By the end do not know how.

  For this scene, Su Yuan two days without eating, coupled with the mood swings too much, the moment she was a little tired, a staff untie the rope, Su Yuan had no power sliding down, to sit on the floor in front, hands over, and she will hold.
  Su Yuan always see people, see Fu is poor and weak she smiled at him, head on his shoulder, a small channel: “The film is complete and so on, I want to have a good rest for some time.”
  Su Yuan Fu is poor and lightly touched the hair, smiling back: “Good.”Just did not mention the kiss.
  Su Yuan know this man is very stingy, the surface looks as usual, my heart does not know how to mind, thought, softly explained: “I do not know what he’ll come up pro.”
  ”I know.”
  ”I do believe Gujiu An must have his reasons, a while ago I went to the monitor to see how kind shooting, I have a feeling, Gujiu An free play of this performance will be very good.”
  Fu raw cold: “.”
  To monitor looked just before the period of performance, results exceeded expectations, and other Gujiu An came, Su Fu Yuan against the raw cold arms, Gujiu An smiled and asked: “how do you think such a speech than we originally designed much better.”
  Gujiu An saw getting cold eyes color