Chinese cabbage

A child, I do not like to eat cabbage, often see layers of white bowl, wrapped in cabbage clip each other, felt like lichens to be dehydrated in the sun, not brittle to brittle, not cotton to cotton, feels indescribably tired greasy.    Fast forward a few decades time passing by, gradually give birth to a lot of the feelings of Chinese cabbage.This change, there may be reasons for cooking areas, such as the now pure salad oil replaced a sickly yellow rapeseed.More reason is that their own journey in life journey, gradually Jujiao Chu taste of some years, often trance they saw the home vegetable garden, there are butterflies insects fly, a barefoot child chased.Home garden, summer cabbage, sowing seeds in the ground, and then poured some water, under the sun, a green uniform to stand up.They waist thin legs, small, tender too see the water, a pinch two, we call it cabbage water.This cabbage, the following article, the most appropriate soup, the soup will become and green, like a person’s childhood memories.A fry pot, leaves it to shrink a lot and seems to be into the mud.    After the winter season, the cabbage has experienced a vast expanse of frost, such as patches of palm leaves, trying to open what seemed to be flying.They stem leaves are wide and large, flesh thicken the sauce slightly cut several times after wash, Heat pan, add ginger, salt, burst copy, dish.Such a simple dish, in addition to the fragrance, there is a special sweet taste, as if it is not off the frost, but the leaves of sugar to be absorbed.    Once friends, he was taken from his home vegetable garden cabbage seedling trees at the back, and plunged into their own pots.I like tea, tea leaves often to water every other day of the roots for the next cast, they feel a child is fed.They stand himself, overstating the shoot straight, it can be described as lush growing.I was irritable when chores, went to the balcony watching them, my heart will calm down.When the cabbage flower raise, got the idea to raise a state of mind.