Note too small years to teach you to eat healthy

Note too small in what are lunar twelfth lunar month 23 years, we are small among traditional festivals, finished too small years, going to greet the New Year。 In the small year when there will be a varied diet in general, at this time it is to a lot of attention, not overeating。
Following small is too small to talk to everyone in the notes, teach you to eat healthy!Note too small 1-year, multi-stove sugar should not be eaten in small kitchen to eat sugar, patients should eat less。 Stove sugar maltose is a large viscosity, it is a long drawn stick type of sugar called "Kanto sugar", drawn into round and flat called "Tanggua"。 Winter put it outside, because the weather is cold, Tanggua was solid and solidified inside and some tiny bubbles, crisp crispy eat, distinctive flavor。
Because of too much sugar stove sugar, people with diabetes should eat better。 Stove sugar called Kanto sugar, maltose is a great tack。 Eat stove sugar is one of a Han Chinese in the annual small year (lunar calendar, 23 December) kicked off for the celebration of the Chinese New Year customs。
Pre-meaning "the Kitchen" God made good, the lower bound for security and peace, is a Han Chinese working people of good wishes。 Eat kitchen stove excessive consumption of sugar is bad sugar, not only easily lead to obesity, but also easy to make elevated blood pressure。 As the stove sugar is very sticky, easily attached to the teeth, but also increase the risk of tooth decay。 So, everyone in the kitchen after eating sugar, you should brush your teeth immediately。 For stove sugar, it should not to "eat" mentality to face, should be based on taste-based, psychologically control its intake, you naturally will not eat up。
Most stoves sugar among children, their fragrance, sweet, crisp taste, provoke life-chun。
Professor Pei Zhimei remind the children must not eat stove sugar, otherwise it will affect the appetite, but only sugar supply of heat, and no other。
If you eat too much sugar every day, it will affect the child's intake of other nutrients, once the body's protein ,, mineral deficiencies are very vulnerable to malnutrition。 Note too small foci of eating too much sugar can cause hyperacidity, stomach discomfort, and even affect digestion。
I suggest that you eat stove sugar to drink warm water, or drink light soup, rice at dinner, etc.。
Foci sugar between meals can be tasted several pieces。 For people, more eat sparingly, even the best do not eat sugar, stoves, or other skin diseases can be induced。
Spring Festival is coming soon, For adults, this time both busy repairing the New Year, but also respond to intense work, inevitably will "anger" get into the body。 Liu Changchun, the public anger on the nearest large "units of a lot of things, taking care of a number of foreign colleagues go home earlier, infinitely increase the workload, but also helped the family purchase a variety of New Year。
I do not know how, a little ring true mind, wanted to temper。
"Lunar New Year, the pressure from all sides does make a lot of people feel confused, even powerless, it is inevitable to increase the anger。