The fish do not feed their children too serious consequences

  Nutrition is very rich in natural so parents want the best for their baby, they will give their children to eat fish, but the baby is not just some fish to eat, would seriously harm the baby's health, children fish is very stress, and then in the end what the fish can not feed their children do?  Studies have shown that young parents should give their children wary fish are: swordfish, sailfish, marlin, tilapia, tilefish and catfish, these fish in addition to body shape is relatively large outside, they still life cycle is very long carnivorous fish, so to say, these fish mercury levels in the body than other fish much higher。   According to the study indicate that 1 swordfish, predatory fish such as swordfish is basically at the top of the food chain, it is easy to concentrate in the body a harmful pollutant called methylmercury, but the substance will follow the natural changes in the environment and change, but the content of carnivorous fish is relatively high。   Baby's nervous system is fragile, this harmful mercury derivative will exhibit specific toxic reactions。
  2 tuna Many families can eat tuna, especially canned tuna。
In fact, the mercury content of tuna in the body also fall within the range of relatively high, so that the canned tuna eat it once a week, fresh tuna no more than once a week, the children had better not eat。
  3 sailfish stringy white flag, fresh meat, nutritional value is particularly high, many parents feel swordfish rich nutrition being the case, they should allow their children to eat some。
In fact, this perception is wrong, swordfish suitable for the finest sashimi, fried food as well as refined products, but the swordfish is part of large predatory fish, huge body and a long life cycle, the body of high mercury content, not suitable for baby food。
  Pay attention to what children eat fish freshwater fish and sea fish is about the same nutrients, but deep-sea fish we have to consider the problem of heavy metal pollution, so we ate it once a week。
We can often eat fish, including freshwater and marine fish, freshwater fish by common carp, grass carp, crucian carp, Wuchang fish, etc.。 And when we give children to eat fish, pay attention to the children and less likely to choose stab except gill fish。   The loose organizational structure, more delicate, it is very easy to digest, and fish fat polyunsaturated fatty acids which accounted for 60%, mainly in the skin and surrounding organs, muscle tissue content is relatively small, so the child to chew and digest function is not perfect, we have to choose thorn less, easy removal of fish species。