Childhood listening to the book interesting

There neighbor from home to inform rural areas and the rise of a shadow sing singing.I suddenly remembered a childhood of listening to the book interesting.    As the head a few times too young to listen to books she listens to sleep.So after listening to a winter he did not trouble to understand the big Xiang Yu and Zhang Fei who strength.    Seven years old, which is the first year of the Cultural Revolution, winter, spring has a distant cousin was blind, just northeast back soon, spring home that day to look aunt.After the rain through the air outlet there are a few people secretly find math night blind fortune, ask future.We are pleased to blind those who seek effectiveness Gua, Gua each have a shake citing explain in detail.For example, see “Dragon was bit”, interspersed period of JiangTaiGong income asparagus tiger; see “boat was water”, it tells a walk Liu Nanyang.Chatting chatting a few people fascinated, and began to sing the blind man begged for a book.I turned down a few blind understatement touched, “three-stringed lute” creaking tune while “tapping” a few bombs get married, cleared his throat opening sermon: “the words of all the people came to the door Zhu Xian array, is the East saw a hanging sword Zhu Xian, Legend of the south hang one kill, due west.”Blind articulate, mellow voice, Banjo-playing or, to talk while singing tightly closed at a junction to a grinding halt.To listen to the book people are emotional, she begged and then goes on to talk.The blind man said this book ten days twenty days speech about them, of you want to hear is better to look for the captain to discuss the matter, give me your money and get some tea, my eight children to tell you that a few days.Several people it will afford a good position.The next day everybody wear a half-day with this thing really ground the captain.    Winter is the season of idle rural, long night Biede people uncomfortable.Small Youth Camp which heard the “excitement”, more than a dozen cold day, two Shiji Li also went to see, even went to the local fancy glances to finish also enjoyable.Sometimes people went to the camp to inquire about a child, so when I heard that the locals did not return, but next time, or listen to go.Sometimes ghost trouble also lies put out the letter head, kind of depressing to see outside the village Baipaoyitang, Ge Jige clapping hop music Highlands.At that time people suppressed for too dull life is so boring.Thus, no matter what “fun” are welcomed by the masses.    Open a book the first night rain kang kang at home, outbuildings back room crowded with people listening to the book.Blind display their skills with hand and mouth, the word level, between libretto said between singing, vivid, warm, and Mao.A period of “chaos Daji towards” a house right person joy, anger Cross, stunned, silent.Brake units waiting for ages still standing there stupidly straight.Nightlife net Thereafter, eat dinner every day people had long ago come together to urge the blind man said earlier, the blind always unhurried, calmly, timely stations brake opening time.One to two guys and got to know the blind, the blind men Chap “package koan” before and after the positive word, a small piece “Romance Sword”, “Fugitive” and the like.Both to meet the requirements of the audience and lifted everyone’s appetite.Hou then less educated rural people, some of the most historical knowledge from storytelling, theater come in.Camp yard in the past few storytellers Carpenter Please, tell the blind people than simply a bad days to go.Unfortunately, this blind grandfather said, if the street where (County) said that library visits certainly earn some good money.Because listening to library books are rich man.To sit next to a square table, the waiter immediately brew a pot of tea, while tea while listening to a book, listen more than happy to throw a few sub-child care.Grandfather worked for “trading house manager”, and have seen major aspects of society, let him call a good thing not many.Grandpa does not pull every game I have followed every day, and can help Grandpa prestige sitting on white picket fence.    The increasing number of people listening to the book, the neighboring village late cold Oh man to stand outside the window listening.    Ten days later instant.That night blind lounged look too happy, going to stir a few times when opening sanxian said: “take the words of Huang Feihu colored oxen, led by captains ran off Lintong.” ‘Tapping’ ‘saying Huang Feihu sit colored oxen, led by captains ran off Lintong.” ‘Tapping’ ‘.’Five or six consecutive times not repeated below.An audience anxious and asked: “Sir, before dawn princes Huang able to do Tongguan?”Blind man sighed and said:” Tate’s husband to eating three a year can not arrive Potato Tongguan the.”We hear Hualiyouhua, repeatedly questioned did not know blind dinner wronged.A few guys apart from anything else, take the leg to condemn people Guanfan, Guanfan they said was acting captain Feng’s life.    It turned out to be caused by two small young.On the morning of pick just twice manure, two little young for the debate on the “Lao” severe or “the original Senior” severe and picked up the pole.Captain looked anxious, and ordered two people to write checks to team sites.Ministry team is keeping homes, burned a hot white picket fence all day.They have to lie on a white picket fence laughed, saying that this treatment is good tomorrow we two also quarreled.