Butterfly tears

◎ butterflies fly encounter a lone core aromatic implied very poignant love forget who is who drunkenly ◎ butterflies fly resurrected soul precipitation tears roses with green leaves still concealing her former beauty love meaning deep in the tranquil white buds piercing enough to make her love mountains and rivers whom tears ◎ butterfly sit drunk the night alone in the moonlight, dark spring from ancient legend distracting it difficult to sleep is still beautiful as a gentle wisteria spiral wound following the lingering Acacia half awake half drunk ◎ butterfly song to whom the United States and charming elf singing loudly in the freezing cold to freeze the snow where I greet the snow to enjoy the colorful wings to fly slim white hearts intake soul lung written to make life like a confused white Chan was bleeding white lotus Johnson depressed for a long time gradually build instability unbridled sentimental tears with butterfly dies