What are the reasons before allowing nine people one after another jump, even before the eight people jumping events are very close, which is more people wonder.
  And they did not commit suicide period of time been contacted in any way.
  Finally, the ninth jumped to people who have not contacted, and eight other individuals, it is impossible to know them all dead things.
  It really is too strange a thing.
  ”They are all over the field exploration suicide?Very sure?”Chen did not believe diving.
  Su Ching nodded: “Yes, the scene have seen, there is no trace of any homicide and the possibility that the suicide of their choice, which is something absolutely sure of.”
  ”How can this be.”Chen diving shook his head:” This is definitely a strange thing.”
  Su Qing helpless Tanshou: “I also think that certain things are strange, but all have been the scene of the investigation, and even a suicide windows awakened when his wife, his wife watched him ten jump off the floor.”
  Chen diving touched his chin: “These people are what capacity background?”
  ”Mirage are the days of a normal family now have their own house, three people work in the cause of the preparation unit, three people working in state-owned enterprises, two people working for foreign companies, there is a business of their own, have married , living and working are pretty good,