How long can test out pregnancy detection pregnancy

How long can pregnancy test out?Many women do not know that she was pregnant, which is very dangerous, and that is usually how long can pregnancy test out of it?Following small to tell you how long can test out pregnancy。
How long can test out pregnancy According to scientific data show that when pregnant women can be measured in about 8-10 days out。
Pregnancy test whether the easiest and most effective way was undoubtedly paper test。
It's very simple test method。 Women at home self-test urine can be learned if you are pregnant, if pregnant, from 7 to 10 days of pregnancy, the urine of pregnant women will be able to detect one specific hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin hCG, pregnancy test paper is to examine the substance。 Pregnancy test strip pregnancy detection methods which: collect urine (urinary preferably first next morning), the test strip is inserted, the result was observed within 5 minutes。 Convenient, fast, accurate。 Basal body temperature measurement: some women for contraception or infertility due to the needs of pregnant and wish to, wake up every morning to measure body temperature, when the body temperature is called basal body temperature。 Usually preovulatory degrees below body temperature, the degree of temperature rise after ovulation, and stalemate 12-16 days, an average of 14 days, the high-temperature curve of basal body temperature if more than 18 days of pregnancy can be diagnosed has。 How long can test out the beta pregnancy ultrasound examination: the first five weeks of pregnancy, is also menstrual expired a week can be displayed on the screen B ultrasonic circular aura of the womb, also known as pregnancy ring, ring in the dark District amniotic fluid, which can also be found in the fetal heart beat rhythm。
With B ultrasound diagnosis of early pregnancy is the most accurate and reliable method。 Some reactions after pregnancy menopause: a normal menstrual cycle of women of childbearing age health law, in the absence of effective contraceptive measures, there is sex, if this period does not come on time, the period expired more than 10 days or 10 days , it is likely to be pregnant。
If menopause has reached 8 weeks of pregnancy are more likely to。