What is the relationship, but this is not the same, the monitoring was interfered with, “Zhou Yu and Liu Qin case of the Philippines to a destination, consultant empire special investigation team to meet up, whispered explained:” Not being jammers interference but.How to say, you look at the monitor to know.”

  The monitoring consultant to tune them out, I saw a van driving on a highway, and then the next second, on the road from the blanket of darkness for a while, spread a blanket of darkness, the car has no.
  In case of Zhou Yu and Liu Qin Philippines he is regarded as well-informed person, seeing this also some stunned.That night it just, that the devils bit too blatant, right?
  ”The car does?Or is the victim of kidnappers?”Liu Qin Philippines and cooperation in these sectors too often, and soon came to reflect, and asked.
  Consultant before they have to sort out the news almost immediately replied: “Yes kidnappers, and that several victims.Some special status, they can not take this old van.”
  She just opened a head, they would understand what she meant.
  Special status of these people, rich is expensive, it will go directly to the Philippines Liu Qin, let her help resolve this matter as soon as possible.
  ”They are under what circumstances is