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  China's demographic dividend era has passed, the pattern of manufacturing industry will face a re-shuffle, the need to store images Icebreakers strong incoming, made from high-end to flexible production, from the high distribution costs, factory direct docking to the consumer, excellent price-so quality of life becomes more close to the people, however, the transformation of the manufacturing sector, inevitably takes time to precipitate, to prepare the necessary Although the mall, but still rough in front。
Necessary Mall CEO Bi Sheng guest Sina Finance "Born on the Big Time" tells how to solve the curse of retail inventory。   [Guide] issue next three to five years, more than 90 percent of China's small and medium manufacturing industry will die, basically called me in one hundred percent, so long as the primary addition and subtraction, even if you come out, this will never earn money。
    I said I stopped all promotion, the company had never been seen popping on down, it finally found a solution, do not follow the original idea to think about, is the best way to solve the inventory, when users need, I reproduction or allow users to enjoy a very high price。     I have always said, is necessary to slow a fast and firm, fast is it necessary profitability should be very strong; what is it slow, is to first become our partners have more than 20 standard, that I might by 20 a card criterion, a left down, a not come。
    So I need to be by the top Chinese integration of high-end manufacturing, through C2M mode, the best cost-effective products to users, if through our efforts, the next three to five years, able to reconstruct the confidence of users of online shopping, I think this It is a great thing。
[Positive] I think 99% of the manufacturing sector, in particular the retail light manufacturing will die, because of what it。
China's manufacturing industry, it is not a pyramid structure, it is a dumbbell-shaped structure, dumbbell-shaped structure, what is it, good or bad, then no, say I took a pair of glasses, this is my pair of glasses French Essilor Group of glasses, I do in this pair of glasses, if you buy in the shop under the traditional model line, then worse than this, than this spectacle of it, short of scientific and technological content, not be worse than 7000 dollars, then it uses C2M model, the top of such a spectacle, sold for 279 yuan, lower than that of its business, it sold 278 yuan, there is no way out, so that I believe that China's manufacturing industry, is the biggest crisis in the bottom of the dumbbell, that a group of producers, early demise bounce back, do not change jobs again towards the manufacturing sector, because there is no chance of you。   I was doing music Amoy the initial time, it was relatively smooth financing financing, it felt pretty easy to do this thing, then take a look at the financial statements, financial statements I saw a loss, I was ignorant, and why will be the loss of it, and finally I found this stuff, do not look at so many tables, its average profit rate of the retail industry, and finally how much of it left, three to five, what is the cost of your channels, one hundred percent, then to a hundred times, you do not see the three statements, so long as elementary school addition and subtraction, even if you come out, this will never make money, what I had to do this, on the one Lok, I do not understand is, I said I stop for a moment all the promotion, you will see that the company had never been seen popping on down。     That in my last analysis, a problem is found, the entire retail distribution inside, accounted for the largest cost, called the inventory, inventory, is selling a deposit fifty-six, that one, I quickly put the fifty-six stack memory, to add back, based on what users buy these problems, is more expensive, then the middle of it, it is not compressed profits, reduce costs can only go up。
   It finally found a solution, do not follow the original idea to think about, is the best way to solve the inventory is not production, that is, when the user need me reproduction, he spawned the idea to do C2M, followed by that the second stage is, in the traditional model, which retail markup rate is very high, because it links, inventory and large, 8-12 times, even 20 times the fare increase, Let's say you buy a T-shirt , you can accept the price, the retail price of one hundred dollars, we will go easy, five times the fare increase, then it's factory cost is 20, yes it, in turn, said that if this pattern with C2M, good , even if we double the fare increase, I can buy a production multiply 50 dollars a T, with the issue not only be able to solve the inventory problem, or allowing users to enjoy a very high price, who can produce 50 T-shirts cost money, a last look, it must be China's top manufacturing batch pressing need this standard to this card manufacturing, the next three to five years, China more than 90% of small and medium system Industry will die。   Basically lunch of instant noodles instant noodles lunch, basically, why would such a work and rest it, because I do this thing, I do not know what would, in traditional industries who lack experience, and he did not know me do not know, is it plainly, is not feeling the stones, belong to this side of the car to change a tire side, this time if you do not stare at me here, how do I want to create a healthy business model, it must be stable with come, you transform the production line, the transformation of the brain thinking and the partners have been very slow this。
   Now you are now looking at less than normal, and less than that by March to see, and then you will see in March, it is now perhaps twice, doubled, then also 67 dozens of industries, and that compared to the ordinary electricity supplier, a two hundred industry, or less, but do I have to slowly find, then gradually running, usually running more than a month to run-ripe, it is to first become our partners, there are more than 20 standard, perhaps according to my standards that are more than 20 a card, a left down, a not come, what you say you are a manufacturer, you are top, we have to test field, well, you used to, you say you this thing, in the end is what solves what the user pain points, what is your selling point is, what the final pricing of our products Commission is extremely simple and crude, 80% of people say buy, better,% of people say buy good destroyed, went on sale a month later, for example, your negative feedback rate of more than 1%, well under the lost, the return rate of more than 5%, and the next out, extended rate of more than 5%, sorry, under another out, they all had these three tests, , Live here, too strict an exception。   These are our desktop now, the glasses of the prepared product, there are a variety of materials, especially this have more features, it means that it is ultra-light titanium frame, titanium aluminum material used in aviation, you you can look at me try, then what it cost is very high, if it is under the optical shop online, then this spectacle, it is almost the case two or three thousand, but it is on our side, our partners then, the product of the control, provides a very juicy, so a price。
  China's top those manufactured after 2008 economic downturn, it's this business is getting bad, Zhengchou solutions manufacturer to why the big boss, very simple, in that you have a future, he is no longer subject to those who called those orders to do it brands, and then continue to the order, he pressed his account of the past are mass production, flexible production and now we wanted to change, to order me reproduction, without increasing the cost, efficiency also to keep pace, they certainly willing to do that, but do we need to wait patiently, they change the flexible production line。
   I think that is unlikely to go beyond, the market is large enough, I have two years of first-mover advantage, it does not have two years to do a little bit to talk to manufacturing docking, the selection of each manufacturer to really, he certainly can not do this, my re-purchase rate is extremely high, I can rate the month after purchase to 40, which is the electricity supplier can not do anything else, you see before nearsighted on average 17 months for a pair of glasses, it's me the average amount of people buy glasses is 4, I bought four, might as well buy a half before the deputy expensive now, I buy a few pairs of clothes with a bad thing, that's how it has changed the behavior of the scene。   I think the barriers I do not come out, I do all the work, causing the user's trust, it is the real, is user trust me, is the real barriers。
  You see this is our new, you see, in reality, it took the object, the length play out, see not, and the horizontal axis 360 degrees, you see its size go with you, and the vertical axis 360 degrees, you used to say, you buy furniture to buy a bed, see-sawed bed underground, what structure do not let spring look, diameter do we come here, you see, put in here, can you put on this wall here, a light shining down that side, this technology is currently the world's only if we have, we are starting a first, grab a first, a look at other people, other people have made out, the results give up, do not do, if one day I put these the whole thing open, and others not to waste funding yet。
  In fact, this thing is synchronized with the necessary three years ago I made, people want the impossible superego, three years ago I wrote the product documentation ourselves, our AR, VR patent, product files written by me , when we think what is it, what the user will buy something, you must be looking at pictures, for example, you buy a stool to put your house, your brain thought, this stool to put my house sawed when we thought if this thing, really put your house like。   We specialize in this team relatively large, has been engaged in this matter, it should be after the current worldwide field of electronic business, the most advanced AR, New Year that I told our director, I said, or we put it commercialized it, month of the finished product, it should be this year. we have to be able to do three-dimensional, with a camera on that camera phone, so that three-dimensional reconstruction, I use the camera, you really go to the amount of physical space distance, which is completely different, which is the original shopping experience completely changed。
  I have always said is necessary to slow a fast and firm, fast feel it myself, if necessary, should be very strong profitability, I just point deduction, I do not charge any fee to a hodgepodge of businesses, you do not have to rank, I a category inside, only to find inside the industry, the best front three, what is it slow, that we are also on marketing, take three steps forward and two, we look at what works best for us, and I think also the core in your product chassis was playing safe, I think it is the transformation of traditional manufacturing, it is not so easy, it's not like we write a pure APP, so fast, you only slowly。     I feel useless cost we do not spend, this is my attitude of doing things, I think the biggest sense of belonging is that when people say hello when you are very proud, that you bad, not angry , which can be called from the bottom of the spiritual sense of belonging, it is necessary to say, I was through the integration of Chinese top, high-end manufacturing, through C2M mode, the best cost-effective products to users, in fact, my idea is that if we pass efforts, the next three to five years, to reconstruct the confidence of users of online shopping, I think this is a great thing。