Childhood friend

Part One: childhood friends “heard the call childhood friend.”When you hear this song Sun Yue, all of a sudden my thoughts back to the patch of the field, when the park there.Again think of home, I think of that piece of the field again, I think when there’s partners.Where you now?Fear is already changed its appearance, scattered in their own lives!  Childhood friend, really smile that day, that sincere language of children, emerged in front.Childhood friend, ah, how are you?You gone?If it would appear in your dreams my little shadow, if you will remember that you flow with the nose and talk about the future, together to steal jujube summer afternoon in the little girl, does it in a song Back to the field piece of childhood, if there want to return to childhood, childhood friend to see strong idea in one afternoon, whether at the time think of these heart blunt blunt pain, nausea inexplicable.  That was the beginning of life most pure friendship, that water as pure friendship ah!Stay in my memories, printed in my life, I dreamed, how many childhood dreams, hold up your hands, smile ever.Grassland seats, birds and insects as partners, your flowers inserted in my head, dreams of becoming a fairy tale princess.Hi!The little groom, do you remember your childhood do little bride?!A child has been eating sweet potato fragrant now, that bright glass balls, through time and space is still way until my eyes.The toy is little, but we still did not stop blooming smile.  Childhood friend ah!We Chikuma at the turn, and now you remember me?Our unique sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, our laughter and tears together, now you remember?Our agreement, there have been vows, and now you remember?Long time no see, you ah ends of the earth, and now these days?Once the story interwoven, who is now kept in the dark mood?Chong is not the time to talk about memories, not pull away, but it can not go back childhood.Listening to those songs when young, there is always a deep sense of sadness haunting.Time flies, ma’am, sky still bright, laughing as if still in the ears, can those already familiar figure gradually blurred.    Part II: wrote childhood friend really lamented the like water, unconsciously, you and I had growing up, just like you said, love to remember those lost years, those who have had good day, memories of frolicking with us.Now just where to look for traces of the past.Nightlife net no matter how our future lives, we are no longer naive, past the rhetoric, Top Gun only our childhood dream.As innocence and naive away from us when we have been into the thirties, is not it, most of our companions have become man’s wife, a mother, only you and I are still struggling to pursue.Sometimes, when the loneliness and solitude hit, I really want to have their own home, they have their own warm little nest and a love themselves; sometimes they want to own so alone and go, come the world that end.Since it embarked on this road of suffering, why should accompany How about you let others.But in any event, and it was led by the nose fate, I am not willing.  Since we came to this world, no matter how the road, we should be brave enough to go on.Each person has different troubles, why should we let some annoyance in our lives it.Since life is so short, let us learn to love yourself.Maybe a few years later, then come back to, we will live this nostalgia.  I still do not know what to write, maybe when we white-haired, we will be relatively silent, past all dream, years of vicissitudes in our face lined, just say to himself: old, we really of old.  In this beautiful night, so that we can bless each other for each other, right, good luck!    Part III: accidental childhood friend back home, to see past partners, filled with emotion, my childhood friend and is not as common as some of the topics Ten years ago, twenty years ago as more like extra special meeting has lots to talk about the topic, it seems a little embarrassed when we meet, the topic did not know where to start.Yes, ah, things such as the Bureau of new chess game, ah, the years of this ruthless knife has been my childhood friend and carved into a middle-aged man, although we face in the world, but hundreds of miles apart, but, it seems entirely two worlds.  In my childhood friend, there are also flown go to big cities, have a BMW Dream Car, fortune get people die like.But partners in the home village of a lot of people seem unhappy.There is a student lover had cancer, Fortunately, after miraculously healed well, but also spent a lot of effort in exchange for money.There is also a distant brother, heard his wife but also because of cancer, he never returned to earth.The worst is yet to come, one of my classmates, because in a big city to work, to do is to scrub the walls of the building to the city to work, because the rope breaks, abruptly fell to the ground from high up the work space , a living person so instantly vanish.I first heard the news, at first surprised, then very sorry for them, and finally had to lament their misfortune: they did not obtain a university, not even admitted to the college, which would have a less fortunate people, why can fate so they make fun of it.But we were young together play a good partner, ah, we do with the pistol, together catch spies, play the four corners of children, cattle together.Though the fate of a little different, we are not all the same sustenance of hope: they want to have more children, and want to do a little house, I want to smooth some of the career, want to publish their own books, in fact, this is very normal, in fact, I wish all soft targets, to achieve its merits, can not achieve the overall situation has nothing to do.However, the fate of God why would you kind of tease me childhood friend ah?In rural areas they already feel fate is not very good, but why let them feel sad it?  Although the news media reported that there is a change in rural areas, but in rural areas then why not change in change, urban, urban change even faster.That being said, I am more for me who live in rural areas and sad childhood friend.