After eating also found Yao Ji ceremony has not come out, and got up and walked bedroom.Wheat waving toward the photographer to keep up.

  The results take Yao Ji ceremony in silence to help Lin Shengqing luggage, clothes positive band around and round into them.Forest Health busy ran, “I’ll also be clear, the brother Ji Ji always you break it.”
  Yao Ji ceremony nudge his head, “you can?I just do breakfast, I see you busy for a long time, you want to come in to help check, open the box to look, two Ferrero.”
  Lin students face was flushed, glanced toward behind, wheat and assistants buried their giggles, his small channel: “I have not started yet clear.”
  Yao Ji Lin-sheng embarrassed watching the ceremony a busy person, talk to a few pairs of shoes, Ji Yao ceremony watched, shaking his head, “I will give you clothes with a good, this shoe is inappropriate, you do not move, the more dynamic the more chaotic, I will also help you to find.”
  ”Oh.”So I’m gifted silly, crouched beside ceremony watched Yao Ji.
  Wheat they quietly surprised looks very original sense of distance record total, when to treat his lover, have such delicate side.
  Ji Li Yao ritual almost, Lin asked students: “Think of something with no.”
  Lin-sheng holds the gills for a moment, “nothing of it.”