People close up, redundant Yan heard this is a smile, winked and said: “How can it not convenient?What empress want to do, whenever local lingua franca Er Chen, although errand Er Chen is.”

  ”This is what you said, then I go to the toilet when you ask for your help slightly.”Xin long look at him smile hee hee.
  Yan redundant expressions really a lag, touch her mischievous eyes, suddenly got into blind eyes, and took a few steps forward, stopped in front of her, raising his hand to help him up Zhu hairpin between her hair, “Well, “tepid fingertips if it appears to touch her skin, he quietly hand back, added a Road,” Do not forget the empress.”
  This sentence because he s real fake joke, the feeling of being molested back Xin long micro unhappy.
  Li Zhizhen general Jie Feng welcome home for the feast from Yinshi been done Xushi, Yan redundant actually have to keep their promises, refused to leave the micro wandering around Xin long, if not also scruples she was his stepmother in name, Xin long micro reckon he should just say – – If you go to the toilet, then the empress, Er Chen must help.
  Help a ghost yo!
  Yuwen seats are arranged very close from the Qing emperor, as the main man of the world, his handsome looks very natural,