Multinational recurrence Chinese citizens were wire fraud cheated more than 20 million cumulative

BEIJING, Jan. 12, according to China consular service network news, since August last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese embassies and consulates have issued several reminders, tips Chinese citizens wary of fake Chinese embassies and consulates in the name of telecommunications fraud。 In the near future to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, once again there were several Chinese citizens were telecommunications fraud, individual compatriots suffered heavy economic losses, according to incomplete statistics, the total amount cheated more than 20 million yuan RMB。
Data for: August 24, 2017, 122 large cross-border telecommunications fraud suspects escorted home from Cambodia。 China news agency reporters An Yuan and She Bufa elements claiming to be Chinese embassy staff, lied to the victim passports and other documents to be postponed due to re-submit, identification or credit card fraudulent use, on suspicion of types of cases require the freezing of bank accounts or cooperate with the investigation, require the victim to provide account information or pay related costs。
There are criminals involved in major criminal cases to the grounds, to avoid manipulation of the victims to go out and cut off all contact with friends and family after calling his family lied to the victim was kidnapped, demanded a huge ransom。 Criminals the use of technical means to disguise the phone number into a phone number and consulates in China, with some deceptive。
For about specific circumstances, Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again solemnly suggest the following: First, the Chinese embassies and consulates abroad and domestic government agencies will not telephone to inform Chinese compatriots have to deal with cases involving domestic, but does not require electrical connection any person callback phone number for further contact。
Do not believe any of embassies and consulates in the name of China, to obtain personal financial information such as bank card, transfer or remittance requirements of telephone and mail。 Second, whether to apply for a passport is a travel document wishes of the individual behavior, Chinese embassies and consulates will not call the party needs to be extended or expired passports go through, and the costs to be paid by transfer or fines, etc., will not be by telephone ask for a personal card or bank account information to anyone。
Please Chinese compatriots not to believe any phone in the name of embassies and consulates in China, asked to update passport or ask personal financial information。
Third, he does not give his name, address, family situation, bank accounts and other personal information to strangers on the phone。 In case the caller requirements, "Do not touch with family and friends, in order to ensure their safety," or suggest alternatives anomaly, we do not believe that the other party should immediately expose fraud trick。
As a stranger received a phone call "traffic accident", "the boy was kidnapped," "accidental death of their loved ones," and other information, be sure to cool, and then through other channels to be processed to verify the situation。 Even if the consulates telephone notice to the parties the above-mentioned incidents in emergency situations, nor talks and bank accounts, transfers and other matters。 Such as suspected fraud to the phone, hang up the phone call is recommended in the local Chinese consulate official website the contact telephone number provided, or call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Protection and Services global emergency hotline 12308 call center to request information about revolutions and consulates further verification。
Unfortunately, as deceived, should be promptly reported to the local police, and also to the domestic public security organs alarm。 Victims of domestic public security organs not to direct, timely reported by domestic close relatives, and anti-fraud network telecommunications center to ask for help (call 110 to) report to。 Currently, provincial and municipal public security organs in China have set up anti-fraud center of the telecommunications network, anti-fraud centers at all levels in the emergency call and confirm the victim cheated, quickly suspect bank accounts to stop payment, frozen, and follow-up by the freezing of funds returned to the victim account, so as to restore the loss of the victim。
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Protection and Services Global Emergency Call Center Tel: + 86-10-59913991 or + 86-10-12308。
Editor: Li Ruichen。