Children sky

On blue sky Youran drifting wisp of white cloud, sniffing the air that children exclusively soft soil intoxicating fragrance, gentle sunshine hanging over this piece of land charming, very warm, non-glare, just right.Children lying there in the golden fields of sunflowers, golden silky soft feel of the breeze gentle touch.Children looked bright blue top of that, he decided, he would take the place of his beloved blue sky forever exist in his world.    Increasingly blue sky, the sun smiled, transparent gradient of the day.    Watching the sun gradually faded in the sky, the child’s grandmother’s voice sounded ears, the child looked at the sky was like a burning flame, they would go and sit smoke transitory man ran up this place.Loving grandmother and his family, and his favorite sister waiting for him.    ”See you run, like a wolf chasing you like in the back.”The sister standing in the doorway with jokes, rub a little child with the back of his sticky forehead, looking happy, smiling sister, trance feeling, really beautiful, like a patch of sky the same.    May day, but not so hot, that there is a trace of fresh.After nightlife network hurried dinner, the children pulled her sister went to the fields of sunflowers patch of the vast, light-colored dark blue and the black wave formed a month, little stars floating in the waves in that exudes clear light.    Sister behind children bent over rough panting, looked up, it was this glowing streamer to sky fascinated, forget the accusations that her brother headache.Finally recovered, he saw his brother “creak” biting the petals on their own with a smile.    There are two figure throughout the Flower Festival in chasing the moonlight, slapstick, grandmother leaned against the door with a smile solace.    When the day of the vague gray dawn, the sun and moon and stars faded with the advent of the figure, “bit -” shrill whistling sound broke the quiet part of the morning, the child’s parents are very proud of driving cars driving into the village, won in a whistling sound also seems to be your own master Wu-hyun.Children not willing looked at the patch of sky in the hope that it forever imprinted in his mind.”This child day there any good ah, there is no ah, those high-rise city what it would look nice, come on, do not waste time, really.”Parents impatient voice in the ears, the child looked back to her grandmother, only to find that her grandmother was invaded goes full years gully face do not know when stained with a few drops of crystal.And sister but is desperately waving to cover the loss of their own eyes.He reluctantly stepped into this iron monster’s stomach.    In this full of hustle and bustle of the city, children sad to find that he had not found a piece of pure land.But he was there the slightest hope to despair, because there are sister, grandmother, and, as well as part of his piece of the sky waiting for him.    He finally once again stepped into the so-called “car” tin trunk, he can finally return to the patch of paradise.He was full of hope thinking area of the sky, that country’s breath.    Fragrance can look at the car, greeted by not returning to the earth, but a decadent atmosphere it deteriorate.    Once the low eaves hut was gone, replaced by a building of reinforced concrete into the rainforest.    Once the soft mud and barking dogs had disappeared, replaced by a whistling sound hard and harsh asphalt road.    Once happy, smiling and loving grandmother’s sister was gone, replaced by a black and white photograph indifferent faces and hung hall.    Piece sunflower field disappeared, beautiful piece of mighty sky was gone, looking at the gray sky, the child can not stop the Bay of sorrow from the heart to the throat.    In a new city, a car is the rapid passing, raised quite a dust.This child was choking the residual gas, blushing, tears falling, this dust of tears, “Pata” sound instantly buried in the ground, without a trace.    Looking in the fog of the city in less than self, can not be proven true road, through the layers of the maze until they find that they are not completely trouble to pursue their own search, but a virtual image, will lead people to inescapable swamp.    I wonder why day of May how suddenly become extremely hot, people feel oppressed on the verge of choking it?