Couple bathing lead to death!Because ignoring this thing

  At 10:08 on December evening right on the 7th floor of Shenzhen Nanshan Area with villages, a pair of young couples in the rental, bathing process, because even ignored the reason was killed。
  The couple was killed in Chongqing。 Around 8 10 pm, the two together in the 7th floor rental。
However, the process of taking a bath, because the combustion gas is not sufficient, resulting in a。
This colorless, odorless gas, resulting in two deaths。
  Police advise: Winter Note the use of qualified and well-ventilated, especially rental owners be sure to spare security measures。 If you know someone who use gas water heater, please remind him (her), the winter cold at the same time, but also to pay attention to safety, when spare security measures, not because of an oversight, leaving behind irreparable regret。   How to prevent?  1, or gas should be installed in the outdoor ventilation; 2, should keep good indoor ventilation, especially in winter rain, fog; 3, it should be noted that gas or proper use and maintenance; 4, gas furnace should on top of non-combustible materials around Do not place flammable materials; 5, when continuous auto-ignition gas stove does not ignite, it should wait a moment, let already out of the ignition after gas emission; 6, the use of gas, should smell before smell gas, make sure that no leak before you can use。   How some people do Chinese medicine treatment 1, the cause of the disturbance burning: the case of foreign evil, are poison, evil nature is fire。   Performance: Easy on fleeing the burning brain, disrupting the gods。
"Brain is the sea of marrow"。 Marrow is uncertain lightheadedness, dizziness, and even the unconscious。
  Treatment: detoxification refreshing。
  2, liver wind causes: the burning of the evil lag in the body, easily Shangyin liquid consumption may cause liver deficiency, tendons dystrophy, virtual wind; or extremely hot wind。
  Performance: limbs twitch, muscle tremor。
  Treatment: cool the liver Xifeng。
  3, Yin Yang dried off causes: the burning of the evil, damage Yin Ye, yin yang nothing to rely on, gas off death yang。
  Performance: limb atrophy soft, sweating, irritability, shortness of breath and other micro。
  Treatment: Yin Yang deficiency。
  4, liver and kidney meridians to recuperate lost due to: the late disease, liver and kidney, Yinxue the meridians lost in Ruyang。   Performance: limb numbness heartless, not flaccid paralysis。
  Treatment: Liver Yin。
  5, QDBS cause: "chronic illness will be empty, chronic illness will be stasis"。 Late disease, Qi also unable to run the blood, resulting in poor blood circulation, blood stasis, meridians dystrophy manifestations: numbness and pain。   Treatment: Yiqihuoxue。