Chile Le Song

[Part One: Chik Le Song] cloudless blue sky blue sky, green grass and scenery at the foot of the Yinshan vitality constitutes a natural and beautiful Chile Chuan grassland.  Blue sky floating a few slices of white clouds, look, the piece of cloud like a mermaid, princess first floating ashore, looking at the beautiful prairie, curious and happy.After a child, a piece of stone like clouds drifted out, which also sat a man playing the flute, blowing up a bold and heroic prairie hymn ┈ At this time, the blue sky like a yurt, like the big cage covered vast grassland, yurts on the steppe like a parachute-like, to the vast prairie flowers laden with several flower.  Yin foot, there is a green “ocean”, far looked like day and grass are connected together, the sun high in the grasslands, shed bits and pieces of brilliance, all bright people on the prairie open voice, sang happy songs on the prairie and the wind whistling blowing, the new Kuang Shen Yi people, just straight backs grass, also stooped, like waves on the sea, like vague, sheep and cattle on the ranch emerged in the grass, they delight in eating grass.Feel very joyous.  I saw a vibrant, enthusiastic and unrestrained grasslands, I can not help facing the boundless steppes reciting poetry: In Chile Chuan Yin days seem Qionglu cage cover fieldwork.  Green and wild and vast wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep [Part II: Chile Le Song of Songs] Chile Chuan Yin rolling as if never the end of the same, whether you are still far looked into her side, she seemed came from the ancient, quiet like a wisdom of the wise, the enlightenment of all people in this land has; it seems to be a long queue, people here give infinite power.This is at the foot of a mountain range, a vast expanse of the Plains exhibit in front of you, which could be seen side.Nightlife Network if you have the opportunity, so that when you walk into the depths of this vast flat, you will be deeply for the great power of nature conquered, looking at the sky, there is no end, you and I seem so small, like one side of the endless canopy repression come, you and I looked over, everything is conquered.But you and I do not feel depressed, because we are this world’s people should express my deep admiration for him.  When our perspective down, looked up and looked around, an endless wilderness infinitely extended in front of you and me, across the green, a life, we remember with a kind affair, I love this piece of land, whether poor or rich, whether wild or light green eyes.I pay homage to, I can not help themselves, that flocks of sheep, the tall yurts, that green grass.  I love you this land!  [Part Three: Chik Le Song] I came on the vast grasslands, are attracted small voice.  That is the sound of bones Shuluo grass prairie from the underlying issued; and it was when the winds, Cao Jian and Yu Yun Yong mutual dance of sound.That is the human voice staggered world hear the whispers, people’s eyes and ears in the know always stop queue earthly glory, we have forgotten the more esoteric conversation on the Prairie.  I came to understand, in fact, dead already implicit in the story of the birth and death of nature’s ups and downs, people silently show all of this, notice the endless, also marshal water falling.People must be exhausted before a deep understanding of the spirit of life, but these terms every blade of grass on the prairie, spring and autumn Meng wilt, that is the situation right life.No reason showy length of their lives, not as a straw man, want nothing to germination, wilting nothing to regret anything, sucking a straw to suck the moisture and sunlight, accounting for the account of a grass land and do it is the responsibility of doing, then mud, perfecting the spring of next year will be the initiation of the grass shoots.  All the grass all of this, only prairie.  I continue to search for, where to make me more calm, where you can teach me more fluid; Hee interference in the world, has continued to disappoint.I know that anticipated, and the mountains of the waters had always attract me, but I Yanzhuo the.Hill’s calm, smooth achievement of water, the water generosity, feeding the people Hirano, grassland and sheep.  If rice flower next to the lands once to relieve my heart, not just hard-working farmer to make them so, but they are so Hirano and let water.If the mountains of Greenfield had to comfort me, it was the mountain of mind makes it so.If you open drop peach once in exchange for my chant, I have to be grateful, mountains, water, flowers, birds have completed ethics, for me the solution to the body of twine.  I did not see a single mountain, the mountain communities work together to quell the earth; nor did it see a lonely river, water Senju millipede meet all requirements.Did not have not wilt peach tone, they abide by the birth and death of the reason, let the seasons and the land complete story.  Rong is the duty of; dry, but also the duty.  Grassland in front of me, no doubt is a part of world ethics.This is a harmonious attracted me, but the day unwittingly vast mountain territory mood sitting, blowing over the prairie unwittingly, unintentionally bite the sheep with, and I did not wish to witness the.  At this point, I not only a piece of rock in the mountains, swimming is heavenly clouds; half-stem grass, cattle and sheep is also a body hairs.  People can not from the outside in the landscape.When I set off again, I was a walk in the grass, still wallowing in the mortal world for me, Evocation.  [Part Four: Chile Le Song] sun through the clouds, shines on the open prairie, there is a series of undulating black specks on the horizon, it is majestic stretch of Yinshan Mountains, runs through the end of the grassland.Rain is very abundant this year, it looks exceptionally lush grass, can not extraordinary knee.Yurt dozens of large and small, are arranged together to form a flow of the village, the sun sets, at the beginning outside the yurt emerge faint smoke.  A boy lying on a small mound, his eyes staring at the sheep in the distance, like a cloud of white clouds move slowly.Nima behind tall heap, together with a text carved stones are built, at the center of a pole stand, colorful ribbon extending down from the top, the top covered with a red ribbon, in grassland very eye-catching.  The boy chewing a reed, juice lips dyed light green, the distance came the waves of loud and clear voice, the boy knew it was Wu Shu cattle back, Wu Shu’s voice loud and clear, well known in the grasslands, with one song after another young Qing song, she touched the hearts and minds of countless young girls.Now older, although lack of strength, but still high-pitched voice.The little boy’s face flashed a look of joy, he knew the man himself waiting for the coming.  Time is running out, the allocation of shocked little boy hands in front of straw, heard the faint sounds of crickets, the sun went down soon, golden afterglow, making the whole mosaic of a prairie Phnom Penh, gradually pale to the evolution of bright red, savannah burning up in the sunset.”This is no time, how not to?”The boy muttered, scratching his scalp with your fingers, eyes nervously staring into the distance, one has happened, immediately sat up, like a marmot anxiety.  At the end of grassland, a fuzzy star lit up the sky gradually darkened, leaving only a touch of dark red hovering in the sky and finally landed struggled down.Prairie shrouded in pale blue, stars began to wake up from a dream, gradually began to blink.The boy’s teeth biting his lips, in the top left a shallow imprint, he looks depressed, looking at the dark grass daze.  A burst of cold wind blowing, the boy made a shivering, feeling trembling, rubbed his sleepy eyes, blurred vision became gradually clear up.Far from a familiar figure, he ran up to his ears vaguely heard his name.The boy lived restrain the joy of my heart, stood up and came forward, even soil his pants did not take a clean.  ”How do you come?”The boy took the girl’s hand and ran to the next Nima rubble, two people out of breath, the girl with the back rub a bit of sweat from his forehead and said:” I was helping grandmother to milk the cows, just finished thing.”The girl paused and said:” Today I find you have something important to do?And he went so far?”The girl knew Nima heap big people dating, vows place.  The boy’s face was hot, he regretted some of his bold, the girl about to this place.The boy looked down at his toes, hesitated, nails unconsciously Kouzhao dead hand.”Me, I want to give you a gift.”The boy hold for a long time, only to spit out a word.Girls “Oh,” a cry of squeak, water Lingling eye reveals a curious boy looked up and down.”You close your eyes, held out his hand.”Said the boy, the girl did, nervously twitching nose.”Well no ah?”The girl impatient, suddenly fell on the palm of your hand, came the wet sticky feeling.  She hastily opened his eyes and found a frog drum with cheek, staring at her woodenly.Girl scream, and then run the floor chasing the boy, “How dare you bully me!” ‘I, I did not mean ah’ boy while muzzled laugh, while gasped:” I just managed to catch the.”The boy kept circling around Nima heap behind the heels of the girl’s footsteps,” You have nothing to say!”The boy panted, stroking his chest, feeling his heart as if from the mouth spit it out.The boy sat down in the grass, his hands tied behind their backs suddenly was the girl on his forehead bitterly chisel a few explosive Li.  ”I hate, hurts me!”The boy rubbed his hand to his head, shouting to.  ”Deserve!Who told you to bully me?”The girl finished, stood up, slapping him in the mud,” I have to go back, the grandmother told me to go home for lunch.Tomorrow I find you to play this game.”The girl could almost hear the cries of mothers anxiety, a seat sheep yurt lit oil lamps, dim lights through out.A pot of stew steaming, Abba at a person sitting at the table, drinking stuffy wine.  Suddenly the boy pulled the girl’s arm, a little surprised girl, boy restrained smile, said solemnly: “I have one thing to give to you.”The boy finished, roll up their sleeves, stroked under a bunch of variegated gem bracelet from the wrist, the middle there is a tiny pearl.  ”Why are you ah?This is not your last birthday you?”The girl stared at the hands of bracelets, puzzled and asked.  ”Yes ah, I give you a good souvenir.”The boy’s face showing a trace of sentimentality,” I will follow tomorrow Abba them out of here.””Where are you going?”The girl stared, as if unable to believe that this statement is that from the boy’s mouth.The girl’s face emerge with a look of chagrin.  ”I do not know, I heard Mom say, we have to go south, there is very lively, everything.””what?”Depressed girl’s face slowly evolved into sadness,” That I will not see you yet?”The girl said with a tearful voice.  ”No, I’ll be back often to see you.”The boy slapped each of the offerings, but when saying this, the boy appears weakly, lack of confidence.  ”You go, I’ll miss you.”The girl thought for a long time, suddenly pop out of his mouth this way, the boy made some blush.  ”Ah, I’ll miss you.”The boy can not think of how to answer, so one can only stall.Distance came the sharp cries, the female name.”I have to go home for lunch.”The girl finished, the bracelet ends up in his pocket, softly say goodbye to the boy, then only a boy sitting in the grass, looking at the girl’s back in a daze, not long afterwards, then got up to go home for dinner.  Passing through the center of the yurt patch of open space, it has been found to set up a bonfire, sturdy wood in the crackling of burning, and occasionally one or two bursts Mars.”Tonight will meet to decide the.”The boy silently talking about, he knew it was a major event logo.  That summer, Xianbei cavalry fighting all the way, crossed the Yellow River, the dream finally came to the Central Plains area, they were surprised to here the bustling and prosperous, will take root here down, slowly forgotten that the vast prairie.Only once recounting folk still remember, there was a vast grassland in mind, a boy lying on a small hill, with his recitative a simple folk song: “green and wild and vast, wind-swept pastures cattle and sheep.”