China is the world moved frank

After the Wenchuan earthquake, the Chinese government has demonstrated honesty to make the world moved, after the Wenchuan earthquake, the first time the Chinese government has made important decisions and instructions of relief, while Chinese leaders are also an earthquake a few hours after the arrival of the quake-hit areas, said the Chinese government can make decisions quickly after the earthquake disaster, the speed of deployment of the relief work to make the world was shocked, but also to the Chinese people and the government was satisfied with the trust, the object of this sudden disaster public event processing onset is often a measure of a country’s governing body, if the process so that the people are satisfied, as evidenced by the government is the people trusted the government is worthy of the people rely on the government, if not treated, will people triggered discontent with the government, and this discontent soon increase, or even a country of serious civil unrest may occur, so no matter any country in dealing with disasters, are very serious very seriously, after the Wenchuan earthquake, Chinese government to make quick deployment of relief work, while troops also in the first It is within the disaster area, such a government such as Chinese army is completely trustworthy people, and the Chinese government in the earthquake relief in embodied sincerity and honesty but also let the world be moved, looking back at the Tangshan earthquake, when the Chinese also not completely open, so the face of the international assistance provided by the Chinese government refuse to the door, then I heard that in many countries after a major earthquake in Tangshan, China, have actively expressed their willingness to provide all possible help to China earthquake relief, but Chinese government completely rejected and, therefore, left a lot of regret, the international community rejected the Chinese government also feel sorry, and now the Chinese have open arms to embrace the world, the theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is “one World, one dream “and when the Wenchuan earthquake, China is the world with the Chinese government is not only fully accept all the assistance from the international community, but also offered assistance they need the international community, such as China, such a government such ruling party, can be said that only people worthy of trust, in the earthquake The work also adopted a completely transparent and open policy, just as Premier Wen said, all to the victims of all for disaster relief, earthquake relief in the matter, there is no need to issue a taboo, there is a problem we must solve, but also to open fair and equitable settlement, all under the supervision of the international community, the Chinese government has shown in relief in the real world touched and moved hundreds of millions of Chinese compatriots.China’s sincere, proved a disaster in China and in the world with, but also proved that China is working with the international practice, everything is completely transparent, as Premier Wen said, we welcome Chinese reporters around the world come to interview earthquake our government on disaster relief issues are open and transparent, because the Chinese believe that national news media will stand on the fair position of speech, so long as they do good, people are not afraid of evaluation and discussion, the Prime Minister’s words proved the Chinese people is not afraid of the shadow crooked, government performance in earthquake relief, can be so open in front of the world media, it is indeed China’s candid touched the world. Wenchuan after the earthquake, Premier Wen Jiabao braved the risk of aftershocks, view the situation in the earthquake-stricken areas, the deployment earthquake relief work, the Prime Minister of hair because of this huge disaster whiter than before, and each time China’s prime minister was to make progress happy and pleased, and each time China’s disaster but also to the Prime Minister moved heartache and sorrow, Chinese Premier every word, then every look voice of China is China’s eyes, all eyes are frank discourse and self-confidence, in Chengdu a hospital, suddenly saw the prime minister, feeling really warm and very excited, and I saw doctors as Premier Wen put on protective clothing, face with a cordial and concern came to a hospital bed, ask the patient cases, the patient is transferred from the earthquake came, so very concerned about Premier Wen Jiabao, friendly leaned asked in detail about the patient’s condition, and asked the doctors to cure the patient must pay these disaster areas, we must allow every disaster the people injured are discharged, to meet the future health of a better life, Premier Wen suddenly said to the doctor: “give me a piece of paper and Pen, I want to give these patients the disaster area to write something, encourage them to accept treatment, self-confidence to face the future, “the Prime Minister around doctors quickly brought pen and paper and handed Wen Jiabao, Premier Wen Jiabao looked down and saw, to take pen on paper carefully neat wrote this to say “stubborn raised his head, backs straight, forward, toward the future strong and survive – Wen Jiabao,” after the finish to the doctor, all doctors they looked at the prime minister to write the words have been moved to shed tears, and those patients are moved, Premier Wen Jiabao asked in detail about the other patients, and those working in the first line of relief doctors who conveyed the party and the government cordial greetings and best wishes, the Prime Minister went away, once again came to a child’s bedside, kind of took the child’s hand and said: “I believe Grandpa Wen, I believe that the government, you will certainly usher in a happy and beautiful again life.”Premier Wen’s words is the voice of the Chinese government, we are proud because we have such a kind and worthy of the prime minister, we have to make the world such a move by the Chinese government, the Chinese government not only moved the world frankly, it is the party and government share of affiliated people, through thick and thin and worried about the truth.