Children long line

The vagaries of the weather suddenly heat up, feeling desperate after losing the season gradual, I have not had time to take off the sweater, colorful?Shirt swagger up on the street.Listening to music on weekends, I rummaging through the pack with seasonal clothes.A heavy old plastic bag “splash” fell out of the closet, open it was actually a few pairs of thick insole.This is what Mother stitch well, after several transfer sent, I had slipped my mind.My expensive shoes, when pad insole been so clumsy it, I really do not know how long they have been left out of the.”.Then wiped his shoes for the children, for the children and then sew seam buckle.Children traveling thousands of miles tugging at her mother’s heartstrings.”Listening to the soulful singing Yan Weiwen, carrying a thick insole, heart Yang Qi slowly warmth, eyes hazy.How long did not go home to visit his mother, and her mother was busy with what?It does eligible Bei, satisfied insoles?Dial phone, happy mother’s voice came from the end of the line line.”Oh, you buy a shirt, just the upper body today, you Ershen incredibly envious.Ha ha.”The proud mother, ramble, but it struck me ashamed.That was last summer to his mother to buy a shirt in my closet hung idle in vain for six months, in deepest winter remembered to take home to mother.Mother hard raising us, for us to do a lifetime of clothing, a piece of clothing I let the old man waited a year to wear to the body.Mother perennial labor there is always so much to needlework children.Although we have been married, the mother did not wear long clothes, but any bits and pieces of cloth, clothes in every mother in handy.I remember when the young family seven people, all year round clothing, footwear full count on his mother hand-stitched.The 1970s, in the multi-family population, particularly tenacious life of a piece of clothing, “a new three-year old for three years sewing for another three years,” grow into young children from wearing Relay.Mother worked hard all day still keep up with our growth rate, even the toes do not want to suffer a bit aggrieved, often bursting of the upper demonstrations to his mother, in the hot summer, when forced to go to school barefoot altogether.In all needlework, the shoes is probably the most tedious, time-consuming longest labor process.In particular, the thick Melaleuca, a procedure should be patient and meticulous production to fit.I remember how many quiet night, oil lamps, such as beans, scattered with yellow halo of light, we lie on the square table doing their homework, mother to child outside the house cluttered belongings neat finish, and then by the dim light mend starched.The remaining mother gruel brush evenly over the rectangular panel, the cloth clothes torn, care formation, a layer adhered to the panel, the compaction.Lighting the mother hunched countersunk busy upon the wall, actually as tall thin body, just like cow struggling tillage tireless.Other hard, the eligible Bei very dry, the mother must attack sporadic time out, cut by gentile good sole with white gauze wrapping the layers made up Melaleuca prototype, then cut on the bias unfurled Hemming, dense needle slit.Etc. This series of preparatory work to do in order to draw out the entire effort Carolina Melaleuca.Mother Na Xiedi pose the most beautiful.Especially in the rainy day, not to work in the fields, taking advantage of humid air, the most suitable satisfied Melaleuca.Mother calmly brought out a full set of equipment – encompassing sewing basket, sitting on a low stool in the main room threshold, inviting long thin bark child, leaned on the leg line mahjong.Uniform thin twine gradually stretched between the mother’s legs and hands, legs soon rub mother was red.Outside, the rain line dense to fall, quickly gathered into a muddy stream, walk around in the hospital.House, mother humming a little song, soles flip up and down in the left hand, twine back and forth on the right hand.For a moment, take off his arms like yanchi, a shake freely stretch; for a moment, his hands like a bird pecking head, go-between in the Melaleuca, is entirely a narcissistic way.At this point, I always forget the hands of the job, turned and quietly gazing mother, mother silently in the hearts of sketching, a tight one with eyes closed twine, focusing on a pair of flexible dancing mother’s hand, that was tempered too coarse twine fingers wrapped around a thick blanket that no longer bleeding wound it.When the rain swept over the outside of the foot when the mother is satisfied that the arrangement had been the sole neat, dense pins.If the day and night working towards, a pair of new shoes was born, at least a week to spend time mother.Especially in the new semester of the first morning, we get up at four siblings eyes open, to see the bed placed in new clothes, shoes and socks, mend the bag, I was surprised to find his mother excited cheering tired face, rough dry finger wrapped in tape with oozing blood, that hand is undoubtedly Le twine broken.When we Melaleuca wear warm, comfortable bottom, step by step toward the school facing the sun, occasionally looking back, behind the fleet watched our mother was gone, eyes flowing with silent exhort, filled with the warm morning on face.So Flash is more than ten years, our feet Melaleuca worn another pair, we go to school away from home more and more distant.I remember that summer into the city school.Mother braved the heat for me to do new bedding.At noon that day, the hospital in tall plane trees hold up the green sun umbrella, blocking the shade of a half yard.Noisy cicadas burst then burst on to the treetops, the siesta sleepy touch on people’s long and weary.Mother mat spread under the shade, expand cotton gave me new bedding.Mother always likes to break away from the long line of children, sew a line from one to the other.I do not sew, can only help threading.In order to ensure a sufficient length of the wire, but not so long remaining thread, I “field measurements” from one run to another wire holding head embodiment.Quilt is light blue background, between large green lotus leaves dotted with blossoming lotus.Mother leaned over and sat on Feizhenzouxian, like a shuttle boat in the lake.I really love this white lotus, she took a paper lying on the seam where the mother had carefully painted.When I was proud of his paintings, his mother would like to show off, was surprised to find a gray hair lying quietly on a lotus leaf, that really is the mother of white hair?Looked up only four years old mother, actually seemed so old, pull wire arms meal meal, totally unlike in previous years so satisfied Melaleuca Brisk chic.The mother worked hard all day gradually aging, but we beat their wings fly higher and farther.Wasted years, life is a dream.Mother has spent 65 years during the mother’s needlework done countless children, mother’s fingers wound through the endless line of children stretches, we can not compute.Dante said: “There is a most beautiful sound in the world, and that is the call of the mother.”Romain Rolland said:” Motherhood is a huge flame.”And I want to say, there is a long line between the mother and the children, the mother in this head, the children at the other end.Whether her children go away, enveloped in mother followed, worried eyes.