Childhood delicious

Childhood delicious childhood, the family was poor.Flour and only when the celebration to eat a few tons, as meat, eggs, etc., only when they are sick is our luxury.But there are two delicious can enjoy for some time, I have wanted to come mouthwatering.    First, Atriplex Spring in March, where flexible branches, they peeped stars bud, “the number of points Xiaolei deep red, new green shoots between a heavy”.Do not get me wrong, it is not a new green leaves, but the elm, also known as Atriplex, elm tender fruit.Do not surrounded by red flowers, green leaves without the need of companionship, without the slightest hesitation and swagger, as if overnight, like a string of Jasper will be encrusted branches of Atriplex.    Look, ah, their houses small village, far from the fields, Goukan roadside, Zhu Zhu, a piece of lush elm, like the peacock, showing a green plume.In the spring rains, they are more fresh Tsui dripping, like bonsai carved, decorated with a small village; also deemed supported on the vast land of green umbrella to protect the people in the fields of hard farming.Warm wind, carrying a rich, fruity and pleasant, enjoy pervaded on the waves Green wheat field.    In that barren years, the lean days of Atriplex to the party, the children cheered, elm revel in the real spring in Chunhua.Abstract Atriplex farm baby who, Stock your wicker basket, a long bamboo pole tied sharp sickle, some children get rid of the shoes, holding the trunk, like little monkeys whiz to climb gone then squatted high the Shucha Shang, the wind shaking branches, the little monkey with the wind shaking, scared people on the ground a large bow of the head in the corner, yelling: “pay close attention!””do not move!”” Come down!”.Tree child has done a grimace, a stroke Atriplex to cover her mouth, stroking eating, dyed green mouth also succeeded Green.Waves of innocent laughter, rippling over the small village, like birds flying from tree-lined room, mildly sweet.    I remember I was often side edge pick Atriplex sheep, sunset, people Duer drum, Yang Du children round, basket full Duer.Atriplex picking more, put it steamed, cooked Atriplex not only more delicious than raw food, and can be stored for a long time.That piece of jade coins like fresh elm, and the cornmeal with the right amount of garlic, oil, salt and other seasonings, then placed in a large steaming pot, smoke curl, and pretty soon, it was made into a large pan of Atriplex aromatic mother overflowing Atriplex rice.We filled each bowl, with relish to eat, like to see our father and mother devour the way while he is not willing to eat, in our repeated requests he will slowly took the chopsticks, tasted lightly father, mother and makes a product, suddenly happiness accompanied plume elm incense filled the small farm house in Chunyiangran.    Second, the cicada monkey in our hometown, the cicada larvae called “cicada monkey”.This is delicious everyone hometown favorite, “iron rice bowl” era, people often “do not know meat in March”, after the wheat harvest in early summer every year, a large number of first emerged cicada monkey, became the people to satisfy their craving to eat delicacies.    Cicada monkey catch substantially three periods: sunset, and evening twilight.Sunset, the weather becoming cooler, people about to call it a day hot hard day at this time of cicada monkey is quietly staying underground vertical cave, leaving only a hole the size of the nest-like, to spy out the situation.So at this time to catch cicada monkey must be carefully observed ground, found the nest shaped like a small black hole thin as onion skin, gently with your fingers to poke the hole will likely be wide open enough to tolerate your finger, fingers encountered, cicada monkey will use its front legs as hard pincers vise your finger, you can take advantage of it out.But also some cicada monkey fails to cooperate, not only do not cater to your fingers, but they retracted deep vertical hole, either you how deeply moved, it is indifferent.At this point you only with small shovels and other tools, or to put it inside the cave irrigation Biechu.Dusk is the best time to catch cicadas monkey.At this time, the monkey has cicada arch out of the hole, off the ground, quickly climbed the trunk, the roots were low, but also the higher fingertips.Since this time the day has not really dark, without lighting tool can be clearly seen, as you just like picking fruit harvest, as much as possible to run a few trees, the more swiftly, more harvest.I remember that time I always ran, and ran the first “results” most row of old elm and willow row of old, then turned to the village before the patch of woods.Perhaps it is because more than elm, willow it, then cicada monkey is really, ah!Tens of minutes at dusk, the less I have to catch more than one hundred.Summer evening, dinner often and made a Rehan, at home no cooling fans, air conditioning, no TV for entertainment, a meal will be out of the house, meet greeting: “Go, go catch cicada monkey mile!”The village is often turned out.Men and women have to take on such as bamboo, flashlight or torch tools, the whole family out.Look ah, their houses, the village side of the road, you come to me, silhouette save animals, flashing lights.As long as there are trees where some people, there is light, looking at the lighted and people often quipped: “You see this monkey catch cicadas, more than cicada monkey”.Since this time cicada monkey has to climb up high, and well hidden, plus catch many who are mostly not a rich harvest.In fact, for most people, they are not so much catching cicada monkey, it would be better to say that they are walking in the cool air, or serve two purposes, why not do it?    After the catch cicada monkey, wash them, to be pickled in salt water as soon as possible, otherwise it will withdraw its role, the chrysalis to the cicadas, cicadas become vain and tender.Although the cicadas still eat, but the taste will be greatly reduced.Consumption is nothing less than deep-fried cicada monkey, cooking, steaming.For fuel-efficient, more often the mother is to give us steamed, marinated cicada monkey on the grate, as in a large pot steamed like steamed buns.    Steamed cicada monkey, plump, bright yellow, fragrant.In particular, it is the back of that group of fine pork, pure taste, although not stick a drop of oil, are starting to chew the more fragrant, no wonder it was called “official told us.”.Eat “official told us” feeling, is simply super beautiful feeling of enjoyment and difficult to express in words; the “official told us,” eat of it, is like an immortal life.    Today, more affluent life, but the home elm, Atriplex find almost disappeared, cicada monkey is minimal.Even find these things, anyway cooking, delicious and always felt inferior to the time of childhood.