Childhood dream

Part One: Childhood dream childhood dream like colorful balloons, may be doomed to the fate of three kinds, one is flying a dream, a dream one is spilled gas, and finally is broken dreams.  — From “Purple Link mood essay” The Carousel remember the first carousel ride is when the sixth grade, then moved to the Plaza of the carousel, previously not seen on TV, is heard people say, but his never been in, very, very yearning, especially beautiful story behind it, the legend of the vast continent of Europe, the spread of an ancient and beautiful fairy tale, fairy tale prince on a white horse, to distant lands to meet his bride.At that time more fairy tale look, my heart is always especially those yearning for the prince and princess, eager to one day be able to wait for their prince on a white horse to meet his.Now not only see, have a chance to sit, I made my mother asked me to go sit Trojans, but his mother said: I’m not a child, but also to play things for children to play is also afraid of a joke, my heart’s hope so It was broken, but after a lapse of many days and my aunt to go shopping, I finally got his wish to get on the merry-go my heart at that moment I feel very happy, because I fulfilled his childhood when a beautiful dream.  Up to now I still like the carousel, not because I’m naive, but it is stable, calm, like my life now, I do not like too exciting, too thrilling things, such as a roller coaster, pirate ship, etc. Every time I take I fear death, he felt his heart jump out from the mouth like I do not like this feeling extremely, extremely insecure.Too vigorous life, it gives me a sense of emptiness could not catch anything, but instead just plain quiet life only realistic.The nature of life like water, although there is no more thirst-quenching taste but, more real.  After the small toe high heels, high heels, thin, light glowing on the ground, crisp sound, it was after watching “Cinderella” I dream of a Mei Mei’s heart, I long for the day I can wear Cinderella’s glass slipper on to my prince, and his elegant dance.Later, I will participate in the work, they begin to buy a wide variety of high-heeled shoes for myself, because of my petite stature, but also more suitable to wear high heels, do not wear high heels more non.Daphne high-heeled shoes is my favorite, it’s with each pair are tall and thin, specially designed shoes are always beautiful, especially the decorative side of the shoe, there is an extremely beautiful toe.However, with their own gradually growing, slowly found inconvenient to wear high heels, long shopping stroll foot pain, especially in poor crowded bus, no seats stood more uncomfortable, and gradually began to no longer buy high-heeled shoes, began to wear flat shoes and shoes, high heels are no longer as before so beloved, until now seldom wear high heels, became random and is no longer deliberately demands on themselves to change some habits, and ultimately failed to get their own training to become an elegant and sophisticated girl.  Those years of wearing high heels walk, makes me feel, will never forget, it’s like a bridge for some time I was growing up in the final step in the past, round the longing for a better childhood fairy tale, the prince and Cinderella’s glass slipper yearning.Nightlife Network chapter II: childhood dream of that year, junior high school has not graduated second uncle, uncle have come to our house, where half years to eat a pound of pork, the family suddenly has added two people to eat, this the constraints of life at home had become stretched even more, since it began to look at the mother’s brow not the slightest light the way, another way of saving the mother always work, so that even every meal with rice and pickles had to be planned with the cut a few bubbles meal radish pickled vegetables.  With the orders of his father and grandmother of the young uncle who push the plane all day, chopping wood, carpentry dry out.The mother is at home, he grabbed the fields, with a jingle sister said, “Mom dug Tianying Chen fog in the morning, in the evening Tam basket sling dark road home.”Because of poverty at home, I have not actually stove high due to lack of nutrition Height 9-year-old, however, is such a ‘Little’ had swept cooking at home after school with my sister, cutting grass pig, pigs manual labor.In my memory of those days, only at night lying in bed board I can feel the touch of smooth Italian, playing in a dream his father had told me about the fruit Hill Park in a small plane, pleasure boats, night so repeat those cheerful pleasant dreams, so tired during the day and scattered body skeleton with a little bit of physical recovery.  Often heard my father, uncles about the town’s people and things, which makes me even more curious to city life and desire, always look forward to the day can go and see the world outside the mountain.Primary school I gradually began to weave their own future in mind, no longer crying chickens and ducks after school when it involves buffalo go home, “the Commander” is not to gather wood, not to pick mulberry leaves,.I will be able to flee the countryside, fled Jintai this mountain town.In those days the headland I have often sat or long-established figure, looking at some of the little friends are dressed clean and beautiful, the three hoop rolling on three two go hand in hand, playing with water gun.As for me, just once again standing in the open field or hill side, “Am I on to this rotten ragweed sling inseparable from it?”I cried unbridled growled.Xiaojiu not wear cloth of a card that is from long to short pants I wear for three years, and later became wear high waist pants, carrying on that ass is often a “heart” shape patch.Not to feed the pig, which I have become kneeling bench beaten by her mother mulberry sliver reason to play, “Georgia I, you want wanderers sought-after, comfortable playing, give me a hard read, you do not see one of those bespectacled intellectuals, can not eat rice pen back the sun over the mountains.You lazy thing, changed loach afraid mud paste eyes.”In the lesson sticks and curse the sound of his mother’s blanket I had to ‘take the initiative’ to continue up the hill carrying a sling to cut ragweed.Kulei resentment in the poor days, young mind also often give birth to a little sigh, “Why do I live in the countryside, if living in the city that more than good!Also eat the father said pot pot (pot), and the city’s children can play in the same holiday park accompanied by their parents to go.”Ignorant childhood years, it was finally fled the dream of rural farming life that the status quo of the Year after year’s smash hit.During that time I kept the young convert the role of life, let ducks, and next-door neighbor MO Yong will carry over rocks in stone JINWOZI help plow through, and the other end of the house exchanged views stubborn cattle, and corn pulse and made a splash scolded me a Landrace pig manure, crop heard bloom at night.  Children living in rural areas in their hearts all have a similar dream, the most simple desire most sincere thoughts than to walk into town to see what Japan can watch the busy mobile landscape, look at that tall buildings Neon flashing night.Childhood life, though already past years, but that period of life experiences made me know how to cherish everything.And in my heart I am more grateful that ordinary rural life, it gave me honest, simple, give me self-esteem and dauntless, to my plants, Bansi half thread of deep gratitude and incomparable treasure, to my Unlimited cordial and love life.