China quietly walking

“Ancient Xuzhou County, the village has said Zhu Chen.To the county over a hundred years, Sangma green atmosphere heavy atmosphere.Shuttle machine sound Zhazha, ox or donkey go Yunyun.Stream water drain female, male mining mountain salary.County, far fewer official functions, deep mountain folk Chun.  No providers have the money, there would not join the army Ding.Every family keep village industry, do not go head white.Health is the people of the village, the village of the dead as dust.Tanaka, old and young, meet He Xinxin.A village the only two names, ages of marriage.”This is Bai” Zhu Chen Cun “to describe the ancient Chinese tradition of rural isolation Zhu Chencun: farming men and women weave, self-sufficiency, Prison, born in Zhu Chen Cun, Zhu Chen Cun long, die of old age do not go out.China is more like walking quietly between Zhu Chen Cun that mountain brook, quietly, not sad nor happy.  Ancient China has been promoting a stationary culture.For example, Confucianism advocates “benevolent” and “precious”, “middle”; Taoism to promote “harmony with nature”; there are Buddhist phrase “out of the Three Realms, not the element of”, “Everything is empty”; Mohists It stands for “universal love non-offensive”.In two thousand years of Chinese feudal society, quietly walking, excluding competition, advocating contentment.  Economy of quietness foster a culture of modest, almost no wonder that China is referred ceremonies.Ancient China, it can be said raising countless ladies and gentleman demeanor.Dong Zhongshu from Confucius to the ancient ritual of cultural interpretation to the extreme.Ancient language laughing woman sweet, laugh grin, Limbo Nudge, Ruoliu Fufeng develop their classical elegance woman.  In the agricultural civilization to walk in the ceremony culture moist, Chinese people have become more modest and less of Gerry also forge ahead.Coupled with the shackles of ancient imperial examination system, the Chinese people are brave combative drained.He became the imperial cage docile sheep, for the Emperor, not without proudly state that “the world into heroes enough in my”.After all, Chinese people are tied its own rich history and culture to live.  When the West steamboat coming here, Chinese people still flood paddling leisurely, when a veil of West Boats ashore, Chinese people are still loom sound sleep soundly.The original still bring long is numb and blind.I have to say that the ancient Chinese character calm enough that the danger comes, but take it easy.  The face of foreign plunder, the Qing government’s performance is still unhurried “I Qing vast land, Fan Yi to ask you, is something you just reward.”That being the case, then we polite.To money, to the earth to complete the railway but also mining, the Qing eleven promised, long-sleeved wave “either you rain and wind,” I still do my emperor.  Ancient China, if snail crawling slowly.European and American will tear it, it still significantly, the clumsy, the pain, but unfortunately it does not have a towering wing roots and courage.Only silent twitching, brewing, waiting.  Who waving sickle hoe storm set off a shower of blood?Who is to defend China as a historical mission, holding “Support the Qing, destroy the foreign”?It is out of the fields of farmers.Once the most still, the most moderate of farmers but at this moment is the most magnificent, and this is kind of a turning point in history?  The group bided of Qian Qian students, and finally give up the “ears do not hear out of the window, one read only the books of sages” motto political life started to pay attention, and that everything has to wake up a bit late, because at the moment the Chinese have been bullying the dying.  When October lambasted China was completely sober, had previously been Nankeyimeng.The gun out of the regime, the Communist epoch, off the Western invaders China was quiet again, and began farming.  Until the bell sounded reform, China really into the world, to promote competition.China is no longer the quiet rural life.