Butterfly on the gravestone

Strange old man take the bus to the mountains, Jiang Mingyan activities of the body, and my heart some excitement.They come is the Taihang Mountains depths of the peach village, this is Jiang Mingyan little circle on the map last selected place.Three people being looked around, Jiang Mingyan but went alone on a trail.She saw a trail firewood for the elderly, a basket of firewood high weight of her waist bent ninety degrees.Jiang Mingyan went over to help the elderly firewood carried into the home.Was about to leave, the old man suddenly said Jiang Mingyan: you are college students?Do social practice?  Jiang Mingyan nod.This summer practice, they want to do income surveys row of three local mountain residents.  You want to live in my house it?The old man suddenly asked.  Jiangming Yan surprised a moment, smiled and asked whether she welcomed?The old man nodded..  Back to the confluence of highways and students, two students complained, and asked her where to go?They are so anxious.At this point, peach leaf village mayor came, they help carrying luggage and arrange for them to live in the Corps.  After dinner, she said Jiang Mingyan another residence for two students.Two students without looking up, said she was the thief big tomorrow, does want to sleep ravine?Jiangming Yan smiled, out the door.The old man of the house next to the slopes, very close.  Approached the door, the elderly have not slept.See Jiangming Yan came, she lived in a new bedding, she said it would have been with her daughters married.Jiang Mingyan asked the old man’s daughter?The old man said she left home ten years.Some hot room, Jiang Mingyan readily took off his jacket.The old man looked at her in surprise, pointing to her belly, what to ask.Jiang Mingyan quickly down shirt, say a child fall, and nothing.  Old man settled bed, went out.Jiang Mingyan lie down, touched the scar on his lower abdomen, the moment God.Not just on the lower abdomen, her two legs there are large and small scars, it looks very terrible.She had a child asked his mother, where did these scars?The mother said she was too naughty, wrestling.She believed a child, but she knows not grow up wrestling.That scar is more like a man, obviously some wounds, some burns, or burns as if there is a.Moreover, these injuries are not left behind once.Her parents love with Canada, how it feels as she had been badly treated?  The next morning, Jiang Mingyan woke up early, only to find the old man go out.  And two other students converge, the trio started going door after breakfast to visit.Mountain road difficult, to go the whole day, only a dozen or so households survey.In the evening, it organizes information to the brigade.Until eight o’clock in the evening, Jiang Mingyan old man came home again.  The old man sitting up as if waiting for Jiang Mingyan.Jiang Mingyan came, the old man got back to the house.Jiang Mingyan feel a little strange, old people seem reluctant to talk to her..  Asleep early, Jiangming Yan has been awake.I do not know how long, she heard next door came the voice babbling.I could not hear sing anything, but it sounds exceptionally bleak.After a child, Jiang Mingyan got up to go out, gently pushed the door of the elderly.Oil lamp, old man sitting on the kang, singing and crying.Jiang Mingyan quickly asked her how she was?Old man wiped his eyes and said, today is the birthday of daughter.She took time, only 18 years old, she sang particularly well, he said to go to the city, to become a singer.  Village people say, she made a small nanny in someone’s home, and the good man of the house, and was caught by others, so jumped to his death.I know that is simply not true.It is not.The old man murmured, tears.  Jiangming Yan stunned.That her daughter is dead?Or suicide?Looking at the grief of the elderly, Jiang Mingyan do not know how to comfort her.The old man cried for a long while, that day the grave to add a daughter, early child get to sleep.When he finished, she no longer ignore Jiangming Yan, lay on the kang, blew out the light.  All night, sleep is not practical Jiangming Yan has been.Midnight, she hazy dream start.A dream, a figure wearing a white dress went to her bedside.That figure crying, let Jiang Mingyan see the scene the next day, frightening, Jiang Mingyan wake up, have a terrible headache.The elderly are also up, Jiang Mingyan Qiangdajingshen, and she went to her daughter’s grave Tim.The old man’s daughter, Liu Xia, died less than a year into the city, so far, the old man in the village could not lift their heads.  Deep cove, Jiang Mingyan see a low tombstone inscribed a butterfly.Butterfly engraved vividly, like living in general.Said the old man, my daughter like a butterfly, she also said that after the money, to raise many, many butterflies.How she would die of it?Then, the old man pulled out a photograph from his arms.Jiang Mingyan Couguo went to see, is a particularly handsome girl photo, face bright smile.  Strange man flashed the last seven days, and all three ended the practice of summer, back to the city that the.Before back to the city, Jiang Mingyan split firewood to help the elderly, clean up the room and also change the body stuffed under the pillow of the elderly.Lonely old people, too poor.  Home, is already noon.Jiang Mingyan pulled out the keys to open the door, surprised to find a strange man at home.Flustered mother, asked her how she came back now?Men who look happy, what to say to her.Mother stopped him and look sternly that he should go.  Men left the.Went to the door, he turned around, it seems hesitant.Jiang Mingyan sit down, my heart suspicion.His father died two years now, there has been a mother like a man?  Strangely, the mother refuses to talk about it, could not help greetings to Jiang Mingyan.After lunch, my mother go to work, asked Jiang Mingyan good rest at home.  Lying in bed, but Jiang Mingyan upset.Simply, she got up and down the stairs, ready to walk around.Just to go out, but to see Jiang Mingyan noon saw a man standing in the doorway.She asked warily what he wanted?The man said one thing she would like to help.Jiangming Yan frowned, the man they say is better to go outside, walk and talk.Jiang Mingyan think about it, then locked the door.