So if the mainland companies ready to participate in the East of electronic procurement tenders must be carried out in accordance with the quality standards of our supplier gives, or is likely to cause unnecessary trouble!The last point is the natural price, is the principle of selecting the cheaper each enterprise in the procurement will follow the.After all, we want to minimize the cost of thing!”Li Xuan carefully explained one by one.

  Mainland has a huge advantage in Hong Kong does not have, is that it has a very complete industrial system categories.Such as the electronics industry can produce most of the domestic parts.The only worry is the quality of performance through customs, however, and can not be mass produced cheaply problem.
  The next few years.Hong Kong’s industrial north is an irreversible trend, and with the development of the SAR, the mainland many electronics companies have also south.Deep sea, DC, just plan out of the Po Industrial Zone, a few months time, there were already a number of large state-owned electronics factory in the decision to locate.Ministry of the four planes and deep-sea adjacent to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region intends to rely on the advantages of the Po Industrial Zone on an electronic playing in Industry.
  While Europe is blocking the domestic gradually relaxed, but after all, requires a process.Prior to 2084, imported from the Mainland many electronic components have to be declared to the Batumi committee approval.The deep-sea adjacent to Hong Kong SAR relying on the advantage, you can circumvent these restrictions, a lot of walking through gray channels – Private Electronic Components.
  Throughout the eighties, the SAR Government is all eye, close one eye.So that nobody knows for sure, in the Po Industrial Development Zone gradual transformation into China – after strong North electronic market, is still troubled by a major problem.
  Huaqiang North Market