Children to heaven, please accept a teacher’s confession

Children, you do not let that bloodstained hands, trembling in the rubble heap.Looked at it, the teacher’s heart is trembling.When playing the piano you have to survive the teacher’s pointer, roar, your delicate little hand is trembling so, you can have no complaints, no anger, yet over and over again to complete the tedious play.Boy, if you can come back, I will not ask you to play the strength, intensity, as long as you make casual percussion young heart happy and carefree.Children, do not let your bruised deformed feet, struggling in the ruins.It also looked at the teacher’s heart, such as steel needle sticks, once you put into it pink shoes on the ground himself rotated into a beautiful lotus.Several consecutive hours rumba, cha-cha, oozing bloodshot watching your little feet, the teacher never let you stop, your dogged persistence with tears in his face.Boy, if you can come back, I will not let you endless splits, the hips, even if your actions as stupid ugly duckling, I want you to go really set the pace on the ground real joy flower.Children, you do not let the cheap earrings, shimmering in landslides in.You can see the teacher’s eyes overflowing with tears.I was in front of the whole class take off your earrings, that you dress up like a nondescript street girl.Strong self-esteem you, I mean only the face of the silent revolt.Just the next day and I bought a pair to wear.I simply take off the gloves invited your parents and say uneducated people dressed as this Mo Yang.Boy, if you can come back, you’re playing ten pierced ears, hang a bunch of bells, I must abandon all discipline, rules, let you enjoy the flash assertive youth on campus.?Children, do not let your short blond hair, disheveled crevices in the rocks.Look at it, the teacher Ganchangcunduan.Your first explosion, was forced to cut me to the Church and State Department, also said humiliate you have the ability to play roller skating, doing fast men, not on campus, “the ugly man trouble” to make trouble.You wore a nondescript gold “board inch”, where teachers unhappy for a long time.Boy, if you can come back, you’re hot head into a turkey feather, dyed green I like, as long as you fearless youth stylish, happy boundless.My child, you finally did come back.Before leaving clutching the calligraphy pen, must have taken away the teacher’s criticism, but fortunately no one will criticize you in heaven handwriting was poor; you are still seen as leaving the instrument, you must also take the teacher to write reviews, but fortunately no one in heaven say your writing dull, redundant Da.My child, you should not go so heavy, please accept a teacher’s confession okay!(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) child, you finally go, teachers and even had no chance to turn over a.There did not finish the job, did not finish the exam boil; you do not play the piano every day, do week in and week practicing dance; you are free to wear earrings, dyed blond, enjoy hot blast head, wearing a jacket beggar.Come on, boy!Forget the teacher’s criticism, forget the heavy school time.Good sleep in heaven, happy Internet!