Butterfly tears

That way I twist of fate that we lost in the reincarnation of religious worship for which I asked the Buddha how you can meet again with Buddha edge to make people scattered again why I dedicated the Red Chilian just the consequences of pleading Zaibai sigh Buddha before Buddha If you can only see him but also to look after the butterflies Millennium Will you be after I nodded to meet you only have a shortened life and only when you leave him to remember you, you may still wish I nod Buddha remained silent since then I have to miss as woven silk cocoon Acacia sleepy look forward to a dream in which the solitude Millennium Millennium Millennium is only for you to see this thread heart of the power of obsession to make every thousand years of darkness finally shattered thousands of years in which the arrival of spring flowers of the season I become a butterfly flew in front of you at the moment I meet who have seen a flood of tears tears butterfly with a thousand years of waiting Acacia sadness millennium millennium just to meet this moment can talk Rouchang but left me speechless desolation only heard anyone sing songs butterfly with heartbreaking grief poured into a thousand years of tenderness I will dance on your side and landed softly on your finger on the silent gaze Acacia Millennium of Child would tell you, but my heart is sad in your eyes a thousand years only surprised you recognize me now look how sad eyes let me hold back in order to look like a butterfly on your side do not let me stop love flowers shoulder with you in your ink chapters do not love spring light dance let me sing with you a paper and ink incense gradually phase, as your eyes thoughtfully in front of your book case I saw pity in your eyes this will be parting moment you remember my past life, but let me look for you Manwu last one with tears of sadness kiss your cheek and then quietly hypnotic moment in the palm of your hand you finally remembered everything I see in your eyes the tears of sorrow and despair on my face I wish I could tell you Cunduan enterohepatic dear I do not want to hurt your heart I only wish Chilian millennium can move Buddha afterlife we can not double butterfly again from the War