How to obtain the trust between the children

No matter what time, as long as there are opportunities for children to nature, environmental protection, conservation and education, stressing that "we are environmentally friendly home。
"Any time the kids have some wasteful behavior, such as not to turn off the water left the bathroom, we will remind you say: 'We are environmentally friendly home'。
Or "the Earth will not be happy。 "Almost two and a half Katie, there are times we feel very pleasantly surprised when we recycle garbage, she will be asked to 'these trees more happier yet'。 Children fully understand our tips What does it mean, for example, he said: "turn off the lights!"In fact, deliver more information – caring for the earth – is what the kids are deeply concerned about the。 Not surprisingly, the children get a quality education。 "Mother Earth is!"It is common in the punch line on environmental protection in。
Given the chance to do something environmentally friendly, Steve and Caitlin remind them of the twins who would say "take care of our Mother Earth, we have to take care of Mother Earth."。
Similarly, Jack quip of his two sons said "Let us help Mother Earth。 "He likes his words, because it reflects the cooperation and initiative。
There are many things that he and his sons can work together to help Mother Earth。 Trust between how children acquire and Jonathan and Lucy want their two children, attention can really help keep the Earth healthy behaviors。 So, they punch line is about three popular phrase eliminate waste, "reduce, reuse, recycle。
"They think they punch line is full of strength, able to clearly tell their children of the planet to support their specific way。