What constellation is August

August is Leo and Virgo. The corresponding constellation from August 1 to August 22 is Leo. Leo is a hero. They are optimistic, helpful and like to help vulnerable groups.. Born this Lumenis One, absolute leader, has the mass charm, speaks and works very convincingly.. The corresponding constellation from August 23 to August 31 is Virgo. Virgos are intellectually stable, mature and courageous, perfect and meticulous, and strive for perfection. They maintain a high standard in both life and work, and strive to become a highly educated and successful person..   Leo Leo is the constellation of kings. They are born with their own aura, independent and domineering. They always show their own power and domineering qualities.. They are forthright and generous in their work, calm in their speech and never falter. They are born leaders, have absolute leadership ability, like to guide and manage others, Leo people have strong observation ability, in addition to their own arrogance, in fact they also have arrogant capital, because their ability is very strong, and exquisite mind, complete and accurate work, speech and behavior, behavior and things are very have their own set, good at their own advantages to the extreme, show their charm.   Virgo Virgo has an innate ability to identify and prioritize. Virgo has a strong ability to identify and is suitable to play any role related to quality management in work and life.. However, Virgo’s problem is that she cares too much about the shortcomings in the sections and ignores the overall beauty.. Virgos are too perfectionist, meticulous and critical in their work, and even find fault with others.. However, Virgos are kind and sincere, modest and prudent. They like to be strict with themselves. They can take care of themselves in good order in both life and work. They like to follow the plan and have strong ability to handle things.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.