two stones inlaid bar?Then what the book said nothing, and then secretly has begun an inventory of their stock, ready to put his point of pressure bottom of the gem count them out, little brother to pick a pick, the results of this idea did not say it directly whether the master.
  Pei Naochun only trick then shook his head, she said the four: “You do not know him.”
  .Okay, you are the head, but also a small Young’s father, you say I do not know